Bypass League of Legends SMS Verification for LoL Clash

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What is LoL Clash?

League of Legends(LoL) is a well-known Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed by Riot Games. The game’s massive player base has made it one of the most popular games globally. In order to participate in the new game mode LoL Clash, players must first pass the mandatory “League of Legends SMS Verification” process to create their team and compete in tournament-style matches against other teams.”

Why do you need a phone number for LoL Clash?

LoL Clash requires players to register a League of Legends account with a valid mobile phone number for verification purposes. You cannot simply use any VoIP phone number, you need to specifically use a non-VoIP phone number. This measure has been implemented by Riot Games to ensure efficient communication and prompt resolution of any in-game issues.

How to play LoL Clash without a phone number?

If you do not have a phone number for League of Legends SMS verification, you can use as an alternative solution. provides disposable phone numbers for SMS verification, allowing you to receive verification messages from almost any website or service, including League of Legends Clash.

Using for LoL SMS Verification is a website that provides disposable phone numbers for SMS verification.

With, you can receive SMS verification messages from almost any website or service, including LoL Clash.

Benefits of using for LoL SMS Verification

  • Easy and quick process: Get Easy and Quick LoL SMS Verification with streamlines the LoL SMS verification process, allowing you to bypass it in just a matter of minutes.
  • Legitimate US non-VoIP phone numbers: provides legitimate US phone numbers for SMS verification, ensuring that you won’t waste time and money on numbers that won’t work.
  • Safe and secure: values your privacy and security and keeps all of your information confidential.
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  • One-time use phone numbers & Long Term Rentals available
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How to use for LoL Clash SMS Verification

To use for LoL SMS verification, you will need to create a account and follow the steps outlined in the section “Step by Step Guide”.

Step 1: Create a Account

Visit the website and click on the “Sign Up” button to create your account.

Step 2: Meet Requirements for LoL Clash

To participate in a LoL Clash tournament, you must meet certain criteria, including being level 30, having completed placement matches in at least one ranked Summoner’s Rift queue, achieving Honor Level 2. Once these requirements are fulfilled, you will need a Clash ticket, a team to play with, and ensure that every member of the team locks in before the tournament starts.

Step 3: Verify SMS in LoL Clash Client

Open the LoL Client and complete the SMS Verification.

  • In the League of Legends client, locate the Clash tab.
  • Under the “Team” section, find your name.
  • Next to your name, you will see a button labeled “Confirm SMS”.
  • Now, go to and let’s request the disposable phone number for LoL Clash

Step 4: Generate a Temporary Phone Number for LoL

League Of Legends SMS Verification Code

In the Dashboard click on “One-Time Use Numbers” or “Long Term Rentals”. You can select “United States” for the country, and “League of Legends” as the service.

Step 5: Use Number to Finish Verification of LoL


In conclusion, offers a hassle-free, secure, and budget-friendly solution to bypass the SMS verification process for League of Legends Clash. The website provides trustworthy US-based phone numbers for SMS verification, ensuring your privacy and confidentiality. If you’re worried about revealing your personal information or need to create multiple League of Legends accounts, provides an effortless way to bypass the SMS verification requirement, allowing you to enjoy League of Legends Clash without any worries

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