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Free Temporary Phone Number

Free Temporary Phone Number: Does Online Privacy Come At A Cost?

How many different websites and apps have your phone number along with other personal information? We get it if you’re not comfortable saying the number out loud.

Your phone number is, after all, one of the most frequently shared pieces of personally-identifiable information – and one that makes you vulnerable to attacks, hacking, identity theft, and whatnot.

Using a free temporary phone number is one way to tackle this issue and improve your privacy and security in the online world. However, these free services come with a host of problems that make them flat out impossible to use.

Stick around and see for yourself!

What’s a Temporary Phone Number – And Why You May Need One?

Free Temporary Phone Number for SMS verification code
Free Temporary Phone Number for SMS verification code

Your brain will probably jump straight to burner phones, which, honestly speaking, have a not-so-great reputation for being used for all sorts of criminal activities. We’ve all seen at least one Hollywood movie where the “bad guys” found these temporary phone numbers to be quite useful, so we get the connection.

However, we’re talking about a whole different type of temporary phone numbers here – those that aren’t linked to any piece of hardware or tied to a specific phone line, intending to protect your privacy and anonymity.

Your real phone number is connected to a dedicated phone line and device – but a temporary phone number isn’t. There are no network operators or carriers involved, and there are no physical connections; the entire process is Internet-based.

As the name implies, they’re used for a temporary purpose, too – for example, receiving SMS online or completing account verification – and remain active only as long as you need them to.

Now, you could be wondering why you should even bother with getting a temporary phone number? How much damage can give out your real number do, anyway?

First, there’s the risk of your phone number being used for criminal activity. You’d be shocked to learn how easy it is to track down the current address, date of birth, banking information, or social security number using nothing but a phone number.

Second, it’s scary to think about all the websites and apps that have your phone number already, especially when you think about the genuine possibility of them exploiting the personal info you provided.

As surprising as it may be for you, in the online world, temporary phone numbers are a rather common thing – and the number of people who use them in their daily lives only continues to grow.

There are many a scenario where using a temporary phone number, either free or received through a paid service, can be a smart move. The main idea, of course, is to maintain a sense of privacy in the online world and protect sensitive data from the ever-growing number of cybersecurity threats.

Two-step verification is one of the most common scenarios where it’s recommended to use a disposable phone number. Most websites and apps these days will require SMS verification for new accounts – but rather than giving out your real number, you can use a temporary one for account verification.

It comes with several other benefits, too, all of which come down to securing user data online and keeping your personal information untraceable.

Seriously, though, your phone number is a valuable, personally-identifiable piece of information – and a gateway to other personal info, too – and it shouldn’t be shared around freely and carelessly. There is an alternative, and it comes in the form of a temporary phone number.

Downsides of Using a Free Temporary Phone Number: Is Free Worth It?

Free Temporary Phone Number for SMS verification code
Using Free Temporary Phone Number to receive SMS verification code

A quick search will reveal a growing number of services, both website- and app-based, that can provide you with a free temporary phone number.

And that’s bound to leave you wondering:

Why should I bother paying for this service when numerous readily available alternatives are completely free?

We get it; free temporary phone numbers sound good in theory, and the idea of having this convenience without paying a single dime makes them super attractive to the average user.

In reality, though, free disposable phone numbers come with a ton of disadvantages. These often remain “hidden,” or rear their ugly face halfway through the process.

As you’re about to see, there are several issues that you’re likely to experience if you opt for a free temporary phone number.

1. Free Temporary Phone Numbers for Foreign Countries Are Hard to Find

If you live in the USA and need a US-based, free temporary phone number, then you might have some luck finding one that delivers as promised.

However, if cases where you need the number for an exclusively foreign website or you happen to live outside of the US, your chances of finding one that works drop down significantly.

The problem here is that the majority of these free services don’t bother to include foreign phone numbers. And even if you manage to find some that do, there’s a pretty good chance that your options will be severely restricted – and further limited to virtual phone numbers, rather than those coming from real SIM-cards:

We dug around a bit and discovered that the most popular free disposable phone number bases only bother to include one to two foreign phone numbers tops!

