How to Keep Tinder Private from Your Facebook

All methods to keep Tinder private from your Facebook and tell you which method is best to stay private in dating.

In this article, we discuss methods to keep Tinder private from your Facebook account. With all the privacy issues surrounding Facebook, the last thing you want to do is advertise to all your Facebook family and friends that you are on Tinder.

There’s two methods of signing up to Tinder right now, and one of them involves not linking a Facebook account. You should know by now, the easy and logical choice.

The second method of signing up for a Tinder account is to simply use your mobile phone number.

We have heard of all sorts of complaints from users. They’ve tried all kinds of methods and solutions to try to keep private while on Tinder, Bumble, Plenty of Fish (POF), OKCupid, and all kinds of online dating websites. Unfortunately no matter how much you tweak the privacy settings on Facebook, at the end of the day, your Facebook account is still connected to Tinder.

There are legitimate reasons for wanting to connect a Facebook to Tinder. It allows you to try to control the social circle that you want matches to come from. Of course Tinder will pull from their own data sources and provide matches that way as well, however, if you had a Facebook account linked, theoretically, you should have better matches.

However, the problem is that by linking your Tinder account to Facebook, you open yourself up to online privacy concerns.

All methods to keep Tinder private from your Facebook and tell you which method is best to stay private in dating.

This is why many of our users have said one method way to stay anonymous on Tinder, while still connecting a Facebook account, is to make sure your Facebook account, is used only for online dating. This way, you can try to maintain some control as to which social circles you want Tinder to start searching for matches on.

We will show you how to create a Facebook account with REAL SIM disposable number for the purpose of using for online dating only.

  • First, go to to create an account. It will only take you 2 minutes to do so
  • Log in your new account on, choose the country and the service. For example: I choose UK and the service is Facebook (I want to open a UK Facebook and later use that UK Facebook to register to for Tinder)
  • Click request, then will generate a real sim number for you. You will not be charged for requesting the number.
  • Use that number to register for your Facebook account
  • Put that number on your new Facebook account to request for the verification SMS code
  • Go back to your account on, log in and you will see the verification SMS code on your dashboard
  • Use that code to verify your new Facebook account
  • Now, then you can use this new Facebook for your Tinder account. Easy and simple plus the benefit of having privacy

Many users have told us that they’ve created an Facebook account under a pseudonym for the sole purpose of linking it to a online dating account. They do this strictly for online safety reasons. They don’t want to be cyber-stalked, and they rather not give out their real name, yet. It’s simple enough to find someone even if you just know their first name and last initial. If you know that along with where they live, it’s very possible to find out who you are.

By using a Facebook account solely dedicated for online dating, you can link it to multiple online dating websites, such as Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, OKCupid, etc. When creating the Facebook account, you want to ensure you maintain your online privacy.

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