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Guide To Disposable Numbers (2020)

Example use of Disposable Numbers. To be anonymous on Facebook.

Did you ever stop to think how conditioned we’ve all become to share one highly personal piece of information without blinking an eye?

Yes, we’re talking about our Mobile Phone Numbers.

We punch in those digits without a moment’s hesitation whenever we’re setting up accounts on websites and apps, verifying our identity, and even signing up for newsletters and whatnot. We hand out our phone numbers pretty much every day – and we’re perfectly okay with that.

Now, here’s the question that we’d like you to ask yourself the next time that you’re about to share your phone number:

Is it worth the risk?

As you’re about to see, if you’re not careful about handing out your real mobile phone number, quite a few things can go wrong. No, seriously, unwanted marketing-related texts will be the least of your worries. It seems every week you hear about another company getting hacked and personal information is leaked.

That’s why it’s so vital to educate others about alternative solutions, one of which is getting an online disposable phone number.

What is a Disposable Phone Number & How Does It Work?

You ever sign up for an account online and get asked to input your personal mobile phone number? For example:

Google SMS Verification Code Required

But here’s the thing:

What if I didn’t want to input my own personal phone number?

This is what a disposable phone number can help you with.

A disposable phone number allows you to receive SMS verification codes so you can continue with your account registration.

There are TWO types of disposable phone numbers:

  • Virtual Phone Numbers (VoIP) – There is unlimited supply of these type of phone numbers. These are cheap, but inferior and most often won’t work because they are easy to detect. Many websites and apps will flat out reject virtual phone numbers, or you will never receive the SMS verification code when you input a virtual phone number. Not Recommended and not available here.
  • SIM-Card Mobile Phone Numbers – There is a limited supply because each disposable phone number is attached to an actual sim-card. These are real mobile phone numbers and these phone numbers will work on any website or app. This is because these are real mobile phone numbers. These are more expensive since they are limited, but they work the best. BEST Method

Once you obtain a disposable phone number, you typically have about 5 to 10 minutes to use it.

During the 5 to 10 minutes, you would basically register for your account on whatever website or app you plan to use the disposable phone number for. You would input the disposable phone number, instead of your own phone number when registering on the website or app. The website / app will send the SMS Verification code to the disposable phone number. You will then be able to view the SMS verification code on the dashboard. You can then continue with the registration of your account. Done!

Here’s what makes our disposable online phone numbers different – and better – than the rest:

1. We Keep Our Disposable Phone Numbers Real & Private

What offers you, instead, is a database of real and private phone numbers – and if that’s not an instant advantage, we don’t know what is.

  • All the disposable phone numbers in our database are sourced from real SIM-cards. As such, the phone numbers that you get from us are the same ones that you’d get if you were to buy a mobile phone.
  • We like to keep things private – our disposable phone numbers included. When you request a phone number here at, it’s yours – and we don’t intend to share it with others. 

2. You’re Not Limited To US-Based Numbers

Okay, this might sound like we’re bragging, but we’re proud to announce that the MobileSMS database includes phone numbers from all around the globe – and not just the USA.

United Kingdom, China, India, Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands, Vietnam – we are constantly adding more countries.

Wherever you are in the world – and whatever website you’re interested in using – we have you covered!

3. We’re All About Online Privacy was created with the idea of helping others protect their privacy online – and it’s been something that we worked hard on achieving ever since. We wanted to give you a way to control what information you do – or don’t – share online, which, in turn, would up your cyber-security a notch.

That’s where our disposable phone numbers come in:

By not handing out your primary phone number, the chances of you falling victim to hacking, spamming, and a whole other host of cybercrimes.

Even more so, we keep everything within your dashboard private, too – any text message or verification code you receive through one of our disposable numbers is strictly yours. No other user can view or access them.

4. Virtually Limitless Number Of Applications & Uses

There are numerous reasons why you might be considering getting an online phone number.

Perhaps you want to add another layer of cyber-security, or you’re thinking of giving online dating a shot. Or, maybe you’re trying to bypass the one-account-per-person limit on specific apps and websites.

Whatever the case, we have you covered:

Since our disposable phone numbers come from real SIM-cards, they can be used in a virtually limitless number of applications, without the risk of being detected as “disposable.” Plus, they’re private, which means that you won’t have any other accounts associated with it.

5. Our Customer Support Is Here For You

What’s the point of offering a fantastic service if no one except the few tech-savvy users can figure out how to use it, right? We thought so, too, which is why we made a conscious effort to make our service as straightforward and easy-to-use as possible:

  • Create an account on our website. It shouldn’t take more than a minute!
  • Log into your account and choose your country. Also, state what service you’ll be using the disposable phone number for before you move on to the next step.
  • Request your disposable phone number.
  • Once you get the number, you can use it on the previously selected app or website within a ten-minute time frame.
  • You’ll find the relevant text messages and verification codes sent to that number on your MobileSMS dashboard.

It’s as simple as that – but if you do encounter any hiccups, our customer support will be happy to help. Unlike free services, which very rarely offer any form of customer support – let alone good one – we strive to keep our clients happy and satisfied. We care.  

One More Thing Before You Go

There’s not a whole lot that you can do to control the online world as a whole or the way things work around there – but you can certainly do something about your privacy.

If anything, we hope that this post encouraged you to think twice before handing out your real phone number. The next time you’re about to do it, ask yourself what the benefits are – and then see if they outweigh the potential costs.

