2 Necessary Steps For Using Hinge Without Facebook

hinge without facebook

How to Use Hinge Dating App without Linking Your Facebook Account

If you’ve tried meeting people in person or don’t have time to go out and meet someone, you may turn to an online dating website or app. There are many of them to choose from. One such app is called Hinge, and according to its developers, “Hinge is where relationships start.” 

Although not as widely known as Tinder, Hinge has been offered to the public since 2013, connecting strangers with one another via mutual Facebook friends. It’s believed that meeting someone through a mutual friend will increase the chances of connecting with somebody you have compatibility with.

With its new feature of mini-quizzes while swiping, you’ll be shown recommended results of people who have similar interests as you. You don’t get this level of service if you’re using Hinge without Facebook.

Hinge, since its inception, has become a reliable long-term dating app. This is not the kind of app offered for one-and-down or in-and-out setups. This app prides itself on bringing people together for a long-term connection.

Learn how to Use Hinge Dating App without Linking Your Own Phone Number

Can You Sign Up With Hinge If You Don’t Have Facebook?

What if you’d rather use Hinge without Facebook? Is it possible? Previously, you had to have a Facebook account to sign up with Hinge. Due to the numerous Facebook scandals regarding user safety, many apps have quit this requirement. Hinge, for instance, will ask you for either your Facebook account or mobile number to sign up. 

What about recommended matches? If you want the best possible match, you do need to use your actual FB account for this to happen.  Bear in mind this means your full name (if used), where you work, go to school, friends, and other information is shared with Hinge. This can be quite concerning for some individuals in terms of privacy.

The idea of this requirement to use FB or a mobile number to sign up for a dating website boils down to transparency and reliability. However, it does bring on some inherent risks such as a lack of privacy, cyberstalking and online bullying.

You don’t want people to know your personal business if you’re doing online dating. You don’t want an unscrupulous person to start stalking you, especially if you’re not interested in them. 

This is why more and more people are trying to find ways to use an online dating app such as Hinge without tying it back to their personal phone number or FB profile.  If you’re concerned with privacy and safety, it’s imperative to use methods that let you sign up without a personal FB account. 

How You Can Use Hinge Without Facebook Accounts or Personal Phone Numbers

If you’re going to use an online dating website or app like Hinge, you want to keep that profile separate from any personally-identifying sources such as Facebook. This does two things:

  • You can ensure no one you personally know will know about your online dating activities.
  • You can reduce the risk of someone you dated stalking you.

How can you do this?

Attain A Temporary Phone Number

Since Hinge now allows people to sign up with a mobile phone number, people can use their personal numbers to make an account. However, if privacy is a concern for you, using sites like MobileSMS.io can help you sign up with the dating up using a random temporary phone number. The number is only good for 10 minutes and is only necessary to verify a Hinge account.  Once you confirm the account, there is no more need for the number.

Come Up With A Fabricated Facebook Account

While the first option seems ideal, it won’t allow you to get the most out of Hinge you may want. It’s why you should connect your FB account with the dating app. Still, you can use Hinge without Facebook – at least your actual FB account. How so? You create a fake FB account.

Now, according to FB’s own terms of service, you are only allowed one FB account. So, how do you go around the site’s policy? You come up with a Facebook that includes no identifying information about yourself. This means creating a new persona of yourself – do not use similar pictures as your personal profile, a different telephone number, etc.

This is where using MobileSMS.io comes in handy. MobileSMS.io will provide you with a temporary number to verify the account. The number lasts for 10 minutes, which is long enough to confirm your new FB account and sign up with Hinge too.

This is definitely an option if you’re concerned about your privacy.

Don’t Forget…

It is very possible to use Hinge without Facebook, thanks to the ability to sign up with a mobile phone number. However, if you want to ensure your privacy, sign up through a burner number or using a fake FB account. You need to take every precaution possible to safeguard your personal information and stay safe when meeting people online for your next date.  If you’re going to use Hinge or any other dating app, this is certainly something to be mindful of.

Using Hinge without phone number