Receive Online SMS with Best India Phone Numbers

Receive SMS online India

It has happened to all of us – we wanted to use our phone number to sign up for something online so that the next step was to perform SMS verification.

If you’re from India and this had happened to you, you know that there is at least some amount of fuss involved, oftentimes concerning your privacy.

You simply don’t want to give out your real phone number, and expose your info to the vast online database, or let everyone on your contacts list see what you just signed up for. And that is perfectly fine!

Today, we will guide you to the best way to protect your privacy while receiving online SMS in India – our disposable MobileSMS Indian phone numbers.

Recently, we have added private temporary mobile phone numbers from India, with the country code +91.

Our system is now rich with real, personal Indian phone numbers that you can use for receiving online SMS.

But first things first, let’s see why and how it can be useful.

Which Services in India Require SMS Verification?

Receive Online SMS with Best Indian Phone Numbers
Receive Online SMS with Best Indian Phone Numbers

Before we get to the trouble-free solutions to this issue, let’s see why you might need to use SMS verification in India.

#1 – To sign up for Tinder.

If you already didn’t know, you can sign up for Tinder without Facebook in India, precisely with this method.

Apart from the SMS verification being a quicker and easier way to sign up for Tinder, you also protect your personal info.

Not only do you protect your real phone number from their database and other people on the platform, but you also don’t show to your Facebook friends that you are using Tinder – why should everyone know that you’re dating?

These are the benefits of SMS verification if you have a Facebook account. If you don’t, they are even more apparent – you don’t need to go through the whole process of creating one just for Tinder.

Once you get your disposable Indian phone number with our services, you’ll be ready to start swiping and find your match!

Keep scrolling for a quick guide on how to do this.

#2 – To sign up for Bumble.

If you like swiping & matching, you might also want to sign up for Bumble, which is another dating app, nowadays growing to be more and more popular.

The main dissimilarity between the two is that this one is women oriented. Only female users are allowed to make the first step and approach a man.

So, if you’re a woman from India who likes that concept, the good news is you can use the app in your area.

But still, there are the same problems – cyberstalking, privacy, merging of your private social accounts and dating apps

Fortunately, since April 2018, it is also possible to sign up for Bumble without Facebook.

The process is similar to the one on Tinder. You’ll be asked to share a phone number for SMS verification, and that’s where our disposable phone numbers are the most useful thing on the planet!

#3 – To buy something online.

What is more convenient than shopping from the comfort of your home?

Online shopping is, undoubtedly, one of the best things about the Internet, while the worst is, again, safety.

So, the real question is: How to get most of the good sides, and avoid the bad one?

In other words, how to go online shopping, but remain safe, and be satisfied with your purchase?

For starters, get a disposable phone number.

Why, you’re asking?

Lots of online shopping web sites & apps, such as Amazon or Flipkart,ask for a mobile phone – in fact, the first thing that pops up when you try to sign up for Flipkart is “enter your phone number”.

Again, you don’t want to give away your real phone number, and automatically sign up for unwanted ads and spam SMS.

So, getting a disposable phone number partially solves the issue of privacy on the shopping sites. However, be careful when giving away your credit card info – you should only do this on reliable websites and apps.

#4 – To sign up for TikTok.

Do you enjoy browsing real-life, entertaining, viral videos?

TikTok is a video-sharing social network that offers an unlimited amount of these.

As a somewhat of a new occurrence and a trend that went viral last year, you might not yet have a TikTok account, or you want to make a new one, where you’ll follow fewer people and perhaps create your own videos.

Again, you might want to stay anonymous, and this can be a problem, as the sign-up process requires SMS verification.

In India, you can receive online SMS and complete it without using your personal phone number, but a MobileSMS one instead!

#5 – To sign up for Gmail, Hotmail (and any other -mail).

A little correction here – as Hotmail does not exist anymore, we have to assume that our readers own one of the old Hotmail email addresses and that they need an alternative phone number to connect it to.

In the meantime, Microsoft mail service, Outlook, and Gmail have become increasingly popular. You might also want to sign up for local mail services, such as RediffMail or Zoho.

Most of these require SMS verification, where our Indian phone numbers come in handy. Also, if you need to use multiple mail accounts, you can easily activate them via our numbers!

Why is the best Option to receive SMS online India?

Receive Online SMS with Best Indian Phone Numbers with
Receive Online SMS with Best Indian Phone Numbers with

So, by now, you’ve hopefully learned why you should obtain a disposable phone number for SMS verification and use.

But are there many complications with this concept?

Unfortunately, yes.

It is not an easy quest  to obtain a good disposable number in India for several reasons.

Keep reading to learn more about these!