Those digits, as harmless as they seem at first glance, give others access to much more sensitive areas of your life – both online and offline. And in the age of spamming, identity theft, hacking, and other cyber crimes, it’s worth thinking twice before you share any piece of personal information anywhere, let alone online. If you want to play it smart, consider getting an online phone number and giving a try. We make your online privacy our top priority!

Random phone number for verification

How to find random phone number for verification? Will it work?

Due to many recent data breaches, many internet users are now aware of the risk of providing their information online.  Even with enormous, popular companies, they can not still secure your privacy even though they claim that they can.  The best solution for this issue is that you should find a random phone number for verification.  The number not only helps you verify your account for the service you want to, but also protects your real personal phone number from being exposed on the dangerous internet environment. Stay tune and continue on reading, we are going to assist you on finding random phone number for verification.  We guarantee that it will work

What is random phone number for verification?

The name of random phone number for verification speaks for itself.  It will help you receive the SMS verification code which you will apply to activate your account for a particular website or application.  Those numbers are usually temporary and expired within a set up time frame.

You mostly do not need to use those number again since your account is already activated.  However, there are something that you need to take into account when you choose a flatform that provide random phone number for verification because over 70% of those flatforms will provide you the virtual numbers and many websites or applications do not accept the virtual numbers.  You then end up having a free virtual random phone number for verification, but it will not work.  It will just be a waste of time and effort. is the best to generate random phone number for verification. is the best to generate random phone number for verification. is the best to generate random phone number for verification.

– Providing private unlimited random phone numbers for verification that work perfectly for all sites

At we guarantee that our services are unique, private numbers that can receive SMS verification from any websites or applications.  We have had many options on websites and applications for customers to choose.  In case that you cannot find the service you want please send us a email request, you will quickly add it on for you instantly

– The number will attach to your account and cannot be used by others

As we generate the number for you, it belongs to you.  After the number receives the SMS verification code, it will be gone, and no one can retrieve it.  That random number will still attach to your account and you can enjoy the service you want without providing your personal phone number.  It is just that simple and awesome

– Easy to set up and acquire random phone number for verification at

It will take less than a minute to register an account on  You can make your account now, get the number from, then use that number to the websites that you want to request the SMS verification code.  Then you go back to your account on, the verification code will be right on your dashboard.  Easy and simple, you use that code and verify your account.


Then what are you waiting for? Create the account at and explore our service to receive random phone number for verification. We stand by our service, if you do not feel satisfy with what we are offering, you can request refund at anytime and your money is guaranteed

What is WhatsApp Plus and where to download WhatsApp Plus

What is WhatsApp Plus and where to download WhatsApp Plus

We are living in a world where textual communication is used exclusively by web traffic. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at this research that states that messaging apps have overtaken the number one spot of the traditional SMS as early as 2012.

Yeah, that was the year the phones like Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple iPhone 5, and HTC One X were still considered cutting-edge devices.

In the meantime, a lot has changed.

The good old SMS messaging is mostly relegated to the duty of service-payment and two-factor authentication. Any causal observant would say that the rest of the market cake is split between two biggest messaging heavy hitters, Viber and WhatsApp.

Well, things are not that simple.

If you belong to the WhatsApp camp, you will be glad to know that, as of recently, one exciting alternative started gaining a lot of traction. We are, of course, talking about the unofficial version of the app, WhatsApp Plus.

The advantages of WhatsApp over Viber

What is WhatsApp Plus and where to download WhatsApp Plus

But, for all you that came late and didn’t use this app as much, let us first cover some necessary groundwork.

In other words, why would you even bother with any iteration of WhatsApp when Viber works perfectly fine?

Well, the app offers a lot of cool perks. First, there are things shared by both these apps:

  • Text messages transferring
  • Voice and video recording exchange
  • Photos and document transfer
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Voice and video calls
  • Group chats
  • Free to download

And then, some features are specific to the WhatsApp alone.


At moments, Viber simply seems more cluttered (that might have to do with the broader set of options). On the other hand, WhatsApp features a clean, efficient, and streamlined interface that’s simply a joy to use.

A vast number of users

Due to very stubborn support to lower-end devices and factually dead ecosystems, the WhatsApp features a staggering number of 1.600 million monthly users. To put things into perspective, the number of Facebook Messenger users clocks at 1.300 million, while Viber is used by 260 million people.

Excellent connectivity

Another reason why WhatsApp is so popular all over the world (and virtually a go-to messaging app in the third-world countries) is excellent connectivity and the ability to work on low bandwidth connections. Dropped calls are quickly reconnected without any involvement of the user.

So, although Viber still makes slightly more robust options and features more stickers (a lot of them are paid, though), WhatsApp excels where, in our honest opinion, it matters the most – ease of use and performance.

What separates WhatsApp Plus from WhatsApp?

What is WhatsApp Plus and where to download WhatsApp Plus

Essentially, WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the Google Play WhatsApp app that solves some of the issues we had with the official release – namely, it allows a certain level of customization and adds a couple of neat features.

Or at least, this was the case when the Spanish developer and WhatsApp enthusiast Rafalete released this mod back in 2012.

Since then, WhatsApp Plus grew and evolved.

Here are a couple of main features that set this mod apart from the official release in 2019.


