Data Mining Corporations

Top 3 Reasons you need temporary SMS phone numbers

We’ve seen in the last few years the number of data mining or data breaches from major companies – just to name a few – Equifax, Facebook, Verizon, Ashley Madison, and Yahoo!.

All of these services may hold personal data beyond just your phone number, but your phone number is a major identifier of your personal information.  Companies today see it as a method of verification to tie your phone number to an account – but its also used for other purposes, like maybe selling your information.

When a company sells your information to data mining outlets (who then resell your info) you have no protection from the unsolicited messages you may receive from a marketing agency.  Privacy of your personal data should be important to you, that’s why we offer temporary SMS phone numbers to be used for verifying your account – without the worry that your personal information will be resold and abused. 

1.) Data mining

We saw in 2017 the Facebook scandal involving a data mining company gathering Facebook user information to target them for political motives.  This was a huge scandal and landed the Facebook CEO before a Congressional investigative panel.  You don’t need to worry about this if you instead decide to protect your privacy and use a temporary verification number.

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2.) Target marketing

Since people share so much of their information freely without thinking twice – it is a perfect data source for targeting you for product sales.  Sometimes the sales pitch ends up at your front door, day-after-day, without rest.  Your phone number is often used to tie all the pieces together to make it to your doorstep.  Avoid this! Use a temporary number!

3.) Your identity

Sometimes, its that simple.  Companies just want to know who you are – for reasons we may never know.  In the digital age, your identity is becoming harder to protect.  A lot of public databases available over the internet in fact take advantage of leaks from data breaches and catalogue your information.  Don’t make it easy for your identity to be misused. 

Your information is important to you – and it is also IN DEMAND.  Protect it!

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