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adidas sms verification code

If you recently tried clicking through the website, type in your info, and placing an order before the product sells out – and lost that race – then you know how big of issue resellers and bot accounts have become.

Even Adidas threw their hat into the anti-reseller ring:

Adidas SMS verification code is a new system that is developed to slow down bots and resellers and level the release-day playing field for genuine shoppers, helping them beat the odds.

But does that mean that you have to give out your phone number?

Well, not necessarily – but we will tell you all about it!

Adidas SMS Verification Code: How Does It Work?

Adidas SMS Verification Code
Adidas SMS Verification Code

The main idea behind Adidas’ new SMS verification system is to ensure fairness and help genuine customers in the race to beat resellers and bot accounts and get their hands on the latest – often exclusive – three-stripe releases.

Here is how it works:

Users are now required to create an Adidas account – and verify it – so that they can purchase products on their official website or within the Adidas app. The system relies on a unique SMS verification code sent to the user’s phone number.

Users with verified accounts will be allowed to select their size before the actual release date and encouraged to turn notifications on so that they do not miss the upcoming drop.

And on the actual day of the release, they will get a 15-minute window to check whether the purchase was successful.

Use Our Disposable Phone Number, Instead

Adidas SMS verification sounds terrific in theory, but are you willing to give out your phone number? Yes, Adidas is a well-known and trusted brand, but in the world of cybercrime, is there such a thing as being too careful?

Our database offers disposable phone numbers that you can use to verify your Adidas account. You can still go through with the account verification without giving Adidas your real phone number.

Here is how to receive Adidas SMS verification code with one of our temporary phone numbers:

  • Go to, create an account, verify it, and log in.
  • Choose the country; in this case, pick the United States.
  • Use the temporary phone number provided by for your Adidas account.
  • You will receive the Adidas SMS verification code on the dashboard; use it to verify your account.

That is it – you now have a verified Adidas account!


Promoted as a much faster, better – and fairer – way to shop, the new Adidas verification process is aimed to help you, the customer.

But considering how easy it is to set up an account with and use one of our disposable phone numbers to receive your Adidas SMS verification code online, why would you give out your real phone number? You can still verify your Adidas account and get exclusive access to hottest releases and the latest updates without handing out personal info!