There are tens of thousands of others who had already used that same phone number before it ever got to you, which opens a whole other can of worms – and brings us to our next point.

2. They Were Blacklisted A Long Time Ago

There are but a limited number of times that a particular temporary phone number can be used for a given website or app before it gets blacklisted. Once it does, there’s no turning back. The problem is that free temporary phone number services feature a limited collection of phone numbers, both foreign and US-based.

Can you guess where’s this going?

When you use one of these free services to obtain a temporary phone number, you’re getting one that’s been insanely overused. The chances are that thousands of others already used it in the past, and it’s linked to more accounts and services than you could count.

More often than not, you’ll end up with a disposable phone number that’s already been recognized as “fake” by a particular website or app due to overuse – and at that point, it’s pretty much useless.

3. Things Are Rarely Kept Private

The lack of actual privacy is a massive red flag when it comes to services that offer free temporary phone numbers. Matters of privacy should never be taken lightly, and this alone should be reason enough to skip these free services and pay for something reliable, instead.

One of the primary reasons why you’re using a disposable phone number is to help maintain your privacy in the online world. And you probably won’t be too happy to realize that most of these free services keep everything out in the open and don’t bother going the extra step to keep things private.

What we’re saying is that these services store a lot more than just their list of free phone numbers on their websites:

The SMS messages received through these numbers are often public, as well.

MobileSMS.io Temporary Phone Numbers Come from Real SIM Cards

Free Temporary Phone Number for SMS verification code
Using Free Temporary Phone Number to receive SMS verification code

Yes, there are free services available – and you can certainly try your luck with them. But while they may be free of cost, you’ll probably switch to a paid service at some point due to all the issues we’ve discussed previously.

And as you’re about to see, yes, that switch will be worth it!

1. Our Temporary Phone Numbers Are Real and Private

All the disposable phone numbers in the MobileSMS database are real and private, which instantly gives us an edge over the competing services, both free and paid.

By using real phone numbers that come from real SIM-cards – the same ones you’d get if you bought a mobile phone – we can guarantee that our disposable numbers will work in a virtually limitless number of uses and applications.

The numbers won’t be detected as “disposable” when used on websites and apps, because they’re real.

More importantly, our temporary phone numbers are private. When you request a disposable phone number, it’s yours – and it won’t be shared with or sold to others. That way, you don’t have to worry about other accounts associated with it, which is a common concern with free temporary phone numbers.

2. Our Phone Numbers Work Abroad, Too

Most of these free services don’t bother with including phone numbers that work in foreign countries, limiting the available options to US-based numbers only.

MobileSMS.io, however, made the conscious effort to put together a versatile phone number database that won’t be limited by location-specific factors.

We’ve already included real SIM-card numbers not only from the USA but from many countries abroad, too. Not that we’re bragging, but our database features phone numbers from China, India, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands – and many more.

3. Your Online Privacy Is Our Top Priority 

Our goal is protecting your privacy and helping you control what sensitive info you do or do not share with the online world. We’ve made it our point to make the online world as safe for you as possible.

Not only do we provide temporary phone numbers but ensure that any texts you do receive to your disposable number are for your eyes only, too.

When you get your temporary phone number, all the text messages and verification codes that you receive are strictly yours, rather than visible to all other users, as is often the case with free services.

4. Any Website and Any App, You Name It

Maybe your primary goal is to protect your online privacy, or you want to give online dating a try without handing out your phone number to strangers. Or perhaps you want to create more than one account on apps and websites that only allow one account per person.

Whatever the reason, a temporary phone number is your best bet.

On that note, we wanted to be sure that our database of disposable phone numbers meets any – and every – application you could come up with, from online shopping and account verification to online dating and creating multiple accounts on a single platform.

5. MobileSMS.io Is Super Easy to Use

In an attempt to make our services widely available to users around the world, regardless of how tech-savvy they are, we also made it incredibly easy to acquire a temporary phone number here on MobileSMS.io.

The registration process takes a minute or so, and you can request a disposable phone number as soon as you pick the country and the service that you’ll be using.

Once you get your disposable phone number, you’re free to use it on a previously selected website or app within a ten-minute time frame. For maximum convenience, you’ll receive all the relevant text messages and verification codes on your MobileSMS dashboard.

