How to Bypass Discord Phone Number Verification in 2023 |

Bypass Discord Phone Number Verification

How to Bypass Discord SMS Verification using Temporary Numbers


If you’re looking to bypass Discord phone verification, then using a temporary phone number can be a great help. With the help of a temporary phone number, you can easily sign up for Discord without having to go through the hassle of providing your personal phone number. Not only is this convenient, but it also helps to keep your identity and personal information safe. In addition, using a temporary phone number can also help you avoid unwanted solicitations and spam calls.

I will explain the Discord Phone Verification Bypass method that still works in 2023. 

Instead of using your own phone number, or if you don’t have a phone number for Discord, then you can buy a temporary phone number for discord verification purposes only.

Discord Requires SMS Phone Verification


Use Discord Without Your Phone Number has private temporary phone numbers for you to verify with Discord!  No matter where you live, or where you “want” to live, we have  temporary numbers from many countries that you can use Discord for. Such as USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, India, and more!

What is a temporary phone number for Discord?

A temporary phone number, or a disposable phone number, is a phone number that you use to register for Discord, then never use again.

Currently, Discord requires that users verify their Discord account with a real mobile phone number in order to use their service.

This is why was created. We provide temporary phone numbers that you are able to receive SMS verification codes with, then never use again. This way you can continue with the registration and use Discord without having a mobile phone number.

What Countries Do You Provide Discord Phone Numbers For?

Our Temporary phone numbers for Discord is available on many countries.

Please note, our phone numbers are REAL SIM-CARD phone numbers from their respective countries, not virtual numbers (VoIP numbers). This means it’s going to work with Discord, or really on any website you need it to.

We have Discord phone numbers from USA, United Kingdom (UK), China, Netherlands, Poland, France, Italy, Spain, and many many more. All guaranteed to receive SMS Verification Codes from Discord so you can use Discord without your own phone number.



What is the Price to Receive Discord SMS Verification Codes?

The price will vary, depending on which country you want the phone number for.

Click Here to Go to Dashboard to View Exact Pricing for Each Service

Price is charged per SMS Verification code that you successfully receive. If for whatever reason you don’t get the SMS Verification code, you won’t get charged. Once if you successfully get a SMS Verification code, so rest easy.

Our Discord mobile phone numbers are made to receive Discord SMS verification codes online. 

This way, you can sign up for Discord without your own mobile phone number.

Start Using Discord Without Your Phone Number now!