Tinder Alternatives

The 8 Best Tinder Alternatives Out There Right Now

You might be thinking – Why should I consider a Tinder alternatives dating site?

Here are some reasons why:

You need a refresh to your dating pool.

If you’re already on Tinder and you’ve been on it for some time, then chances are gatherings with friends are starting to get awkward with all of the intermingling in your social network’s circle.

Or, you’ve had to resort to Uber Eats and GrubHub for all of your dining needs in order to avoid all of the local Swipe Right mistakes you’ve ghosted.

You want to keep your dating life separate from your social network.

Nobody has to know what (and with whom) you’re doing in your own privacy. With Tinder being so widespread now, it’s easy for someone to find out who you are just based on your Tinder profile, even though you put almost no information on there. Tinder brings a lot of security risks.

Tinder isn’t any safer than any other dating site.

In theory, Tinder sounds safer because the matches suggested to you are connected to your friends, but how well do you really know all 700 of your Facebook friends? And how well do they each know all of their 700 friends? You get the point.

No matter which dating site you use… be safe with your personal information.

Still, there’s a downside to Tinder as well, and it kinds limits the type of people that you can meet (you know the type). After a while, you’ve seen everybody in your local area that’s on Tinder and walking down the street is getting really awkward.

In that case, why not try other dating apps? Yes, just like Netflix isn’t the only video streaming site Tinder is not the only dating app – shocking, we know.

Here are the best Tinder alternatives out there right now:

1. Badoo

This is one of the most obvious choices out there – it’s got a gigantic user base, and it’s almost as popular as Tinder, yet unique enough to stand out among all others.

But is this enough to make it worth your while? Well, that’s up to you to decide.

Why You Should Try It – The one great feature that makes Badoo stand out is that you can upload a picture of a person whose looks you like and the app will find matches who look similar.

Ever wanted to get into bed with Jennifer Lopez from her younger days? Well, with this app, you can almost do that if you’re lucky enough. 

Unlike Tinder where everything is based on luck, here you can get someone who’s just to your particular tastes.

What’s the Problem? – While you don’t need to connect this app to any of your social media profiles, that is the best way to use it, especially if you want to use some of its main features.

If you want to stay a bit safer and don’t reveal who you are to your hook-ups, this might limit you while using this app.

2. Grindr

Once again, this is quite a popular choice, and it’s definitely worth mentioning – it’s been called the ‘LGBT Tinder’ and that’s definitely true in some regards, but it’s more unique than that.

With over 6 million users all over the world, it’s definitely worth a try.

Why You Should Try It – Finding someone to hook up with is hard, but it’s even more difficult than usual for people who aren’t straight.

This app makes it much easier for you to find your match since you don’t have to guess if the other person shares your sexual preference or not.

It’s also relatively easy to use and can be far more anonymous than Tinder – after all, a lot of people on the app isn’t completely out of the closet yet, and it values your privacy more than most other apps do.

What’s the Problem? – Well, there are a lot of them. It has most of the same problems as Tinder – lots of fake profiles and scammers are there, looking to steal your private data so watch out!

It also does have a lot of bugs, and that can be a security risk at times, so that’s another thing to watch out for.

3. Disckreet

Just like the name says, this is the right app for people who are looking to be as discreet as possible and hook up with others, either for one night only or on a more regular basis.

If you want to explore and hook up with some new, hot people and maybe get into some sexting action, but in a safe way, this is the best app for that.

Why You Should Try It – It is aimed at protecting your privacy and, unlike on Tinder, the other person can’t just easily access the saucy, nude photos you sent them and post them on other sites. Those horror stories about Tinder are real.

No, here, if the other person wants to see the nudes you sent them, they need to enter their password, and you also need to enter your password. It goes both ways as well.

You also don’t need to connect it to any of your social media profiles, and people won’t be able to find your real identity through the app.

If you want to hook up in a completely safe way, this is a great app to do it with and much better than Tinder.

What’s the Problem? – Lots of bugs that make the app harder to use than it needs to be, and it can be quite slow.

Also, the passwords it uses are quite short and can be easy to guess if the person knows you well enough, so your information could still be exposed – watch out and always stay safe.

4. Plenty of Fish

So, what if you still like Tinder and more of it, but you’re broke and don’t want to pay for all the extra features?

Well, you’re in luck because Plenty of Fish is an app almost identical to Tinder, but you can use it almost completely free and without most of the privacy concerns involved.

Why You Should Try It – With this app, you can check all the profiles you want and send as many messages without needing to pay a dime. It’s got more than plenty of users as well, and you don’t have to worry about running out of ‘fish’.

