Use TikTok Anonymously Without Phone Number

Learn how to create Tiktok Account without using your own phone number. Create Tiktok Burner Accounts for your personal use!

Tiktok has been under the center of controversy as of late due to privacy concerns. Everyone is concerned that China will have your private information.

Stop using your real phone number when signing up for TikTok. Use our temporary & disposable phone numbers to sign up for TikTok.

Tiktok has become a famous app with many viral videos that are fun, energetic and entertaining.  You do not definitely want to be the outsider on this new trend.  However, there is a concern of making a new Tiktok account because it requires you to put your personal phone number on to complete the registration.  For most cases, we would recommend you not to do that since you do not want your number to be known by any third parties.  So, here is the thing, you want to make a Tiktok account and do not want to disclose your phone number.  We understand that and this article is perfect for you as a great solution.

Steps to Protect Privacy When Using TikTok

Step 1: Download Tiktok App

Use TikTok Without Using your Own Phone Number

Easy, simple and straight forward, you download the Tiktok app then open it.  You will then can see all the feeds and recent famous, trending videos on Tiktok.  But…you do not see any sign-up forms.  Do not panic, please read the step 2

Step 2: Open the sign-up form

How to make Tiktok account without using personal phone number

You need to click on any recent videos feed, then the registration form will appear

Step 3: Choose how you want to sign-up

Use TikTok anonymously

There are many options for you to choose how you want to sign up your Tiktok account.  We would not recommend you attach your Tiktok account to your personal current social media accounts due to the protection for your privacy.

We recommend you choose the option “Sign up with phone or email”

Step 4: Put on your date of birth

Step 5: Options to receive the SMS verification code

Browse TikTok anonymously

You need to enter either your email address or your personal phone number to receive the SMS verification code to verify your Tiktok account.  This is mandatory, but what if you do not want to give up your privacy since you do not want to give Tiktok your phone number.  We have an alternative solution for you

You can go on to create an account.  It will only take 1 minute or so to do this.  Then you log in your account on MobileSMS and choose the country and service (as Tiktok).

After clicking the request button, will generate a REAL SIM number for you.  The number will appear on the dashboard of your account. 

You will use this number to put on Tiktok to request for receiving the SMS verification code.

You will then go back to your account, log in and see the SMS code on your dashboard.  Use this code to apply back on Tiktok to verify your Tiktok account

How to make Tiktok account without using personal phone number

Step 6: A reminder from step 5

TikTok Phone Number for SMS Verification

Log in and you will see the SMS verification code from Tiktok on your dashboard.  Apply that code to Tiktok to verify your Tiktok account

Step 7: Set up a password for your Tiktok account

Receive SMS Verification Codes for TikTok Online

Choose your password then click confirm.  Please save your password carefully

Step 8: Tick on the box to confirm you are not a robot

Simple click to verify that you are not a robot and here you are.  You have a new Tiktok account without attaching with your personal social accounts or giving up your personal phone number. Enjoy Tiktok feature since you are now a Tiktoker