Benefits of in a Chart

Receive Online SMS with Best Indian Phone Numbers with
Receive Online SMS with Best Indian Phone Numbers with

For a quick comparison, here’s a shortlist of the benefits of our disposable phone numbers.

  Other disposable phone numbers
Coverage in India unsatisfactory 100% covered
Privacy unencrypted 100% private
Supported websites & apps limited all of them
Real SIM numbers no yes
Unique numbers no; shared with thousands of users yes
Money-back guarantee no yes

Now, let’s see what this really means in practice!

# 1 – Indian disposable phone numbers are often limited.

Even if you find a (seemingly) good disposable phone number, many apps & websites won’t work, and there have been frequent verification problems involved. What is more, even if you find one, it is a rare case that it’ll work in India.

How is better?

Our numbers work on the vast majority of online dating, mail, shopping, and other services. We assure you that you will be able to sign up for them completely trouble-free and that the SMS verification will be easy and quick.

Our services have been updated to cover Indian phone number providers fully, and all of our benefits and possibilities can be used there.

You will have a real SIM-card number from India, with the country code +91, just like you went out and bought the number in person. The only difference is that this method is much easier and more private!

Don’t worry – if, by any case, your preferred service, app, or website is not supported, we offer a money-back guarantee, or you can send us a support ticket, and we’ll make sure to activate it!

Our users’ satisfaction is always in the first place.

#2 – Most of the disposable phone numbers have been blocked.

Many disposable phone numbers have been used persistently over and over again, over a thousand times, so that websites and apps mark them as fake and block them. You won’t even get a chance to receive the code.

How is better?

We offer real and private SIM numbers, which are used only ONCE, by you, and not sold to anyone else.

In that way, the numbers will not get blacklisted and marked as fake, but instead, you’ll be able to register each and every time with a unique number from India!

#3 – Disposable phone numbers are still not 100% private.

Even when you go about anonymously, with a disposable phone number, they still send individual pieces of information to the website or the app you are trying to sign up for (such as your IP address).

Also, as you’re not getting a unique disposable phone number, the code that you receive for SMS verification can be visible to other users, and they might interfere with your profile or email address. This has been a common occurrence.

How is better?

Each time you receive a verification code, e.g., for Tinder, or any other app or website, we make sure that it is encrypted – that is, that only you, and not anyone else, can see the code.

Therefore, we are upgrading your online privacy to the maximum!

#4 – Disposable phone numbers sometimes need modifications.

Another issue that often happens is that you have chosen a phone number that cannot be used for a particular app, or that you have selected a wrong country.

Even when you finally get the appropriate one, there simply may be some issues, or you need some instructions on how to use it.

Ultimately, you are out there, dissatisfied, without any idea who can help you.

How is better?

We want to offer full customer support to our customers.

If you have encountered a problem, or you have some concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team. They’ll make sure to assist you within 24 hours. We always got your back!

How to use MobileSMS Indian Phone Numbers

Receive Online SMS with Best Indian Phone Numbers with
Receive Online SMS with Best Indian Phone Numbers with

Now that you know how to really protect yourself online and what are the different purposes of our Indian SIM-card numbers, here’s a guide on how to obtain one for yourself.

Step 1 – Go to Sign Up. Once there, we’ll ask you to complete a couple of fields – such as your name (you can use a nickname), your email, and your password.

Beneath the fill-in form, there are three boxes to check. Whether you will subscribe to receiving our news and updates is optional – if you do, we promise not to be boring – and the latter two are obligatory, agreeing to our Terms of Service, and proving that you’re not a bot.

Step 2 – Confirm your Email. After you fill in all the necessary information, we’ll send a verification email to your address. Log in to your mail, click on “Verify Now,” and we’ll take you to our login page.

Step 3 – Login. See? This didn’t take more than three minutes! After performing a successful registration for our services, log in to access all of your features. Simply enter your email and password.

Step 4 – Fill in the data on your dashboard. Firstly, choose “India” from the “Select Country” dropdown menu, then select the purpose of your number in the “Select Service” menu.

The vast majority of apps and websites will show once you’ve entered the first couple of letters. If your preferred one does not show, however, you should select “Other”. After you select the service, you’ll see the price per SMS.

Step 5 – Request your SMS number. Simply hit the blue button, and you’ll obtain your real SIM-card Indian phone number in no time!

Step 6 – Enter your phone number. Now you can go to your preferred website or app and use your individual MobileSMS phone number. Once they send the confirmation code, it’ll appear on your dashboard!

Congratulations – You’re Ready!

Now that you’ve read the instructions, and you know what benefits there are to phone numbers, you can enjoy entirely secure online shopping, dating, social networks, and much, much more! You’re ready to get your Indian phone number now!

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