Tinder U’s “Spring Break” Mode is Here In Time for Vacation

It’s almost time for Spring Break vacation and Tinder U launched a new feature called “Spring Break mode”. This feature will only be available for a short time and unfortunately it’s not available on the standard Tinder version. The feature will only be available from March 4 to March 31, and will be in specific Spring Break locations such as Puerto Vallarta, Miami, Cabo, Lake Havasu, San Diego, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, and  Las Vegas.

“Spring Break Mode” will allow Tinder U users to match and message with other students who have chosen to vacation in the same location. You can opt into this new feature by tapping on the “Spring Break” card while swiping.

Tinder U is only available for college students. To sign up for Tinder U, you will need to utilize a campus IP address AND have access to an EDU email address. If you don’t qualify, don’t fret, you can sign up for the Tinder anonymously. Be part of the 12 million Tinder matches a day, but do it safely and anonymously!

With the amount of cyberstalking and the ease of tracking anyone on the internet, stay safe. Read our blog post on how to sign up for Tinder without Facebook or your own phone number.

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How To Sign Up and Play Lego Cube / Lego Unlimited Outside of China

Lego Cube / Lego Unlimited is the first lego branded mobile game in China. In the western world, the game is referred to as “Lego Cube”, however in China, the game is called “Lego Unlimited”. It’s being developed by Tencent Games. To the dismay of all Lego fans, this game is only available in China. Read our article to find out how to play Lego Cube outside of China.

The website to sign up to play the game is located here:


However, during the sign-up process, you will be required to input a Chinese phone number to verify that you are indeed from China. If you are not from China, don’t fret! Just use a temporary China Mobile Phone Number to receive SMS online.

So in order to play Lego Cube / Lego Unlimited outside of China, you will need a disposable China Mobile Phone Number.

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How to Use Coffee Meets Bagel Without Facebook

How to Use Coffee Meets Bagel Without Facebook

Have you ever wondered how to use Coffee Meets Bagel anonymously without having your Facebook friends and family know about it? With the ease of cyberstalking nowadays, it’s no wonder people want to separate their Facebook profile with their online dating life. In this blog post, we look at ways that you can use Coffee Meets Bagel anonymously without having to link your personal Facebook account AND without having to use your own mobile phone number.

Let’s first discuss what Coffee Meets Bagel is and why you would want to use it anonymously.

Coffee Meets Bagel is a free online dating app that works by matching you up with mutual friends on Facebook. So how does this differ from apps such as Tinder and Bumble and Hinge?

The founders of the app embraced the concept of “men love selection and women are selective.”

Coffee Meets Bagel has two main sections where you can browse online profiles: Suggested & Discover.

Suggested is where you will find your “bagels”, or suggested matches. Men will receive up to 21 bagels each day at noon, at which point the men can either “Like” or Pass”.

Women, in return, will be presented each day with men that meet their criteria, and who has “Liked” their profile already. The idea behind this is to allow women the decision power to select their matches. Women apparently enjoy this power, and according to Coffee Meets Bagel, women actually outnumber men 6:4 in this app!

So what type of criteria are you able to screen or filter? You are able to screen with gender, age, height, ethnicity, religion, and distance.

The difference with Coffee Meets Bagel is that you only have 24 hours to either “Like” or “Pass” your Bagel. If you both “like” each other, you can start chatting with one another–but only for up to 8 days!

This gives both of you a bit of pressure to either swap phone numbers or decide to meet–all within 8 days!

In Discover mode, you can browse through different profiles of users that meet your criteria. You’ll also see whether or not they’ve “liked” you already. If they have, tap the conversation icon and start chatting. Discover mode is geared towards their paying members, so we won’t focus too much time on that.

Reasons to Use Coffee Meets Bagel Without Linking Your Facebook Profile

There are clearly some benefits to linking your Facebook account to Coffee Meets Bagel, such as ensuring your matches are friends of Facebook friends (maybe that’s a negative). However, using your Facebook account with Coffee Meets Bagels has some serious drawbacks and could leave you open to privacy concerns. Dating is a personal thing that should not be revealed to everyone. You obviously don’t want your relatives, colleagues and friends know everything about your personal life, especially with your Facebook “friends”. Would you be okay with “friends of Facebook friends” seeing your profile on Coffee Meets Bagel?

  • Privacy and CyberStalking Concerns

You’re entitled to your personal privacy. The last thing you want is to have your dating history made public for all to see and read. If someone hacks your Facebook account, he/she will also have access to your Coffee Meets Bagel account if it was linked to the hacked FB account. To avoid a more severe privacy breach, don’t link your personal FB account to the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app.

Cyberstalking is real, and it’s really easy to do! You owe it to yourself to be safe.

If you don’t use a pseudonym on these online dating profiles, you are just asking to be cyber-stalked. Coffee Meets bagel reveals your first name and the city where you are from. It also reveals your picture and other details. It doesn’t take a detective to find anyone on Facebook or social media using just that limited informationScary!

How to Use Coffee Meets Bagel Anonymously

There are two ways you can use Coffee Meets Bagel without linking your personal Facebook account.

Method One: A Pseudonym Facebook Account

One of the best ways to avoid privacy issues when using Coffee Meets Bagel is to simply link it to a fake Facebook profileAll you need to do is to create a fake Facebook account specifically for online dating purposesTo prevent cyber-stalking, create a persona without using your real name. You would then upload a few pictures of yourself and build a persona that you would like. To take your privacy a notch higher, create the fake facebook account by using a temporary email address and verify it with a disposable phone number

Remember to always use a separate email account and always use a disposable temporary phone number to verify the Facebook account. This way your personal phone number is not linked to the Facebook account

You can get a premium private temporary phone number that will only last for 10 minutes at MobileSMS.io. This disposable phone number can be used to register and verify your anonymous Facebook account. You can check our guide on how to create an anonymous Facebook account at our site. You can then link this fake Facebook account to the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app and enjoy maximum privacy and security in your online dating activities.

Method Two: Sign Up Using a Disposable Phone Number (Recommended)

The simplest way to use the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app without Facebook is to simply sign up using a temporary phone number. One of the latest developments at Coffee Meets Bagel is the fact that you can use a mobile phone number to register a new account. It’s no longer mandatory to sign up and set up your profile using Facebook. This is due to the privacy concerns that Coffee Meets Bagel users voiced to the company. The only time you’ll need the mobile number is when you’re required to verify your identity. You can easily do this by using a temporary disposable number from MobileSMS.io. This method allows you to use Coffee Meets Bagel discretely without linking your Facebook account and opening yourself up for privacy intrusions. 


Online dating is fun and could potentially lead you to a perfect partner. However, online dating shouldn’t be done at the expense of your personal privacy. Your Facebook account carries a lot of information about you and your friends and relatives. It shouldn’t be in any way linked to your Coffee Meets Bagel account. Use a temporary telephone number to sign up to Coffee Meets Bagel or to create a fake Facebook account. This will help keep your private information safe and allow for safer online dating.