It also matches you with people in your area, and you can use it all the time with unlimited matches available.

It also doesn’t need to connect to your Facebook or anything like that, so your privacy is better protected than with Tinder.

What’s the Problem? – This is definitely quantity over quality, and there are a lot of fake profiles on the platform so beware. It’s less like throwing a net and catching a lot of fish and more like fishing out a rotten boot nine out of ten times.

It’s also only available in the UK, US, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and Brazil, so you’re out of luck if you’re not in one of those areas.

5. Pure

If you’re horny and want to have sex with someone right freaking now, this is one of the best apps to do it with while also keeping your information as private as possible.

How does it achieve that? Well, let’s take a look.

Why You Should Try It – Everything is deleted an hour after you submit it, there are no permanent profiles at all. No need to connect anything to your social media profiles and expose your real identity.

You can submit your photo and tagline and look for matches, find one and be sure that everything will be gone within the hour. Your main girl will never know that you had that fun night out, even if she gets into your phone.

What’s the Problem? – With so little to work with, the app doesn’t really offer matches of good quality. There are a lot of options for scamming on the platform too since everything is deleted after an hour.

Still, if you know the warning signs, you should be able to find hookups faster than on Tinder and keep your information more secure as well – it’s a win-win situation.

6. Snapchat

But Snapchat is not a dating app! – we hear you cry. And, strictly speaking, it’s not.

However, it has unwittingly become one of the most prominent apps used for dating in the current day and age. It’s simple to use, it’s free of most problems, and it doesn’t carry the stigma of a dating app.

Why You Should Try It – Everyone is on Snapchat these days, and we mean that almost literally. You can easily find a lot of people who might be potential dates. It’s just like how Facebook was back in the day.

Moreover, anything that happens on Snapchat stays there – most messages and images get deleted fairly quickly, and you can be as candid as you want to. You don’t have to connect it to other social media and people won’t trace you that easily.

Once you’re done with someone, you can just drop them and walk off to find your next hot adventure.

What’s the Problem? – Using Snapchat for dating can be a little more difficult if you want to stay relatively anonymous since you might come off like a suspicious person. Other people might be a bit more hesitant to meet you.

Still, there are some nice groups on Snapchat solely made for getting hook-ups, and you can get started there.

7. 3Fun

Three doesn’t have to be a crowd, and the makers of this app are certainly aware of that, which is why it’s one of the fastest-growing sex-apps these days.

Whether you’re a person looking to do spice up your regular sex life or someone looking to take on two people at once, it’s a great platform to use.

Why You Should Try It – It’s a unique app which allows you and a significant other to find a person to hook up with at the same time. If you’ve already got someone who’s ready for a three-person adventure, this is the best way to find it.

Or, if you’re a single person who thinks that hooking up with one person is no longer enough to satisfy you, finding a couple to hook up with has never been easier.

However, you can also use it as a regular dating app, and it’s much more secure than Tinder ever was. You can stay completely anonymous if you want, even in a three-person arrangement.

It also has a unique photo-verification system which makes sure that the people making profiles in the app are real people and not just scammers looking to take advantage of you.

What’s the Problem? –  If you’re not looking for fun in threes, then you’re not using the app right and looking for single hookups can be a bit more difficult here.

Also, the image verification system does make us feel a bit creeped out – why is it analyzing our faces and what kind of personal info can it find out about us?

8. Whiplr

Finding people on Tinder can be quite easy, but finding someone who’s into your exact fetish is a bit more difficult, especially if you don’t want to accidentally come across someone who will laugh at you and expose your kinks to the world.

Well, on Whiplr there is no kink-shaming, and you can find a person who shares your exact kink far easier than anywhere else. Here’s how!
Why You Should Try It – This app skips all the small-talk. Both you and the person you’re matched with will know you’re into the same kinky stuff and you can get right down to business.

It gets very specific as well, so you can find someone who shares the exact kink that you’re into, no matter how rare and obscure it might seem.

There’s also no need to connect your Facebook or any kind of social media platform, you can use a nickname instead of a real name, and you can keep your personal information completely secure.

What’s the Problem? – There are definitely scammers on the platform, and you should be careful in order to avoid them, but it still shouldn’t be too difficult to do that.

The free use of the platform is also limited, and you have to pay almost 20 dollars per month for the full version. It might be worth it to satisfy your kink, but that’s up to you.  

Swipe Left or Right?

So how do you like our top 8 Tinder Alternatives? Would you swipe left on all of them or is there at least one that you would swipe right on?