Much to the delight of the devoted fans, WhatsApp Plus finally introduces the option to quickly download and change the theme of the app. As of now, the database contains more than 700 available themes.


Since the basic WhatsApp emoji library is pretty barren, WhatsApp Plus introduces the option to share the library with Google Hangouts. However, these emojis can‘t be seen by regular WhatsApp users.

Increased file size

In the official WhatsApp app, the size of the shared files is pretty strict (50MB videos, 100MB audio). WhatsApp allows you to modify the size limit of the shared images and video files. This way, you are allowed to share your data without losing any of the quality.

Other visual adjustments

Finally, WhatsApp Plus allows you to make other visual adjustments like making changes to the size of the header, the images of your contacts, and so on.

Of course, these are only the most noticeable features. The latest iteration of the app (WhatsApp Plus 2019) introduces other minor tweaks like:

  • Anti-ban features
  • The option to sort messages by time and date
  • Send private replies in groups
  • The pin chat limit is bumped to 30
  • Revoked messages now send notifications
  • Enabled UPI payment features
  •  Video Call capabilities
  • Now you can share PDF, TXT and other document types
  • Status limit increased to 255 characters

However, the best thing about this whole idea is that WhatsApp Plus uses the original WhatsApp servers which means, you get all the benefits of official high-level encryption as well as the ability to communicate with the vast base of the current WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus users.

However, being the mod of an official release, WhatsApp Plus can’t be downloaded from Google Play or, for that matter, any other official app store.

And you know what that means, right?

Yeah, installing WhatsApp Plus on your phone and maintaining the app requires a bit more time and effort than you might be used to. But, it’s far from something that can’t be managed by an average user. Here, we will take a look at how to perform this task on the two remaining major mobile Operating Systems – Android and iOS.

How to install WhatsApp Plus on Android

What is WhatsApp Plus and where to download WhatsApp Plus

Let us first start with the easier out of the two options – Android OS – that has always been more open-minded in terms of third-party apps and open source development.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is to find the APK file of the latest iteration of WhatsApp Plus. To save you some trouble, we are going to link the app here. As for the very app, its version number is 8.05, its size 55.1 MB, and the official release date 17 Oct 2019. The app is supported by Android versions 4.0 and more recent.

  2. If you already have an older version of WhatsApp Plus installed on your phone, you will first need to uninstall it. Not the most intuitive thing to do, but that’s how the update of unofficial apps works. So, go to Settings, then open Applications (in some versions Applications and notifications), and you’ll get the full list of installed apps. Find WhatsApp Plus, click on it, and then choose the Uninstall option.

  3. Once you download the app to your device, try to open it (find where it’s downloaded, click on it and then press the Install button). The phone will give you a warning that you are trying to install the app from an Unknown Source and prompt you to change this permission in the device’s Settings (click on the Settings option). If you end up lost, this setting can be found under the Security -> Lock screen and security hub.

  4. Give Android permission to install the app. All you need to do is to tick the box or toggle the switch next to the Unknown sources inscription. In the more recent Android versions (starting with 8.0), the process is somewhat different. Namely, the install permissions are given on a per-app basis. So, instead of being transferred to global settings, you will be prompted to give permission directly in the app settings. However, the process is very similar. Toggle the switch next to the Allow from this source inscription, and you are good to go.

  5. Now, the app should be properly installed. Now make the tweaks you want and take the full backup of your app settings (just to save you some trouble during the next installation). Open the WhatsApp Plus app, go to Settings -> Chat -> Backup and choose the option that allows you to save the settings in the cloud.

How it install WhatsApp++ on iOS?

What is WhatsApp Plus and where to download WhatsApp Plus

As we can see, getting around the permissions in the Android ecosystem is not that hard.

Apple’s line of products is an entirely different beast.

First, and foremost, this company is famous for its insistence on strict restrictions and highly controlled OS environment. That is perfectly understandable – smooth iOS performance has to come from somewhere.

As you would expect, these limitations are not quite in tune with unofficial third-party apps. This problem has two solutions. The first is to “jailbreak” your device. That would mean installing a series of patches and updates that are effectively removing harsh security restrictions built into iOS.

However, “jailbreaking” (“unlocking”) is a practice Apple considers to be a violation of warranty, so trying it is highly discouraged.

We will put our focus on the second, far more acceptable option. That would be bypassing the official iOS App Store and simply installing the app from a third-party source.

This time that mediating role goes to BuildStore – a third-party emulator that mostly consists of emulators, patches, tweaks, and other apps that are not always “up to standards” of the iOS App Store. If you are ready to pay $11.99/year per device, you will be allowed to install the BuildStore app on your device even without a jailbreak.

That brings us to WhatsApp++, the iOS version that features roughly the same features as its Android counterparts (of course, adjusted to the necessities of the OS) and allows you a similar level of customization.

So, now that we’ve gone through these exhausting but still necessary preparations let us finally see how to get WhatsApp++ on iOS?

  1. Register your device for BuildStore. You can easily find the link here. Once you open it, you will see a short registration form that shouldn’t be too hard to fill. The good news is that BuildStore accepts a variety of payment options like Visa, American Express, Master Card, and PayPal. The bad news is that subscription is strictly device-based, so if you’ve already paid your fee and bought a new Apple product, you won’t be able to make subscription transfer.
  2. Search the store for WhatsApp++. The latest version (2.19.71) was released 31 Aug 2019 and features the size of 114 MB.
  3. Open the link and press Install. Yeas, it’s as simple as that. From this point on, iOS takes control of the installation and treats the app like the official iOS App Store release.

