How to Use Bumble without Facebook

Use Bumble without Facebook for extra privacy and security.

How to Use Bumble without Facebook

Do you want to use the Bumble dating app anonymously without letting everyone (including your friends and family) know about it? Do you want to separate your Facebook profile with your online dating life? Do you want additional peace of mind knowing that someone won’t be able to track you down on Facebook after initiating contact with them or going on a date with them? It’s possible if you don’t link Bumble with your Facebook account or if you use a disposable phone number. But how do you exactly sign up to Bumble without Facebook? In this article, we look at several ways that you can use Bumble privately without having to link your personal Facebook account or by using a disposable phone number to create a new account.

So first things first, what exactly is Bumble

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must already be aware of popular dating apps such as Tinder. Bumble is one of the emerging dating apps that is trying to gain traction today. Just like Tinder, Bumble is a location-based dating app, which means you can use it to browse through profiles of other users close to you.

The main difference between Tinder and Bumble is that Bumble requires the women to make the first move and message first. Whereas Tinder, allows either party to initiate contact.

It’s also quite easy to use. Like Tinder, you just need to swipe right if you’re interested in the person you see or swipe left if you don’t fancy them.

So, if you’ve had enough of Tinder and feel like giving Bumble a try, it is important to maintain privacy and separation of your social accounts with your dating life. Many people have discussed wanting to make sure that their parents, relatives, and friends are not aware of their online dating activities. They also want to ensure no one can cyber-stalk them on Facebook or other social media sites after going on a date with a potential match.

With so many cyberstalking incidents nowadays, it only seems safer to separate your online dating profiles with your social media accounts. It’s just safer to ensure you aren’t using your Facebook to log into Bumble or Tinder or any dating app.

Reasons to Use Bumble without Linking Your Personal Facebook Account

Understandably, there are some benefits of linking your Facebook account to Bumble such as ensuring that the matches you get are in similar social circles. However, using your Facebook account with Bumble has some potentially serious costs and setbacks. It leaves you open to privacy violations. Dating is a personal thing that should not be revealed to everyone. You might not want your relatives, colleagues and friends to know everything about your personal life. So privacy might be a major concern when you’re using Bumble, especially when all your friends and relatives are on your personal Facebook account. 

In light of the recent Facebook scandals, one can’t help but worry about how safe our data really is.

Here are a few more reasons why we believe you should keep your Bumble and Facebook accounts completely separate.

Privacy Concerns

You’re entitled to your personal privacy. The last thing you want is to have your dating history made public for all to see and read. We are never sure how Facebook handles our data, nor can we be certain that the companies that have our data won’t be hacked. To avoid a more severe online privacy breach, we recommend that you don’t link your personal Facebook account to the Bumble dating app.

With online dating being one of the most popular methods to meet new people, you owe it to yourself to be safe.

Bumble wants to know your Facebook friends

Cyberstalking is no longer a myth, it’s real. It’s more important than ever to start taking online privacy into your own hands. Imagine how easy it is for you to track someone down online. Isn’t that scary?

When you link Bumble to your Facebook account, Bumble will then have access to all your contacts’ information on Facebook. When this happens, Bumble will start matching you up with people from your Facebook account. Depending on how comfortable you are with this type of matching, it’s up to you whether you want to link your Bumble account to your Facebook account. Hooking up with friends of your friends may seem great at first but in today’s closely interconnected world where news spreads quite fast, you may be setting yourself up for a major embarrassment.

Bumble wants your Facebook Photos

Everyone wants to hook up with a good-looking partner. Your visual appearance is one of the key determining factors of your success on the Bumble dating app. You’ll definitely want to upload your best pictures but unfortunately, Bumble is one place where you don’t have full control over your pictures. If your account is linked to Facebook, the app will have some access over your profile photos on Facebook, including those embarrassing photos you don’t want everyone to see. That alone is enough reason to avoid linking Bumble to your Facebook account.

How to Use Bumble without Linking Your Facebook Account

There are a couple popular methods you can use Bumble without necessarily having to link to your personal Facebook account.

Important: Please review the terms of service for any website or app that you are using to ensure you aren’t violating their terms of service.

Method One: Sign up to Bumble Using a Facebook Account Used Only for Online Dating

One of the best ways to avoid potential Online Privacy issues when using Bumble is to simply link it to a Facebook account used only for online dating profiles. All you need to do is to create a Facebook account specifically for Bumble or Online Dating purposes. To prevent cyber-stalking, many people have opted to create a fictional persona instead of using their real name. If you do opt to that that, just remember that Facebook only allows you to create one account, just read their terms carefully and ensure you aren’t violating their terms of service. While it may violate the terms, I’ve heard of many users opting to go that route. This way, they can conceal their real name to help prevent the ability to cyber-stalk.

For an additional layer of online privacy, we recommend using a disposable phone number whenever possible.

You can get a premium private disposable phone number that will last for 10 minutes at This temporary phone number can be used on any website or app. You can check our guide on anonymous Facebook accounts. Utilizing a Facebook profile that is dedicated to online dating only, allows you to control your online privacy just a bit better. You’ll be able to enjoy dating apps and enjoy maximum privacy while having additional peace of mind.

Method Two: Sign Up to Bumble Using a Disposable Phone Number

The other popular method is to sign up to Bumble using a disposable phone number. This will allow you to sign up to Bumble without Facebook, but by using a mobile phone number. One of the latest developments at Bumble is the fact that you can use a telephone number to register a new account. Due to the recent Facebook scandals, Bumble no longer required you to sign up with a Facebook login. You should review the terms of service of Bumble, however, our disposable phone numbers will work on any website.


Online dating is fun and could potentially lead you to a perfect partner. However, online dating shouldn’t be done at the expense of your personal privacy. Your Facebook account carries a lot of information about you and your friends and relatives. It shouldn’t be in any way linked to your Bumble account. Use a temporary telephone number to sign up to Bumble or have a Facebook account that is dedicated solely to online dating. This will help keep your private information safe and allow for safer online dating.