Tell us all about it down below in the comments and make sure to also mention your favorite dating app if it wasn’t included in our list. Who knows, we might include it when we update this list in the future.

We hope we managed to improve your dating life at least a little bit and we hope you’ll stick around read some of our other great articles as well!

Information Tinder has on you. How to find out

What Data Does Tinder Have on You?

Why Now?

The new GDPR rules have now made it possible to request any data a company has collected and stored on you. This is data that you had previously provided to the company at your own will. For most companies like Google and Facebook, you can access all the data you used to create your personality profile, but what about dating apps such as Tinder?

Given the almost proprietary way Tinder treats the information you provide them, it makes sense to understand exactly what sort of data they collect and store on you. It is also important to know how you can request the data they have on you. Unfortunately, any attempt to access the data Tinder has on you is an uphill task. They make it quite difficult to find anything beyond the usual bare-minimum content such as your profile info, sent messages, and images. However, just know that this data is just the tip of the data iceberg. Tinder seems to be holding a lot more information about you than they are leading on.

The Sheer Amount of Data That Tinder Collects and Stores

In a Guardian article published in 2017, a contributor and Tinder user, Judith Duportail, used the provisions of the GDPR data protection laws to request for all the data Tinder had on their servers about her and was more than surprised to receive 800 pages of the most intimate data about her love life. Tinder, which boasts of over 50 million users worldwide, had more information about her than she actually knew.

So how does a smartphone app know more about you than you actually do? How do they collect all that data? Well, you actually give them all the information they collect and save about your personal and intimate life, knowingly or unknowingly. Tinder is able to collect all this data by keeping track of all your interactions with users of the dating platform.

For example, the Tinder app records everything you do when you visit another Tinder user’s profile. In fact, they essentially recording every touch, every swipe that you do while using their app.  According to Judith’s experience, Tinder records all the locations from which you access the app, all your likes and dislikes in personal things like music and food, your educational and professional backgrounds, and even the data you have publicly available in other social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Tinder has many ways of collecting all your personal data including your most intimate moments. This is the kind of information most corporations and major online merchants selling consumer goods and services would really love to lay their hands on.

In all fairness, Tinder actually makes it crystal clear from the moment you sign up to their dating platform that the information you provide to their app will forever remain private and confidential. However, with the increasing cases of data breach and hacking attempts, anyone with the right tools and expertise can scrape all the data Tinder has on their servers about your personal life and use it for malicious or marketing purposes. It is safe nowadays to assume that no data collection, storage, and transmission is 100% foolproof. This is why you should be cautious when sharing personal data on Tinder or any other online platform.

Let’s take a look at what user data Tinder collects and stores, both officially and unofficially.

User Data That Tinder Collects Officially

If you request Tinder what kind of data they have on you, their official response will include the following information:

  • Personally identifiable data including your full name, phone number, email address, and IP address.
  • Your smartphone platform such as iOS and Android, and the app version you have installed on your phone.
  • User information including bio data, birthday, last active time, and your search preferences among others.
  • All the messages you have sent and received via the app
  • All the pictures you have uploaded to the platform in a compressed format
  • The places you have visited if you are already using the new Places feature of the app.
  • Purchase information including date, platform, and even location from where you made the purchase. They also record the type of purchase made such as Gold, Plus, or Consumables.
  • Your linked Spotify account
  • Your Instagram pictures which they can provide via a link
  • Last active position via GPS
  • Your usage data including how often and when you use the app every day, when you swipe either left or right, all the messages you send or receive, and received matches among others.

Most of the data Tinder collects and saves is pretty much standard and expected in an online dating app but interestingly why do they not include, at least officially, data like your device ID, Snapchat account, and Instagram account? The obvious lack of device ID in the data they collect and save implies that you need a new phone to reset your account.

Another noteworthy point is that even though Tinder does not officially state that they save your device ID, you can still see your old account details when you open a new account on the same phone but with a different email address. The list above also misses plenty of data that Tinder uses in its matching algorithm such as your ELO score. The argument I’m trying to state here is that there is more data that Tinder collects and stores unofficially without letting you know.

User Data Tinder Unofficially Collects and Stores

On close scrutiny, it is quite obvious that Tinder collects and stores the following data unofficially:

  • Your Snapchat account
  • Your Instagram account
  • ELO score data which is basically the data that Tinder’s algorithm uses to calculate your personal score or matches’ scores.
  • Unknowns or a lot of other things we are yet to discover

How You Can Request Your Personal Data from Tinder

You may ask, is it possible to request all the data Tinder has on you to know how much exactly they have on their servers about your personal life? According to Tinder, they claim to have a strong commitment to protecting your privacy and data and will always provide you access to all the information you have willingly given them. To request a copy of your personal data, simply visit https://account.gotinder.com/data.

