How To Use Multiple Whatsapp Accounts In One Phone?

Use dual Whatsapp account on a single phone

Nowadays, the demand for using dual Whatsapp accounts on a single phone is increasing dramatically since many new smartphones support the dual SIM card slots, or you just want to secure your online  privacy by having 2 Whatsapp accounts for 2 different social groups.  Then here you are. This article is a perfect match for your desire.  Quite frankly, Whatsapp does not allow the users to have 2 Whatsapp accounts on a single phone.  However, thanks to the new features of smartphone providers like SamSung, Xiaomi, ViVo, Oppo…you can utilize the “Dual Apps” or “Dual Mode” to operate 2 different Whatsapp accounts in a single phone.  If you want to know how, take a sip of coffee and read our easy step-by-step instruction.

Identify the dual special feature name on different Android phone

The name of the features may vary depending on the phone brand

– For Xiaomi (MIUI): Dual Apps

Settings > Dual Apps

– For Samsung: Dual Messenger

Settings > Advance features > Dual Messenger

– For Oppo: Clone Apps

Settings > Clone Apps

– For Vivo: App Clone

Settings > App Clone

– For Asus: Twin Apps

Settings > Twin Apps

– Huawei and Honor: App Twin

Settings > App Twin

Now, lets get started on how to use dual Whatsapp account in a single phone

Step 1:

Turn on the Dual Apps or Twin Apps feature on your device

Step 2:

Choose the App that you want to clone.  In this case, you choose Whatsapp

Step 3:

Install the second Whatsapp

Step 4:

Head back to Home Screen and click on the Second Whatsapp Logo

Step 5:

Final step, configure using the second Whatsapp account with another phone number and you are done Please also take into consideration that many Android phones do not have this feature.  However, you do not need to panic, we do have recommendation for you to achieve your goal.  You can use third party apps such as Parallel, Dual App Wizard, DoubleApp and many much more other on Google Play Store.  You can simply download these third party apps then you can run at the same time many chat Apps simultaneously

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