How to Register Baidu without being in China

Steps by steps to successfully create Baidu account without being in China to boost your revenue in Chinese market

If you want to do business that will be associated with Chinese market.  You’d better have a Baidu account.  More than 80% people in China use Baidu when they search for something on the internet.  Yes, it is a fact.  People in China use Baidu as people in US use Google.  Baidu will also generate more results that relate to China better than any other search engines.  Entrepreneurs who want to target the Chinese customers need to consider using Baidu because it will bring in much more revenue due to the fact that Baidu is the number one favorite search engine in China.

However, how can entrepreneurs register for Baidu without being in China and having Chinese numbers?

We will show you how with steps by steps

1-What you need to register Baidu without being in China

– Baidu does not allow users to register by emails.  You need to have a Chinese mainland numbers.  You can obtain a REAL SIM Chinese number to register Baidu easily thanks to the help of 

               + Go to and open an account.  It will only take you 2 minutes to do so

               + Log in your account and choose country as China and service as Baidu

               + Deposit the credits

               + Click request and you can see a Chinese mainland number on the dashboard

               + You will then use this number to register Baidu (please read the entire article before you request the number)

– Please notice that Baidu will not allow you to change your username after the setting.  Therefore, you need to think carefully about what username you would like to make.  Usernames can be in English or Chinese that up to 14 English letters or 7 Chinese characters in length

– Password will require 6 to 14 letters in length, supporting numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and punctuation.  Spaces are not allowed  

How to register Baidu without being in China and having Chinese numbers

2- Step by step to create Baidu account

– Step 1: Enter the phone number that you receive from

How to register Baidu without being in China and having Chinese numbers

– Step 2: Enter the user name

How to register Baidu without being in China and having Chinese numbers

– Step 3: Enter the password

How to register Baidu without being in China and having Chinese numbers

-Step 4: Get the SMS verification code and enter the code to register

After you click request the code from Baidu website, go back to and login.  Then you can see the code that will be sent to the number that generated for you.  The code will appear on the dashboard when you log in your account on MobileSMS.

Copy that code and put on the box to register on Baidu website.  Now you can enjoy all the features on Baidu

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