When you visit the link, you’ll receive the requested data via their Download My Data tool. Most of the data available via the tool is already accessible through the app but it may vary depending on how you have used Tinder lately.

Take note that if you have already deleted your Tinder account, you’ll not be able to access the Data portal. Tinder clearly states that once you have deleted your account, all the accompanying data is also disposed of in accordance with their privacy policy.

Well, that’s the official statement according to Tinder but as previously mentioned, getting access to your data via their portal is not as easy as said.

To make it less stressful for you, here are two important things you need to know before you request for your personal data from Tinder:

  • Tinder tells you that the email containing your download link will arrive in a few days but it may take up to 4 days in some cases. Tinder claims they do this because of technical reasons but surely with the level of technology today, you’d expect better from a company of their size.
  • When the email arrives, it will surely contain the download link but bear in mind that the link is only valid for 24 hours. If you won’t download the data within the 24-hour period, you’ll have to request for another download link and wait for “a few days” again. Tinder says they do this for security reasons. You’ll, therefore, need to watch out for the email every single day until it arrives or start the process again if it arrives and the link expires before you download your data.

Considering everything goes as expected, as in a perfect world, here is a step-by-step process of requesting for your data from Tinder:

Step 1. Log into your account and go to the data request page https://account.gotinder.com/data

Step 2: Provide your email address through which you’ll receive the download link. It is recommended that you use the same email you used to register your account.

Step 3: Wait until the email arrives and click on the download link in the email

Step 4: There are two ways of opening your data. You can use a JSON editor if you have one already installed or use online services such as https://jsoneditoronline.org/  but keep in mind of privacy risks associated with such services. You can alternatively open the HTML file included in the folder and view it on your browser. However, the HTML file will not provide as much insight into the data that Tinder hast stored on you as the JSON file.


After you open the file successfully, you can see what Tinder has on you. Whether you believe that’s all the data they have or not is up to you. However, bear in mind that in this digital age, total privacy has become a tricky thing. It’s one of those things that most of us take for granted and spend hours updating social media profiles and giving away personal data without a care. You don’t need to keep on living in a bubble of pretend safety and ensure that the data you provide, whether to Tinder or any other online platform, cannot be mishandled or harm you in any way.

Tinder without Facebook

Using Tinder Without Facebook and Without Your Phone Number in 2020

Tinder is currently the most used dating app in the world averaging roughly 10 million daily active users. Why is Tinder so popular? The basis behind Tinder is to make approaching potential matches easier. You likely feel more comfortable meeting up with a potential match if you know that they are interested in you as well.

When you sign up to Tinder, your name, pictures, and short bio is shown to prospective matches around your particular location. Likewise, you are shown potential matches in your proximity who are also on Tinder that could be potential matches.

You can show your interest or disinterest in a particular match by liking their profile or expresses disinterest in a particular match. This is where the expression “swiping right” (like) and “swipe left” (dislike) comes from.

You are only given a limited number of Tinder swipes everyday.

Now the question is why Tinder wants your Facebook and can you use Tinder without Facebook or your personal phone number? If you want to find out the answer. Please keep on reading because we are going to give you the best answer

Why Tinder wants you to link your Facebook Account?

So one has to ask: why does Tinder want access to your Facebook account?

There’s a few reasons behind Tinder wanting to access your Facebook account:

If you use your Facebook login to access Tinder, then Tinder will be able to generate your user profile with the data that is already in Facebook. Tinder is able to pull your photos on Facebook, your age, where you are geographically located, access to your mutual Facebook friends, and common interests that they utilize to “match” you based on their social graph.

One useful aspect of having Tinder linked to a Facebook account is that having all that data on you, Tinder is able to match you with potential matches with better accuracy.

While Tinder says they would never share your private information or activity on while on Tinder with Facebook, however, they feel it’s perfectly fine to sell this data to third-parties and vendors they work with. Tinder could potentially be selling your sexual preference, desired age in a mate, previous conversation’s you’ve had with Tinder’s chat app, among other data to advertisers and third-parties.

Another reason Tinder would want access to your Facebook account is to limit the amount of scammers and catfishing on their platform. While this is respectable, there’s no way Tinder is able to control scammers, and they haven’t done a good enough job of preventing this. Scammers are in all walks of life. People need to take privacy into their own hands.

