Tinder Without Facebook

Using Tinder Without Facebook and Without Your Phone Number

How to Use Tinder Anonymously in 2019 (Working as of March 2019)

Tinder is currently the most used dating app in the world averaging roughly 10 million daily active users. With Tinder use on the rise, many people are wondering how one can use Tinder anonymously and asking how one can use Tinder without Facebook.

As of March 2019, you cannot use Tinder without Facebook. Tinder simply won’t allow you to use their service without linking to Facebook. However, that doesn’t mean you give up all your Internet privacy just yet.

Think of all your Facebook friends, family, coworkers, colleagues, and extended friends that would know you are on Tinder. Even if you’ve tweaked all the privacy settings on Tinder, why even take the chance? Here’s how to be completely anonymous on Tinder and use Tinder without your personal Facebook account.

1. Create a Facebook account specifically for Tinder

Create Facebook Account Without Your Phone Number Make Sure To Use Disposable Number

If you don’t want Tinder to link with your Facebook account, then don’t! The trick is to create a second Facebook account specifically for Tinder.  This is the only foolproof way to stay anonymous. See, there is a way to use Tinder without Facebook! Facebook might not like that, but you can bet your family and friends will. Create a second Facebook account under a pseudonym so you can link it with Tinder. When creating the Facebook account, ensure you stay anonymous by using private and disposable phone numbers. You will receive sms verification codes online with the disposable number. Don’t be THAT GUY that links Facebook and Tinder to his own phone number.

2. Create a Anonymous Tinder account

Create a Tinder account on your mobile app and use a temporary phone number when Tinder asks for your mobile number. This will ensure you stay anonymous on Tinder and allow you to use Tinder without your phone number.

3. Link the Anonymous Tinder Account with your Anonymous Facebook Account

Link the Tinder account to the second Facebook account so you can have completely anonymous Tinder without Facebook.

The only way to be completely safe is to create a anonymous Facebook account with a temporary phone number. Then create a Tinder account also using a disposable phone number and linking both of them together in Tinder.