Wrapping Things Up

If there’s one thing that we’d like you to take away from all this free temporary phone number talk is that “free” isn’t always the way to go.

Sure, there’s the apparent benefit of not having to pay a dime for a disposable phone number, but after everything that we talked about, can you honestly say that you’re okay with all the potential downsides, too?

Yeah, we didn’t think so, either.

MobileSMS.io temporary phone numbers, on the other hand, are guaranteed to work, because they’re real SIM-card phone numbers that aren’t shared with or sold to others. Give us a shot and see for yourself!

Free SMS Verification: Does It Work & Why Not

Free SMS Verification: Does It Work & Why Not

Cyber-security experts will recommend using two-factor authentication and account verification whenever possible. Most websites and apps resort to SMS verification to comply with these guidelines, sending uniquely-generated, one-time codes to the user’s phone number via text message.

But what if you’re not comfortable leaving your phone number on every website and app that asks for it?

For a lot of users, free SMS verification services seem like a legitimate solution.

How reliable are they, though?

Stick around and find out!

What Is SMS Verification And How Does It Work?

Free SMS Verification: Does It Work & Why Not

When creating an account on a website or app, you’ll be asked to provide several pieces of info, including your name, email address, and, more often than not, your phone number.

The latter is typically used as an added step to account verification, one that’s designed to confirm that you’re human and not a bot.

So, how does SMS verification work?

When you sign up, the website will randomly generate a one-time code – ’1234’ for example – and send it via SMS to the phone number you provided earlier. Once you receive your code, you have to use it to log in and confirm that the phone number is, in fact, active.

Why should you bother with fake phone numbers for free SMS verification when you can use your existing phone number, though?

Well, quite frankly, we’re not too thrilled about two-factor authentication that involves SMS, in general – but it’s still better than nothing. However, giving out your phone number left and right for the sake of „cyber-security“ isn’t nearly as secure as you might think.

Consider this:

How many websites and apps already have your phone number because they required SMS verification? And how many of said websites do you trust not to exploit the sensitive info you provided?

Yeah, the odds aren’t stacked in your favor there.

That’s where disposable phone numbers and free SMS verification services come in:

Rather than providing your real phone number, you can keep it private, and opt for a ’fake’ one, instead.

Common Issues With Free SMS Verification

Free SMS Verification: Does It Work & Why Not

Why would you ever bother paying for a service that has so many free alternatives available?

Well, free SMS verification sounds like a pretty good concept in theory, but the reality of it is far from stellar.

We’ll list the most common issues you might experience with free SMS verification below, to give you a better understanding of what you’re in for if you opt to go down that route.

#1. Most numbers won’t work in foreign countries.

If you’re a United States citizen, and you need a US-based phone number for verification, this won’t bother you much.

However, in any other case – whether you live outside of the US or need to complete SMS verification on an exclusively foreign website – you won’t have much luck with sites that offer free SMS verification services.


A lot of these websites won’t bother with acquiring foreign phone numbers. And even if they do, you’ll be using a virtual phone number, rather than coming from a real SIM-card. That will further limit the number of websites and apps where you can use them for SMS verification successfully.

#2. Limited amount of numbers in countries abroad.

Even if you find a free SMS verification service that does have numbers that will work in foreign countries, the chances are that you won’t have too many options. Free SMS verification services offer a minimal amount of phone numbers suitable for online verification in countries abroad.

We wanted to see what some of the most popular free alternatives were up to, and we found that they typically have only one to two foreign numbers in their base. And that’s if you’re lucky.

That means that there are probably tens of thousands of other users who already verified their accounts using that same phone number. That’ll be like opening a whole new can of worms regarding free SMS verification in foreign countries.

#3. Most free SMS verification numbers were blacklisted a long time ago.

There’s only so many times a fake phone number for verification can be used before it gets blacklisted, which brings us to our next point:

A lot of these free online services will have a minimal collection of phone numbers in general.

You’ll probably end up getting a number that’s already insanely overused and linked to more accounts than we could count. That wouldn’t be an issue if a lot of these websites you’re trying to verify an account on didn’t pick up on what’s going on here – but they did.