We have to point out, though, that BuildStore is not the only third-party repository where WhatsApp++ can be downloaded. Other alternatives come in the form of Cydia and TweakBox. In the moment of writing, TweakBox registration required no registration fees. But, BuildStore is still considered the safest third-party option.

Why should you verify your WhatsApp Plus with a disposable number?

What is WhatsApp Plus and where to download WhatsApp Plus

In one of our previous articles, we have covered in great depth the process of installing several versions of WhatsApp Plus on one device.

The idea sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Well yeah, because it is. Just imagine if you would verify all of the versions of WhatsApp Plus with a disposable number. Your clients, dates, and other acquaintances wouldn’t really mind. For them, a disposable phone number is just another entry in the contact card. For what it’s worth, they don’t even need to keep your contact saved – WhatsApp Plus provides all the necessary information.

For you, though, the ability to have several numbers registered on one device allows you all the benefits of dual-SIM or even triple-SIM phones without all the mess that’s usually associated with this hardware option. Dual-SIM phones often feature sub-par quality. Multiple apps can be installed even on flagship devices.

It is easy and simple to get a disposable number to protect your privacy. 

1-  Go to and register an account on this website (only take approximately 2 minutes) 

2- Log into your account and choose the country and service that you would like to use the number for.  In this case, you will choose Whatsapp for the service and any countries that you want

3- Click request to get the number.  Sometimes, can not generate a number for you because it is out of stock for that country and service.  However, please do not panic.  They add more numbers quickly, so you can try to request the number later on.  The best thing about this is that you will not be charged for requesting the number.

4- When you get the number, you will use that number to register for whatsapp account and verify your account on whatsapp.

5- Whatsapp will send a verification SMS code to the number.  You can now go back to, log in, and see the SMS code on the dashboard of your account

6-  Use that code to apply and verify your whatsapp account

7- Now you are done and enjoy the features on whatsapp without being afraid of giving your own personal cell phone number

Instead of a conclusion

So, there you have it – a short introduction to WhatsApp Plus – the upgraded version of WhatsApp that retains all the right things brought to the table by the official app, while introducing a considerable number of tweaks the fans have been craving for almost a decade now. If you are interested, you have the instructions on how you get it.

The options you have on disposal are simply too tempting to say definite “no.”

How To Use Multiple Whatsapp, Facebook, Tinder, And Snapchat Accounts On One Android Phone

How To Use Multiple Whatsapp Accounts On One Android Phone

When you’re trying to juggle multiple accounts, doing so on a single Android device can be a real nightmare. Having to log out, then log back in with a different account is frustrating enough, even without two-factor authentication – which, by the way, is a cybersecurity must-have.

Add two-step authentication into the mix, along with restrictions certain apps have regarding multiple accounts, and it becomes seemingly impossible!

What if we told you right now that there’s a way to bypass these restrictions, maintain multiple accounts on your favorite apps, and run them all from a single Android device, though?

Here are our tips on how to use multiple Whatsapp, Facebook, Tinder, and Snapchat accounts on one Android phone. We’re about to make your online life a whole lot easier!

Managing Multiple Accounts On One Android Phone: Set Up & Use Guest User Accounts

Ever since the Android 5.0 version came out, Guest Mode has been the tried-and-true solution for keeping personal info off-limits. But as you’re about to see, the benefits of this handy tool go well beyond the need for securing your phone’s content whenever someone borrows it!

Besides allowing you to create – and switch between – multiple user and guest accounts, this feature could also come in handy when you’re trying to manage several app accounts from a single device.

Android users have it easy, huh?

How To Set Up The “Guest Mode” Feature On Your Phone

As you can probably tell by the name, this feature allows you to create a temporary account on your Android device – and one that is entirely separate from your main profile, too.

Why would you want to do that?

Guest accounts are primarily there to keep your contacts, files, and photos protected from the so-called „guest users.“

By separating your primary Google account from the guest ones, you’re keeping all your critical data off-limits. But there’s more to it than that:

If you’re trying to manage multiple accounts from one phone, you can make the “Guest User” feature work in your advantage.

Before you even get a chance to ask, yes, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to set up and use the “Guest Mode” feature on your smartphone:

  1. Open the Settings App on your phone, and find the System settings section. Go to Advanced settings, and you’ll find the Multiple Users option there. Depending on the version of Android you’re running on your phone, you might find these settings on a slightly different location, such as Settings > Users & Accounts > Users > Guest.
  2. Once you’re in the Multiple Users (Users & Accounts) tab, you’ll find a list of the Google accounts that are synced to your particular device – and the Guest account will likely be located at the bottom of the list.
  3. If you’re setting up a temporary “guest” account for the first time, you can proceed by selecting the Guest option to enable this mode, or you can tap the Add User button instead. The latter will require you to log in with a separate Google account, though. If not, all you have to do now is choose Guest from the list of user profiles. Your phone will switch over to Guest Mode within a couple of seconds.
  4. Whenever you’re ready to switch back to your main profile, select your main Admin account from the list. You can even delete any guest accounts, along with all the traces of their session by selecting the Remove Guest option.

