The French Yellow Vest Movement: A Demonstration of the Power of Facebook and the Need for Anonymity

For the fifth time in barely a month, the French protesters hit the streets of central Paris again to express their dissatisfaction with the government’s economic policies.  The “Yellow Vest” movement, as the protest is now famously called, began on November 17 in Paris as a demonstration against higher fuel taxes and quickly spread and became a nationwide protest against the high cost of living. The president has so far offered tax and wage concessions in an attempt to end the protests but it seems the yellow vests want nothing less than a “Macron resignation.”

One of the most interesting things to emerge from the protests is the way the French Yellow Vest Movement has been organized–all through Facebook and Twitter. This shift in the way protesters are being organized has transformed average day-to-day people such as nurses, small-business owners, and even truck drivers into major influencers. All thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites. Facebook, especially Facebook Live, has become the key driver for the protests. According to CrowdTangle, a company that monitors Facebook activities, most of these formerly unknown social influencers are now receiving more than 3 million views on Facebook Live videos sent directly from their phones.

Thomas Miralles, who is an admin of a French Protestors Facebook group, admits that without Facebook, there wouldn’t be Yellow Vests today. Miralles’ Facebook group has more than 305,000 active members. You can be sure this Facebook group and all the individuals are being actively monitored by the French government. The protest organizers have been relying heavily on Facebook Live sessions to share videos of police brutality and run polls to collect facts to talk about on TV interviews. There seems to be a great synergy between the online activities on social media platforms and the real protests on the streets.

The Need for Anonymity

While the use of social media in organizing and participating in protests is quite effective, innovative, and fun, it pays to exercise caution in exposing your real identity. In a world that’s becoming heavily reliant on social media in recruitment and other vetting activities, your actively public participation in protest events may come back to haunt you later in life. A simple protest photo on your Facebook account could deny you a job opportunity in the near future. If you’re broadcasting Facebook Live messages about the protest or any other civil disobedience activity, it’s safer and wise to do it anonymously.

The easiest and most effective way of engaging in protests online anonymously is by doing it from a fake Facebook account. Data mining companies will never get your private information now or ever if you use a fake Facebook profile. I mean, the best way to protect yourself is by giving fake data! If you ever think of showing your support for an ongoing protest in your city or country, don’t use your real name, address, telephone number or any other personal identifying information.

Use to Create Anonymous Facebook Accounts

So how do you create anonymous Facebook accounts? It’s quite simple. All you need is a fake email address and a disposable or temporary telephone number to verify the account. You can easily create a fake email address with fake information and use it for your anonymous Facebook account but without a disposable telephone number for verification, the account will be limited in many ways.

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So before you start posting your street protest photos, read our guide on creating anonymous Facebook accounts and learn how to protest in a safe and anonymous way.