There’s no way that it’s going to work:

These numbers have been used way too many times in the past. The chances are that they were blacklisted a long time ago.

#4. Everything’s out in the open.

You’re probably using a fake phone number for SMS verification to retain some sense of privacy in the online realm. And if that’s the case, you won’t be too thrilled to learn that a lot of these free services don’t bother with making anything private and hidden from the public eye.

You’ll come across a lot of free SMS verification websites that not only have a completely free phone number base but „store“ all the messages received through those numbers publicly, too.

That’s the one issue regarding free SMS verification that should never be taken lightly – and one that bothers us the most. Seriously, that alone should be reason enough for you to opt for a paid SMS verification service.

#5. Sometimes, the numbers don’t work, period.

Lastly, another thing we’ve noticed is that a lot of those who use free SMS verification services complain that they sometimes simply fail to work.

Perhaps they’ve already been blacklisted, picked up by software that identifies these types of phone numbers, associated with an existing account, out of function – or something else entirely. Whatever the reason behind it, the result is the same:

You can’t use these for free SMS verification successfully.

If you encounter such issues when you attempt to use a free disposable phone number for verification, there’s not much you can do. The only option you’ll have will be to keep trying to verify your account with different numbers until you – hopefully – find one that works.

Once you do get tired of failed free SMS verification attempts, and you’re ready to get the real deal, check out MobileSMS.io disposable phone numbers.

How Is MobileSMS Different?

Free SMS Verification: Does It Work & Why Not

Okay, that was quite a list of potential issues that might pop up when you try free SMS verification websites.

It doesn’t sound very promising, huh?

At the same time, we know that a lot of you are still wondering:

What makes MobileSMS.io so different and better than these free SMS verification services?

We don’t blame you for raising such questions. If you’re going to pay for the service, you’re going to want to know if it’s worth it. So, we figured we should take a moment to go over the vital aspects of our service that give us an edge over our free-for-all competitors:

#1. We Offer Real Private SIM-card Numbers

All MobileSMS disposable phone numbers are real and private.

What does that mean, you ask?

Rather than using virtual phone numbers for SMS verification, we offer you those that come from real SIM-cards. These are the numbers you’d get if you went out and purchased a new mobile phone in your country.

As such, they can avoid being detected as ’disposable’ by websites that require SMS verification.

Furthermore, our temporary phone numbers are private, as well. They won’t be shared or sold to other users while you’re using them to verify an account on a particular website or app.

And that means that you won’t experience issues such as finding out that there are accounts already associated with that exact number – something you’ll often experience if you opt for free SMS verification.

#2. Our Phone Numbers Work In Many Countries

We previously pointed out that a lot of these free services only offer US-based phone numbers. Not us, though. We get that the World Wide Web is precisely that – world-wide – which is why a versatile database of phone numbers is an essential part of our service.

In short, you won’t be limited by location-specific issues. We made sure to include real SIM-card phone numbers from countries around the globe, including, but not limited to, the USA, United Kingdom, China, Vietnam, India, Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands, and many more!

#3. Virtually Limitless Number Of Uses

There are plenty of solid reasons why you might need a disposable phone number for verification.

Maybe you’re trying to protect your privacy in the online world or attempting to create multiple accounts on websites or apps that have the one-account-per-person limit. Or perhaps you’re considering online dating, but aren’t ready to give out your phone number to absolute strangers on the Internet.

Whatever the reason may be, our fake disposable phone numbers are here to help.

#4. We’re All About Privacy

MobileSMS.io is all about protecting your privacy online – when you’re not giving out your real phone number, you’re far less likely to fall victim to data-mining corporations.

However, we take cyber-security to a whole new level to further protect your data. Besides providing disposable phone numbers for SMS verification, we also make sure that your verification codes – and other texts you might receive while using our disposable number – are for your eyes only.

A lot of free services struggle with achieving this level of privacy, often making text messages and verification codes associated with the free virtual phone numbers visible to all.