How does this help you use multiple Whatsapp, Facebook, Tinder, and Snapchat accounts on one Android phone, you ask?

Well, once you have a guest account set up, you can install and use apps from the Google Play Store independently – all you need is a different Google account.

How To Manage Multiple Accounts With A Third-Party App: Clone Your Apps

Plenty of apps already do a fairly decent job of handling several accounts on their own. Think of Gmail, for example:

It allows you to manage several Google email addresses at a time, and even combine other accounts, including Outlook and Yahoo, into a single inbox.

Two more examples of popular apps that natively support and handle multiple accounts come to mind here, too – Twitter and Instagram.

Oh, and let’s not forget Facebook – multiple account support has made it to its proprietary Messenger app, too.

Other apps – the ones that are the main focus of this article – including Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tinder, and the primary Facebook app, aren’t nearly as generous.

There’s a way to bypass these restrictions, though – a handful of third-party Android-based apps were designed with this particular goal in mind.

Yes, we’re talking about the so-called “cloning” apps.

Bonus Tip: Use A Disposable Phone Number For Verification

If you’re trying to set up multiple accounts on apps that are tied to your phone number in one way or another – Whatsapp and Tinder are perfect examples here – things will be a tad bit more complicated.


Well, while most of us do have phones with the enabled dual-SIM operation, we can all agree that getting a secondary phone number might not be the most inconspicuous way to go. That’s especially true if you’re trying to keep your secondary accounts a secret:

Getting a second phone number out of the blue might raise too many questions.

And that’s where a disposable phone number might come in handy. What we offer are real SIM-card phone numbers that can be used as ideal security solutions, and serve as fake phone numbers for verification.

Most apps you use will ask for your phone number as a vital part of the sign-in process, or as a form of verification. But, as we mentioned previously, that’s going to make running multiple accounts on these apps a lot more complicated – damn near impossible, even.

So, play it smart, and get yourself a disposable phone number. Otherwise, all your efforts to use multiple Whatsapp, Facebook, Tinder, and Snapchat accounts on one Android phone might go to waste.

App #1: Parallel Space

It works by creating a clone environment that serves as an entirely separate, virtual device – a parallel space if you will. The cloned apps are handled within the app, leaving no trace of what’s going on behind the scenes.

And while it’s far from being the only app of its kind, it’s arguably the best one out there. The list of supported apps includes everything from Facebook and Twitter to the more challenging ones, such as Tinder, Snapchat, and yes, even Whatsapp!

How To Use Parallel Space: Step By Step

One of the primary reasons why users opt for Parallel Space is because it’s so easy to set up and use. Here, let us guide you through it:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store, search for the Parallel Space app, and then download and install it on your Android smartphone.
  2. Once installed, launch Parallel Space, and click the Start button located on the bottom of the screen. You’ll get a preview of all apps that are installed and available for cloning on your device within the Clone Apps page.
  3. Select the apps you’d like to clone and run inside the app, click the Add To Parallel Space button, and you’ll see that the clones are added to the app’s home page, and ready to use.

You can now access these cloned apps within the Parallel Space and log in using a different set of login information. It’s as easy as that!

Additional Parallel Space Features You Might Find Useful

There are a few more features of the Parallel Space app that you might want to explore – besides the actual app cloning, that is. Here’s a brief overview of what else it has to offer:

  • Incognito Installation – This feature allows you to install and access apps within the Parallel Space so that they don’t show up on your home screen, app drawer, or App Settings page.
  • Locking The App – For an added layer of security, you can lock the Parallel Space app with a pattern password.
  • Task & Storage Manager – Given that both cloned and incognito-installed apps exist and run within Parallel Space, the addition of Task and Storage Manager features are more than welcome.

App #2: App Cloner

Equally impressive in its performance and capabilities is the App Cloner app, designed to create clones of your apps.

Once installed, it allows you to set up alternative accounts using a new set of user info, and run the two versions of the same app – the original and the clone – side-by-side.

It does a reasonably thorough job at letting you use both instances of the app independently. It even enables you to tweak the appearance of the cloned app’s icon a bit.

However, it doesn’t come without its issues – but more on that later.

How To Use App Cloner: Step By Step

If you’re interested in seeing how this third-party app might help you use multiple Whatsapp, Facebook, Tinder, and Snapchat accounts on one Android phone continue reading. We’ll guide you through the process of setting everything up:

  1. The first step is always the same –download and install the App Cloner app on your Android device. You won’t find it on Google Play Store, though. The app has suffered a suspension for allegedly violating Google’s policies.
  2. Launch the app, and you’ll see two tabs on the top of the screen – Installed Apps and Cloned Apps. The former is the one you should focus on for now.
  3. Select the app you wish to clone, and you’ll get a few basic Launcher Icon customization options. Once you’re happy with your settings, proceed to clone the app – this might take a moment.
  4. You’ll get the App Cloned notification when it’s done – select Install App to continue. Once the cloned version of your app is installed, you’ll be able to see and access it from the Cloned Apps tab.

More Than 200 App Customization Options In The Premium Version Of App Cloner

The primary function of the App Cloner app is available free of charge. However, if you want to unlock its true potential, along with its more advanced customization options – all 200+ of them – it’s going to cost you.

