How to install and use ZAO outside China?

How to install and use Zao outside China?

If you have followed up with the trend on internet recently, you might have heard about ZAO. ZAO is a phenomenal application which allow you to easily do face-swapping between the famous characters and your own.  ZAO was first published in China on August 30 and has been popular since then. Many people include celebrities have used ZAO but some people do not know how to register ZAO since they do not have Chinese numbers to verify their accounts. In this article, we will show you how to install and use ZAO outside China with ease as many people did and succeeded

How to register Zao from outside China

Officially, ZAO is exclusively accessible within China only.  However, when there is a will, there is a way.  You can install ZAO on iPhone by switching your region into China.  Then you can definitely access the Chinese App store. 

Even with your Android smartphones, we will instruct you how to install ZAO outside Chinese territory without any difficulties.

1- Download Zao on Android

How to install and use ZAO outside China?

You can download ZAO’s APK from many different websites.  However, you need to make sure that the site is reliable and the APK is trustworthy.  The simple way to check is that you can upload the downloaded file  to the Virus Total Website which analyzes and tells you whether the file is safe for your smartphone.  Normally, I can get ZAO from here: Download ZAO on Android

After being cautious, you can go to your smartphone’s security settings to allow the application from unknown sources to be installed.  Please check your operating system.  If it is prior to Android 8.0, then this step is valid.  Otherwise, for the most recent system, the installer will ask you directly to authorize the installation of the APK.

2- Translate Zao interface into your own language or English

ZAO will not have option for users to change into other languages.  Therefore, it creates a barrier that many people want to give up on using ZAO. 

We have perfect solution to offer you for this problem.  You can translate the information on the screen using the third-party application such as Screen Text Translate or App Translator. 

3- Register account on Zao

How to install and use ZAO outside China?

To use ZAO, the application requires a Chinese mobile phone number. Without a Chinese phone number, you cannot start ZAO or use the app. A mobile phone number from China is required in order to register. However, what happens if you are not from China, but still want to have fun with the ZAO app?

If you use the Chinese phone numbers that listed on most of the sites, please be cautious because these sites are shared numbers.  You do not want to struggle with other users to use the same numbers to get the ZAO verification code. is an ideal solution by offering one-time use REAL SIM mobile phone numbers from China that works to register on ZAO.  The numbers are unique and will never be reused

With our 5-minute disposable phone numbers from China, you are able to easily register and test out the hottest viral app on the market right now.

Have fun with the app before your friends do!

4-Use Zao on your cell phone


When you are connected to ZAO, you simply turn on the third-party application to translate all information of ZAO’s interface.

You then need to register your facial recognition by moving your head with different angles and even open your mouth. 

When the process of facial recognition is done, you can effortless integrate it into many different available videos on the application.

ZAO even has a search engine to help you find films or series instantly such as Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Titanic, Lion King…

Choose the video then the actor or actress that you want to replace.  You can now sit back, relax and let the magic work.  The generated video can be stored on your phone and shared through messaging applications or social networks.

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