#5. We Stand Behind Our Clients

We appreciate and care for all our customers and strive to provide excellent customer support whenever they might need it. And that’s something you likely won’t get from a free SMS verification website. Free services are very rarely accompanied by any customer support – let alone a good one.

The access to their database of fake phone numbers is all you get.

So, how can you use MobileSMS disposable phone numbers for SMS verification?

We value online privacy above all else, and we wanted to make our services accessible to a wide range of people – no matter where they live or how tech-savvy they are.

Here’s how to get a MobileSMS disposable phone number for verification:

  • Register an account on our website, MobileSMS.io. We promise that it will only take a minute or two!
  • ●       Once logged into your account, choose the country. Also, state the service that you plan on using with the provided phone number.
  • Request a disposable phone number.
  • Once you receive the number, use it for SMS verification of your account on the previously selected website or app.
  • Find the verification SMS code sent by the website or app on your MobileSMS dashboard. You’ll have to log in to access it, as we keep all the info private.
  • Use the code to verify your account.

Free SMS Verification Isn’t Always The Way To Go

A lot of websites and apps these days will practically force you to use SMS-based account verification. There’s not a whole lot you can do about it, and if you care about protecting your private phone number, you’ll probably start looking into free SMS verification services.

But as we’ve hopefully shown today, that’s not always such a smart choice. Sure, it might save you a couple of bucks, but in the long run, it’s not worth it.

If you need a disposable phone number – and one coming from a real SIM-card, too – give MobileSMS.io a try. Your online privacy is our top priority!

Why Celebrities Use Burner Accounts

Why Celebrities Use Burner Accounts and Why You Need One Too

Just a few years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it if someone told me celebrities use burner accounts to defend themselves or even to promote their activities on social media. Don’t famous people have better things to do than troll the Internet under fictitious names? Well, the recent revelations about Kevin Durant’s burner accounts and the equally fake Bryan Colangelo’s “wife” accounts were a real eye-opener. It turns out that there are a lot more celebrities using burner accounts than we thought. Celebrities use burner accounts for a host of reasons, from defending themselves anonymously to self-promotion under a different name, or to just use social media as a regular guy/girl without attracting too much attention.

There are many celebrities with multiple burner accounts out there, and for a good reason. For famous people, having a social media account is most often for promoting their work, music, sports, movies, much more than for personal or private use. Take an indulging moment and picture yourself as a famous person who wants to engage and interact with your small circle of real close friends and family. Would you do it in your wildly popular Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other profile where millions of followers react to every post you make or would you rather create an anonymous account for personal use? You’ll agree that it does indeed make sense for a celebrity to create a burner account where he or she can post content and use social media just like any other non-celebrity would.

Famous People Caught Using Burner
Social Media Accounts

There are many celebrities who’ve been caught using fake accounts for diverse reasons. Bryan Colangelo, the Philadelphia 76ers general manager, was recently accused of breaching his employer’s trust when he was caught posting anonymously on Twitter. According to a recent report in the online news organization, Ringer, Colangelo had created several anonymous Twitter accounts that he regularly used to showcase his team strategy, criticize players, and defend himself online as a different person, especially on his fashion taste. It is even claimed that Colangelo went as far as asking journalists to prod further on players’ unreported medical information under a different name. The allegations are currently being investigated by the Sixers management.

Colangelo is not the only celeb caught using burner accounts. Kevin Durant, yes the same NBA Star who played for the Golden State Warriors, also used a burner account on Twitter for the sole purpose of defending himself against online character assassination. Still in the sports arena, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s wife, Jane Skinner Goodell, also used secret accounts on Twitter to back her husband secretly on the Internet.

Kevin Durant Burner Accounts

Kevin Durant created burner accounts on social media and used the fake profiles to argue with anyone who dared to say anything negative about him. Everyone believed the account genuinely belonged to a fan of Durant ready to stand up for the player until the truth came out in a bizarre twist of events.  It turns out Durant replied to some people in Twitter from his real account while referring to himself in third person and in the same tone as his alter ego.

He was actually defending his decision to leave Oklahoma City for the Warriors a year earlier but it seems in the confusion forgot to log out of his real verified Twitter account and log into his burner account before throwing a few virtual punches online. He spoke as his alter-ego in his real account and somehow people realized he had a few other fake accounts.