Here’s an overview of the full version’s options:

  • Privacy Options
  • Display Options
  • Navigation Options
  • Media Options
  • Storage Options
  • Launching Options
  • Networking Options
  • Notification Options
  • Automation Options
  • Developer Options
  • Android TV & Wear OS Options

That’s quite a list, huh?

Unfortunately, cloned apps are prone to crashing or not working correctly.

Don’t get us wrong; App Cloner still gets the job done. All we’re saying is that it’s not always going to be smooth sailing.

One More Thing Before You Go

There is a way to run multiple accounts on a single app without actually having to juggle several phones – or go crazy in the process. As we’ve hopefully shown you in this guide, you can do all that from a single Android device!

It doesn’t matter which approach you end up choosing here, the Guest Mode feature or third-party cloning apps – it’ll work, either way.

Instead, focus on doing it right, and get yourself a disposable phone number. Minimize your chances of getting caught. You wouldn’t want to go through all this effort only to end up banned, now, would you?

Oh, and if you found our guide on how to use multiple Whatsapp, Facebook, Tinder, and Snapchat accounts on one Android phone helpful, feel free to share it with others, too!

Fake Phone Number For Verification: How To Protect Your Privacy Online

Fake Phone Number For Verification: How To Protect Your Privacy Online

Fake Phone Number For Verification

Virtually all websites and applications we use these days ask for your phone number as a part of a successful sign-up process. If you, by any chance, decide to opt-out of this essential verification step, you’ll end up with restricted access to the website’s feature – or, even worse, no access at all.

And where does that leave you, privacy-minded folks?

Your concerns about providing your phone number to any and every website that asks for it are justified. Trust us; we get it – there’s no way of telling where your data might end up.

Just look at the recent data breach of Doordash that leaked personal information of approximately 4.9 million customers, restaurants, and delivery workers — including driver license numbers, partial bank and credit card information, as well as names and addresses.

The good news is that there’s an alternative way to go about it. You don’t have to use your real phone number after all! This article is here to help the growing number of individuals who are wary of giving away personal info online.


We’ll explain to you how to utilize a fake phone number for verification and set up an online account while keeping your information private.

You can’t escape the Internet – it’s an integral part of living in the 21st century. What you can do, though, is limit the amount of personal info you share online.

Read on to find out how to do it right!

Cyber-security 101: Risks Of Using Your Real Phone Number For Verification

Phone number verification is, as the name suggests, a process of verifying the user’s phone number is valid and reachable. Moreover, it’s often used in the online world, too. The reason behind it is that phone numbers are universally available, which makes for a globally accessible solution for verifying the user’s identity – and a relatively inexpensive one at that.

Verifying a phone number often serves as a means of ensuring an added layer of security when setting up accounts on various websites and applications. Mostly, it’s used as a part of two-step authentication for online accounts. 

It works by sending an SMS containing the verification code in real-time to the phone number provided by the user. Only the user with that particular phone number gets access to the code and can use it to log in and verify their identity on the given website.

Now, let’s talk about what comes next.

Let’s say you’ve provided your phone number to a particular website. And you have your two-step verification and a secure password in place. You probably think that your account – and all your data – are now safe.

Well, think again.

There’s way more to it than it seems.

Social security numbers and bank account numbers are often considered the most sensitive info one has. While that’s true, you should keep in mind that hackers can do much more damage using nothing but your mobile phone number. That’s not the real issue here, though.

The real issue is that you’re far less likely to keep your phone number a secret, compared to your social security number, for example. It’s the one piece of personal info that gets shared around, often without giving it a second thought.

Its primary purpose might be communication, but we all use our phone numbers for more than that. From signing up for websites and online services and verifying accounts to resetting passwords and setting up two-factor authentications – our phone numbers get shared all the time.

And that’s precisely what makes them a single point of failure for our online security.

Before you continue reading, we’d like you to take a moment to go over all the websites and apps that have your phone number in your head. If you can remember all of them, that is.

That list got pretty long, now, didn’t it? The worst part is, you pretty much have zero control over what happens with your info from that point on. Once it’s out there, it’s out there. All you can do now is hope that your info doesn’t get sold or stolen as a part of a data breach.

And we’re not overly dramatic, either. Remember what happened with Facebook? Exactly.

If that’s not a substantial enough incentive for you to consider using a fake phone number for verification, we don’t know what is.

You can’t keep your phone number a secret. That defies the entire purpose of having one. You can, however, be smart about when and where you share it, and when you use a fake number, instead – which brings us to our next point.

What Is A Virtual Phone Number & Why It Differs from Real SIM Card Numbers

Okay, first things first – this whole discussion won’t make much sense if you’re not familiar with what virtual phone numbers are. We’ll try to keep this as short and straightforward as possible, while also covering the key points of how they work.

So, what is a virtual phone number?

It is a phone number that’s not tied to any specific phone line or device – one that’s in no way attached to a dedicated piece of hardware.

You already know how things worked in the not-so-distant past:

Any given phone number would work using a single dedicated phone line, which further connected the phone company with the destination – a home or office – through telephone wires. With virtual phone numbers, those physical limitations and ties are cut off entirely.

As such, virtual phone numbers are a part of cloud telephony systems, running on internet connection and not much else. Even more so, these days, most of these virtual numbers rely on Voice Over Internet Protocol – or VOIP, for short. That means that there’s no need for an actual physical phone number to exist.

