How to Receive SMS Online with New Numbers |

Receive SMS Online with New Numbers

With Online privacy in high demand, it’s no wonder that people don’t like huge corporations being able to link your mobile phone number to your online account. People want privacy and they don’t want to give out their mobile phone numbers. This is why I use disposable phone numbers whenever a website wants to send me a SMS Verification Code to verify my identity.

With disposable phone numbers, I am able to receive SMS online with new numbers each time. Each time, I would be granted a new online phone number for receiving SMS verification texts.

The main purpose of the disposable phone number is to help you receive SMS verification codes. This way, you won’t need to sign up using your own phone number, you can use a new number each time.

Use Case Scenario: To Receive SMS Verification Codes for Facebook with New Numbers 

Please note this is for educational purposes only. Please review the terms of service for any website or app that you are signing up for to ensure you aren’t violating their terms of service.
Receive SMS Online with New Mobile Phone Numbers

So let’s say I’m trying to sign up for a Facebook account so I can use Facebook privately. During the sign-up process, Facebook will ask me to input a mobile phone number so they can send me a SMS Verification code.

As soon as Facebook asks me to input the mobile phone number, I simply input a disposable phone number instead of my own mobile phone number. Once Facebook sends that temporary phone number the SMS verification code, the verification will be displayed in the Dashboard for you to see.

Another Case Scenario: To Receive SMS Verification Codes for Tinder with New Numbers 

Receive SMS Verification Codes with New Numbers

In this example, we can utilize the same concept to sign up for Tinder without Facebook or your own phone number. We can now sign up for Tinder anonymously and browse Tinder without fear of your mobile phone number being leaked.

Tinder is just an example, you can really use it on potentially any online dating app or website. As long as you are privacy conscious and want to remain safe online, a disposable phone number is a great option to have.