How to Maintain Online Privacy while on Tinder Without Facebook

With Tinder use on the rise, many people are wondering how one can use Tinder anonymously and asking how one can use Tinder without Facebook or their own phone number.

As of July 2019, there are two ways to sign up to Tinder:

  1. You can sign up to Tinder with a Facebook account. So whenever you log into Tinder, you will use your Facebook login. Essentially you are giving Tinder access to your Facebook account and linking your Tinder account with Facebook. Scary!
  2. You can also sign up to Tinder using your mobile phone number. If you go with this method, Tinder won’t be linked to Facebook, however it will be linked to your own mobile phone number.

Did you know that if you have an existing Tinder account linked to Facebook, and decide to delete your Facebook account, you will lose access to your existing Tinder account. Say goodbye to your Tinder matches, and all your conversations.

Regardless of which method you choose to sign up to Tinder with, no one wants their friends, family, coworkers, colleagues, and extended Facebook friends to know you are using Tinder.

Even if you’ve tweaked all the privacy settings on Tinder, why even take the chance? Here is our guide on how to maximize your privacy settings if you are a privacy minded individual.

1. Easiest Way to Keep Everything Private from Tinder and Facebook

The easiest way to keep all your data private is simply to NOT use Tinder and NOT use Facebook! However, that’s likely not a realistic option for the general public.

2. Maximize and Tweak your Privacy Settings on Facebook

The second easiest way to maximize your privacy settings if your Facebook account is connected to Tinder, is to increase the privacy level on your Facebook account.

Make sure you do this to limit the flood of Facebook friend requests after signing up for Tinder with your Facebook account.

By doing this, you can limit the amount of data that other Tinder users can obtain about you. While it is always a good idea to follow these tips, just remember: It doesn’t take a detective to find someone on Facebook if they know your name, what you look like, and where you are from.

To increase the privacy level on your Facebook-connected-Tinder account:

  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. Click Settings > Then Click on “Apps”
  3. Locate your Tinder app to change the privacy settings
  4. Change the visibility from public to private (ONLY ME).
Tinder privacy

3. Turn off Location Tracking in Tinder

Unfortunately you are REQUIRED to enable location tracking to use Tinder. This means that Tinder always knows where you are, and most importantly, this also means other Tinder users know you are nearby too.

4. Create a Facebook account specifically for Tinder

Please make sure you don’t violate the terms of service for any website or service that you use. This is strictly for educational purposes only.

Tinder without Facebook and phone number

Please note that Facebook does not allow you to create multiple Facebook accounts. You as an individual are only allowed to have one facebook account, otherwise you violate their terms of service. Might want to tell that to the celebrities using burner accounts, but these are Facebook’s terms of servicem and you should follow them accordingly.

What others have done is essentially create a Facebook account specifically for Tinder.  This is the only way to ensure that friends and family you know won’t 100% know you are on Tinder. See, there is a way to use Tinder without Facebook! Facebook might not like that, and remember, don’t do this if you already have a Facebook account.

An example of what others have done is to create a Facebook account under a pseudonym (for additional privacy) so you can link it with Tinder. When creating the Facebook account, ensure you stay anonymous by using private and disposable phone numbers. Don’t be THAT GUY that links Facebook and Tinder to his own personal phone number.

  • First, go to Mobilesms.io to create an account. It will only take you 2 minutes to do so
  • Log in your new account on Mobilesms.io, choose the country and the service. For example: I choose UK and the service is Facebook (I want to open a UK Facebook and later use that UK Facebook to register to for Tinder)
  • Click request, then Mobilesms.io will generate a real sim number for you. You will not be charged for requesting the number.
  • Use that number to register for your Facebook account
  • Put that number on your new Facebook account to request for the verification SMS code
  • Go back to your account on Mobilesms.io, log in and you will see the verification SMS code on your dashboard
  • Use that code to verify your new Facebook account
  • Now, then you can use this new Facebook for your Tinder account. Easy and simple plus the benefit of having privacy

5. Create a Anonymous Tinder account without Facebook

Tinder Without Facebook

Creating a Tinder account using a temporary phone number instead of your actual phone number will allow you to have additional privacy. This will ensure you stay anonymous on Tinder by not having to link your actual phone number with Tinder.

6. Link the Anonymous Tinder Account with your Anonymous Facebook Account

Tinder without Facebook and phone number
You can use Tinder without Facebook by using disposable numbers

If you want to enjoy the full potential of what Tinder can provide, we recommend you link it to an Facebook account, whose sole purpose is for using it with dating apps. Using Tinder with Facebook can be relatively safe, if you know how to protect yourself.