Instead, the number employs internet-based protocols to forward any incoming calls to the real phone number provided by the client. In essence, your virtual phone number acts either as a gateway from the caller to your phone or as a router from the virtual phone number to your laptop.

That means that you can still receive your calls without ever giving your real phone number to the caller.

What does this mean for someone who’s trying to get a fake phone number for verification exactly? And what seems to be the issue?

Well, what we’re talking about here are virtual numbers that use VOIP. And when it comes to online verifications, these won’t cut it.

We won’t go into too many technical details here, but these two services use entirely different protocols and networks to operate. In short, VOIP virtual numbers won’t work for receiving SMS verification codes. As useful as they are for global communications, don’t bother trying to use one for setting up your online accounts. Virtual phone numbers are easily detected by websites and companies, so once they detect that you use a fake or virtual phone number, they won’t send you the SMS Verification Code.

Besides, a lot of websites that do require phone verifications began to „ignore“ such virtual numbers because they’re so easy to set up – and mostly free, too. In short, they don’t seem very legit from the get-go, and neither does the person using them.

Temporary Phone Numbers from Real SIM Cards: What We Offer You, Instead

We can all agree that using a fake phone number for verification is a solution to privacy issues we all face in the data-driven online world.

But as we’ve previously established, a virtual phone number might not be the best way to go about it. They are easily detected and won’t work for SMS verification codes.

That’s why we’d like to suggest something slightly different – our temporary phone numbers from REAL SIM Cards.

What’s the difference?

Well, rather than giving you a virtual VOIP-based number, we provide genuine SIM Card mobile phone numbers. And when we say genuine, we do mean it – these are the numbers you would actually get if you were to get a mobile phone in your country. The only real difference is that these are disposable – or temporary.

Here’s how it works:

If you choose to give our services a shot, you’ll be given a temporary phone number that you can then use within a ten-minute time frame. That should be more than enough time to receive your SMS verification code.

So, when you sign up to the website in question, you can use our disposable „fake“ phone number for verification rather than providing your real one. Once you receive the SMS verification code, it will conveniently show up in your user dashboard on our website.

It’s as easy as that!

Before you get a chance to ask, yes, there are numerous scenarios where a disposable phone number might come in handy. The whole idea behind using a disposable number rather than your real one is protecting your privacy in the online world.

And as you probably know, achieving a certain level of privacy in this day and age, where there are so many prying eyes lurking around the cyberspace, can be quite tricky. Sometimes, it can prove to be flat out impossible. Even something as harmless as using social media platforms daily leaves you exposed to potential risks explained earlier – unless you play it smart, that is.

On that note, there are a few examples of when using a fake – or disposable – phone number might be a smart move:

  • Account Verification – Whether we’d like to admit it or not, the Internet has become a massive part of our life. We all visit heaps of websites – sketchy or not – on an everyday basis. The problem is that a lot of these websites tend to restrict information for non-verified users. You’re often required to provide your name, email address, and even phone number before you can access them. And that, our friend, is how you end up with an inbox full of ads and spam you didn’t sign up for – at least not knowingly.
  • Online Dating – Let’s face it; the online world is filled with dating apps and websites. Even Facebook became a part of the online dating game recently! And if you decided to try looking for love in the online realm, you probably had to give out your phone number as a part of account verification at least once.
  • Mobile Apps & Social Media – The same goes for signing up for social media and mobile apps – two-step verification is often a part of setting up an account. Unfortunately, that means that you’ll be asked to provide your phone number more often than you’d probably like. Think about the number of apps you have installed on your phone. How many of these got your real phone number as a part of the verification process? Way more than you’d like to admit, right?

Having more control over your online privacy has never been easier. You can say goodbye to sharing your phone number with every website and application that asks for it. Use our temporary SIM-Card phone numbers and get all your one-time verification messages online, instead.

You’ll still be granted access to user-only parts of these websites and services, but you’ll get to keep your information private. It’s a win-win!

Final Thoughts

If you came here to get more info about using a fake phone number for verification, you’re definitely on the right track. There are so many incidents of data leaks, identity thefts, and other unfortunate outcomes of leaving your info online. We’re glad you’re taking the necessary steps to preserve your privacy!

So, the debate here isn’t whether or not you’re making the right choice here – you most certainly are.

All we wanted to achieve with this article was to inform you about the best ways to go about it. Our goal, as always, was to help you take control of your privacy online.

And with our disposable SIM-Card phone numbers, you can achieve that!

Until next time, be smart and play it safe!

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How to install and use ZAO outside China?

How to install and use Zao outside China?

If you have followed up with the trend on internet recently, you might have heard about ZAO. ZAO is a phenomenal application which allow you to easily do face-swapping between the famous characters and your own.  ZAO was first published in China on August 30 and has been popular since then. Many people include celebrities have used ZAO but some people do not know how to register ZAO since they do not have Chinese numbers to verify their accounts. In this article, we will show you how to install and use ZAO outside China with ease as many people did and succeeded

How to register Zao from outside China

Officially, ZAO is exclusively accessible within China only.  However, when there is a will, there is a way.  You can install ZAO on iPhone by switching your region into China.  Then you can definitely access the Chinese App store. 

Even with your Android smartphones, we will instruct you how to install ZAO outside Chinese territory without any difficulties.

1- Download Zao on Android

How to install and use ZAO outside China?