It is even said that Durant has a burner account on Instagram going by the name
“quiresultan.”  Well, there’s nothing wrong with having a secret anonymous Twitter or Instagram account. After all, Durant is human and has feelings just like you and I. He has the right to act
on his feelings and unwarranted negativities in any way he can as long as it doesn’t ruin his image. What better way to hit back at those who attempt to defame him than a fictitious Twitter account posing as another independent person with a more objective opinion?

I too would likely do the same in his shoes. I, as a celebrity, might take time to create fake social media accounts, fake personas, fake email addresses, use disposable phone numbers numbers, and the works. Other notable people in sports who admitted to have used burner accounts to keep tabs on their players include the longtime basketball coach of Duke University, Mike Krzyzewski, and Adam Silver, the current NBA Commissioner. 

It’s not only famous people in the world of sports who use burner accounts. There are many
other celebrities who create fake personas to lurk online and interact with family and friends. News reporters also use such accounts stay updated on stories without anyone tracking them. Movie actors such as John Hamm and Kate Moss are known to have stealth social media accounts. Kate Moss revealed she has a fake Instagram account that she uses for “spying” purposes while Kim Kardashian admitted to having a secret Snapchat account. Prince Harry reportedly has a secret Instagram account that he uses to follow the charities he works with.  

There is also James Comey, the well-known former FBI Director who used an anonymous
Twitter account going by the name @ProjectExile7 to stay updated on news and whatever else was going on in the country. Decades ago, President Trump used to communicate with reporters under different aliases such as John Barron and John Miller. There are numerous celebrities using burner accounts for a wide range of personal or professional reasons.       

You Too Can Create Your Own Secret
Burner Accounts

Burner accounts are not just for famous people. Regular people like you and I can also create secret anonymous social media accounts and engage with people with greater freedom and privacy. In this information-driven age, where millions of people engage and form relationships online via social media, we are no different from celebrities, except for the fact that their posts are seen by millions of eyeballs.

There are many benefits of functioning online as a private person including privacy, freedom, and protection of your personal data. The problem is how exactly to create these burner accounts without being found out. Famous people didn’t invent burner accounts. The accounts are being created every day by regular people from parents keen on keeping tabs on their kid’s activities to teenagers seeking to post content online privately.

Here are a few tips on how you can successfully create and keep on using a more private and anonymous burner account on any social media platform.

Create Burner Accounts Yourself

How to Create Burner Accounts

If you are going to create a more private and anonymous Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or
Instagram account, the first thing you need to do is to develop the mentality of a social media detective. Avoid using information that can expose your true self such as an email account or phone number associated with your real name or the names of your family members, close friends and colleagues. Use completely different details in everything from your name and email to your telephone number. For example, Colangelo was found out because he used his wife’s telephone number in some of his accounts. Don’t use data that can be traced
back to you, your family, close friends, workplace, or any part of your life.

Staying anonymous online requires some element of discipline and caution. Always ensure
that you keep your location setting off every time you use the social media platform discreetly. It is even recommended to hide your real IP address using a reliable VPN service as your content can easily be traced back to your location via the IP address. The most important part of the entire process when signing up to a social media platform anonymously, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, is to use a temporary phone number and email
address. The email address can easily be created on providers such as Google’s Gmail and by getting a disposable telephone number.


Benefits of Using Burner Accounts

Having a burner account gives you the freedom to use social media platforms with more privacy and freedom just like the celebrities using such accounts do. As a parent, you can easily use a burner account to follow your child’s social media profile and monitor their online activities and know the kind of people they socialize with. You can do the same to your spouse, especially if there are trust issues that you want to confirm.

Any regular user of social media platforms can also benefit from the high level of privacy accorded by a burner account. And just like a celebrity, you can use multiple burner accounts to defend yourself from people trying to ruin your image online. People will trust your point of view when it is supported by other accounts you have created.

