How to Use Hinge Without Facebook

Use Hinge Anonymously Without Linking Your Facebook Account or Your Mobile Phone Number. Protect Your Privacy
The process is similar to using Tinder without Facebook.

What is Hinge?

Hinge is where relationships start” claims the Hinge app. If you’ve been in the online dating game for some time, you probably heard about Hinge. The dating app is not new to most people. It has been around since 2013. One notable aspect about Hinge is the fact that the dating app uses your Facebook connections to match you with a potential date.

The premise behind Hinge is instead of random strangers, you only get matched with people who you have mutual Facebook friends with

In theory, Hinge should reduce your odds of getting on a horrible date exponentiallySince its launch, Hinge has positioned itself as one of the most reliable platforms for meeting long-term partners. If you are looking for a quick lay–Hinge is likely not for you. If you’re looking for quick relationships, you might want to use Tinder without Facebook.

Hinge recently introduced a new feature that allows you to take mini quizzes while you swipe, and people who have similar results to you will be recommended. In this article, we will show you in detail how to use Hinge without giving up your Facebook account.

What Information Does Hinge Ask For?

In the past, it was mandatory for you to use your Facebook account when signing up for Hinge. However, with the wake of the Facebook scandals, dating apps stopped requiring you to sign-up to their service with a Facebook account.

As of July 23, 2019, When signing up for Hinge you’ll be asked to use your Facebook account or mobile number to log in to your account. Hinge claims that they no longer need to connect to your Facebook account to be able to provide you with good matches. However, if you want to make the best use of Hinge and it’s possibilities, you will want to connect it with Facebook.

With Hinge, this app tells you someone’s full name, where they work, and where they went to school. Meaning, anyone would be able to track you down quite easily, with a simple google search.

While using Facebook and mobile numbers makes the dating app more transparent and trustworthy, there are many downsides to opening your privacy to strangers, especially in the online dating world. There has been an increase in cyberstalking and online bullying incidents in the recent past which is why we highly recommend separating your personal social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter from your online dating profiles. If you want to play it safe in the online world, treat your private data with great care and never link your social media account with your dating profiles, whether on Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge.

Why You Should Keep Your Facebook Account Separate from Hinge 

While some people may like the idea of getting matched with their friends on Facebook, as Hinge does, linking your Facebook account with any online dating app can result in serious privacy violation incidents. Dating has always been a personal issue that should be left to the parties involved. You definitely don’t want everyone to keep up with your dating activities unless you’re some celebrity who’s getting paid to lay their lives open to the public. In any case, the only people interested in “Keeping Up With..” you and your date are those with the ill intention of seeing your romance fail. 

Maintain Your Personal Privacy Private

Keep in mind that your personal privacy should always remain personal, never public. You wouldn’t want everyone including your mom, grandma, and the whole gang at school or workplace made privy to your dating activities and goofs, would you? If your Facebook account were to get hacked, all your private details in the Hinge account would be laid bare for the whole world to see and read. Avoid such privacy breaches by keeping your Facebook and Hinge accounts separate. Online dating is great but not great enough to compromise your online privacy and psychological well-being for.

One thing that most people forget when they go online is that not everyone who follows you in social media is a friend with good intentions. There are many people following you for the sole purpose of cyberstalking your activities. This is why we always recommend that you use a pseudonym when signing up on online dating apps. If you use your real identity on online profiles you’re only setting yourself up for cyberstalking. Anyone can easily search and find your real profile on Facebook using the details you’ve provided in an online dating platform such as Hinge.         

Using Hinge without Facebook 

Do you want to use Hinge anonymously without attracting the unwanted attention of nosy relatives, friends, enemies, and frenemies? We highly recommend that you start by divorcing your personal Facebook account from your online dating life. You’ll enjoy a peace of mind knowing that nobody can track and stalk you on Facebook after you initiate the first contact with them on Hinge or even before you’ve gone out on a date with them. 

You can easily enjoy the benefits of online dating without compromising your personal privacy in two ways:

The first method is by creating a fake Facebook account specifically for Hinge purposes.  You should create a fake persona without using your address or telephone number. You can then upload a few cute photos of yourself and build a new persona as you wish. To keep your privacy even safer, use a temporary email address to create a Facebook account and verify it with a burner telephone number, from

You can always open a temporary email account in many places by using a disposable telephone number. Use another temporary phone number to verify the stealth Facebook account. Getting a temporary telephone number shouldn’t be a problem. Simply go to where you will get a temporary phone number that will last 10 minutes. That is enough time to verify your fake Facebook account. Check our detailed guide on how to create an anonymous Facebook at our site. Once you have created the Facebook account, use it to sign up to the Hinge dating app and enjoy maximum privacy in your online dating activities. 

The second method basically involves using a temporary number to sign up for an account at Hinge. We don’t recommend this method, as you really want to connect a Facebook account to get the most out of Hinge. As from June 2018, Hinge users were allowed to use telephone numbers via their iOS and Android devices to sign up for Hinge accounts. That means you can still get an account at the dating platform using your telephone number. This development makes it possible to utilize a disposable telephone number and use it at Hinge to enjoy your dating activities anonymously. A temporary 10-minute number from our site will work since the only time you’ll ever need the number is when you’re required to verify your account.  This only happens once when you’re signing up to Hinge as a new user. Simply get a premium private temporary number at and use it to create an account at Hinge in order to enjoy anonymous dating. 


So there you have it. Two easy ways of using Hinge without your personal Facebook account or putting yourself in harm’s way by exposing your private details for the whole world to see. Keep in mind that your Facebook account holds your private information that can be used for the wrong reasons by people with ulterior motives. The Internet is not a 100% safe place to throw around your personal information. Stay safe while you enjoy your online dating adventures.