How To Create Fake Facebook Accounts in 2019

After spending a few years on Facebook, there comes a time when you just want a fake Facebook account, or a fake Facebook profile. Perhaps you just want to enjoy Facebook without having to deal with the same group of family and friends that post the same crap about their #dog #cat #kids and how shitty great their life is.  Or maybe you recently found out about the #DeleteFacebook campaign and the disclosures of sensitive data in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Either way, there are many valid reasons that are pushing people to create  anonymous Facebook accounts. There’s no denying that Facebook has become a polarizing force and it’s become hard to avoid. On the one hand, you want to use it and enjoy the benefits of social media but you also want to hold on to your privacy.

The following is a guide on how to join Facebook anonymously. You’ll find out how to join the social media platform and enjoy all that it has to offer without having your every move tracked by Facebook. In order to achieve all this, you have to create a second Facebook account that will allow you to browse Facebook anonymously while limiting the amount of personal information that you have to give up. 

Information Required to Sign Up to Facebook

So let’s start by looking at how Facebook is tracking you and obtaining your private information. When you sign up for Facebook, it’s asking you for a few key private facts:

  • Your First Name
  • Your Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Birthday
  • Gender

It’s amazing how much data they can gather of someone just with those key pieces of information–it really is that scary.

Best Method to Create Fake Facebook Accounts

Use a Fake Email Address and a  Temporary Phone Number ( 2019 The Best and Recommended Method)

The easiest and really the best way to avoid invasive data mining of your personal data from Facebook and its partners is to create a fake Facebook profile — yep! it’s that simple. If you don’t want Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Grindr, or any of these massive data mining companies to have your private information, give them fake data! So when you are signing up for these websites, never give out your real name, email address, mobile phone number, and birthday.

Instead, create a fake persona on Facebook using a fake email address and by using a disposable phone number that you will dedicate to your anonymous Facebook profile. It doesn’t matter which email service you choose for this purpose as the most important thing is to create an email address that’s different from your existing one. Many people already know how to create fake email addresses. You can use services such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail.

Now, you can technically sign-up for Facebook using ONLY a email address, however, your Facebook account will be heavily limited. It essentially won’t really be usable. For example, creating a page, managing a Facebook page, will all require you to verify your Facebook account by adding a mobile phone number. 

So, what are you to do? Many people already know how to create multiple fake email addresses, but what about throwaway phone numbers? Is there some sort of magical fake phone number generator you can use?

The answer is — well, yes, does just that.

Receive SMS Online, SMS Verification
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A disposable throwaway phone number is key. Trust us; you don’t want Facebook to have your actual phone number in their system. They’ll just use it to track you down and the next thing you know, you won’t have the privacy that you wanted.

What we like about our service is the fact that we offer phone numbers that are throwaways! When it comes to registering anonymous social media accounts, it doesn’t get better than that!

The temporary phone number that you get from is a valid mobile phone number. This is important because these data mining companies are constantly improving their security and watching for fake accounts.  They do this for a few reasons: 1. Advertisers won’t pay premium for Customer data that is fake. 2. Bad PR if they allow so many fake accounts.

With all the media circus surrounding Russian Hackers, Chinese Hackers, Whatever Hackers, all of these social media websites are on full alert for ANY suspicious activity. Unfortunately this means anyone looking to protect their personal privacy is at risk of being put in the same pool as those “Hackers”

This is a dangerous precedent that should be followed closely.