You can download ZAO’s APK from many different websites.  However, you need to make sure that the site is reliable and the APK is trustworthy.  The simple way to check is that you can upload the downloaded file  to the Virus Total Website which analyzes and tells you whether the file is safe for your smartphone.  Normally, I can get ZAO from here: Download ZAO on Android

After being cautious, you can go to your smartphone’s security settings to allow the application from unknown sources to be installed.  Please check your operating system.  If it is prior to Android 8.0, then this step is valid.  Otherwise, for the most recent system, the installer will ask you directly to authorize the installation of the APK.

2- Translate Zao interface into your own language or English

ZAO will not have option for users to change into other languages.  Therefore, it creates a barrier that many people want to give up on using ZAO. 

We have perfect solution to offer you for this problem.  You can translate the information on the screen using the third-party application such as Screen Text Translate or App Translator. 

3- Register account on Zao

How to install and use ZAO outside China?

To use ZAO, the application requires a Chinese mobile phone number. Without a Chinese phone number, you cannot start ZAO or use the app. A mobile phone number from China is required in order to register. However, what happens if you are not from China, but still want to have fun with the ZAO app?

If you use the Chinese phone numbers that listed on most of the sites, please be cautious because these sites are shared numbers.  You do not want to struggle with other users to use the same numbers to get the ZAO verification code. is an ideal solution by offering one-time use REAL SIM mobile phone numbers from China that works to register on ZAO.  The numbers are unique and will never be reused

With our 5-minute disposable phone numbers from China, you are able to easily register and test out the hottest viral app on the market right now.

Have fun with the app before your friends do!

4-Use Zao on your cell phone


When you are connected to ZAO, you simply turn on the third-party application to translate all information of ZAO’s interface.

You then need to register your facial recognition by moving your head with different angles and even open your mouth. 

When the process of facial recognition is done, you can effortless integrate it into many different available videos on the application.

ZAO even has a search engine to help you find films or series instantly such as Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Titanic, Lion King…

Choose the video then the actor or actress that you want to replace.  You can now sit back, relax and let the magic work.  The generated video can be stored on your phone and shared through messaging applications or social networks.

Receive Google Voice SMS Verification Codes Online

Many users have contacted us asking us how they are able to receive Google Voice SMS verification codes online.

Do you want multiple Google Voice accounts and need disposable mobile phone numbers to sign up for more?

I always point them to Google’s Terms of Service, and to make sure you follow Google’s terms of service. Everything here is strictly for educational purposes only.

Privacy folks have loved Google Voice ever since they came out. It allowed you to have a secondary phone number to give out, in place of your own personal phone number.

However, some have complained of the lack of ability to have a second or even third Google Voice number. Sometimes, you have many businesses, or you have different needs for different numbers. Unfortunately Google has very specific terms, regarding multiple accounts. Sometimes a user would run out of phone numbers to use when trying to sign up for a Google Voice phone number.

Whether you want to sign up to Google Voice with a disposable phone number or whether you want to sign up to Google Voice with your actual phone number, the choice is yours.

Utilizing Google Voice allows you to have a secondary phone number, much like a burner number that privacy minded folks gravitate to. has temporary phone numbers that you can use for any website or app.

Real disposable phone number SIM-based

Phone Number Generator to Receive SMS Online

Use a Phone Number Generator to Bypass SMS Verification Online

online identity profile privacy

Today, nearly all websites and mobile apps require a user to input their personal mobile phone number so the website/app can verify their identify. If the user does not provide their own personal phone number, the user would not be able to continue with the registration to that site. Long are the days of being able to be truly anonymous and private while online. Nowadays, you will be required to input at the minimum email address and usually accompanied by your real personal mobile cellphone number.

Not only do websites and apps request your mobile number, they will send a SMS Verification code to your number to ensure it’s valid and to confirm your identity.

People would prefer not to provide their personal phone numbers unless it was required by the website. There are many privacy-minded people who would prefer to keep their own personal information private. has created a online privacy tool that will generate disposable phone numbers for you to receive sms verification codes online. This will allow you to sign-up to any website or app without using your own phone number.

phone number generator

What is a phone number generator?

A phone number generator by is a service that provides burner phone numbers. These temporary numbers are for privacy-minded individuals who prefer not to give out their own phone number when signing up to services online.

How does the phone number generator work?

Important: Please make sure you review the terms of service for any website or app that you are signing up for, to ensure you aren’t violating their terms of service.

Using’s phone number generator, you can generate temporary phone numbers that you can use to sign up to any website or app online. You can use our temporary phone numbers intead of your original phone number so you can keep that information from the data mining companies that sell and market your personal information.

The process of registration and using the phone number generator:

Phone Number Generator to Receive SMS Online

The users can successfully register on and get started by generating working disposable phone numbers to receive SMS verification codes online.

We provide real sim-card mobile phone numbers for many countries such as USA, United Kingdom (UK), India, China, Poland, and more! You will be generated a working phone number, where you can easily demand a verification code from the online or offline registration portals. Once you select the country and press the button for generating the temporary SMS number, we instantly provide you with a temporary phone number generator to receive SMS online.

Using the phone number generator to generate a burner phone number, you can browse safe knowing that the website or service you are using won’t be able to leak any information about you.

For the people who get spam phone calls or spam text messages because who knows which company resold their phone number, can understand the desire to keep their own phone number to themselves. understands that, and provides a phone number generator that you can utilize to receive SMS messages online.