More importantly, a burner account helps you to protect your personal data from prying eyes in the cyberspace. How many times have you been asked to enter and verify your personal details including your mobile number when signing up for an online account? All the time, I guess. You don’t have to keep on giving data mining companies your personal data and allow them to invade your privacy. When it comes to telephone numbers, your best and safest option is to use instantly available disposable numbers from MobileSMS.io. At MobileSMS, we provide you with reliable disposable phone numbers that you can use on any website or app


How to Receive SMS Online with New Numbers | MobileSMS.io

With Online privacy in high demand, it’s no wonder that people don’t like huge corporations being able to link your mobile phone number to your online account. People want privacy and they don’t want to give out their mobile phone numbers. This is why I use disposable phone numbers whenever a website wants to send me a SMS Verification Code to verify my identity.

With disposable phone numbers, I am able to receive SMS online with new numbers each time. Each time, I would be granted a new online phone number for receiving SMS verification texts.

The main purpose of the disposable phone number is to help you receive SMS verification codes. This way, you won’t need to sign up using your own phone number, you can use a new number each time.

Use Case Scenario: To Receive SMS Verification Codes for Facebook with New Numbers 

Please note this is for educational purposes only. Please review the terms of service for any website or app that you are signing up for to ensure you aren’t violating their terms of service.

So let’s say I’m trying to sign up for a Facebook account so I can use Facebook privately. During the sign-up process, Facebook will ask me to input a mobile phone number so they can send me a SMS Verification code.

As soon as Facebook asks me to input the mobile phone number, I simply input a disposable phone number instead of my own mobile phone number. Once Facebook sends that temporary phone number the SMS verification code, the verification will be displayed in the MobileSMS.io Dashboard for you to see.

Another Case Scenario: To Receive SMS Verification Codes for Tinder with New Numbers 

In this example, we can utilize the same concept to sign up for Tinder without Facebook or your own phone number. We can now sign up for Tinder anonymously and browse Tinder without fear of your mobile phone number being leaked.

Tinder is just an example, you can really use it on potentially any online dating app or website. As long as you are privacy conscious and want to remain safe online, a disposable phone number is a great option to have.


The French Yellow Vest Movement: A Demonstration of the Power of Facebook and the Need for Anonymity

For the fifth time in barely a month, the French protesters hit the streets of central Paris again to express their dissatisfaction with the government’s economic policies.  The “Yellow Vest” movement, as the protest is now famously called, began on November 17 in Paris as a demonstration against higher fuel taxes and quickly spread and became a nationwide protest against the high cost of living. The president has so far offered tax and wage concessions in an attempt to end the protests but it seems the yellow vests want nothing less than a “Macron resignation.”

One of the most interesting things to emerge from the protests is the way the French Yellow Vest Movement has been organized–all through Facebook and Twitter. This shift in the way protesters are being organized has transformed average day-to-day people such as nurses, small-business owners, and even truck drivers into major influencers. All thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites. Facebook, especially Facebook Live, has become the key driver for the protests. According to CrowdTangle, a company that monitors Facebook activities, most of these formerly unknown social influencers are now receiving more than 3 million views on Facebook Live videos sent directly from their phones.

Thomas Miralles, who is an admin of a French Protestors Facebook group, admits that without Facebook, there wouldn’t be Yellow Vests today. Miralles’ Facebook group has more than 305,000 active members. You can be sure this Facebook group and all the individuals are being actively monitored by the French government. The protest organizers have been relying heavily on Facebook Live sessions to share videos of police brutality and run polls to collect facts to talk about on TV interviews. There seems to be a great synergy between the online activities on social media platforms and the real protests on the streets.

The Need for Anonymity

While the use of social media in organizing and participating in protests is quite effective, innovative, and fun, it pays to exercise caution in exposing your real identity. In a world that’s becoming heavily reliant on social media in recruitment and other vetting activities, your actively public participation in protest events may come back to haunt you later in life. A simple protest photo on your Facebook account could potentially deny you a job opportunity in the near future. If you’re broadcasting Facebook Live messages about the protest or any other civil disobedience activity, it’s safer and wise to do it anonymously, if possible.

Many privacy advocates have frowned upon using Facebook for fear of their online privacy data. Would you join Facebook to join the organization of protests that you believe in?

Please remember to review the terms of service for any website or app that you use to ensure you aren’t violating their terms of service.