How to Create an Anonymous Account in Line Messenger

How to Create an Anonymous Account in Line Messenger?

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In the bustling world of digital communication, Line Messenger stands tall as a versatile and feature-rich platform, captivating users across Japan and Southeast Asian countries. Beyond its typical messaging capabilities, Line has evolved into a super app, offering a gamut of services ranging from text exchanges to innovative features like personalized stickers, integrated wallets, and even a robust shopping platform. 

However, not everyone can seamlessly register on Line, especially those seeking anonymity and enhanced privacy, and those who don’t have a line phone number. They might be wondering “How to create an anonymous account in Line Messenger” In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricate process of creating an anonymous Line Messenger account. We’ll uncover the nuances of Line, and its security measures, and walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to set up your anonymous account, ensuring a secure and private Line experience.

Introducing Line App

LINE is a widely used messaging platform with millions of users worldwide, and plays a crucial role in modern communication. It lets you send texts, make video calls, and share photos effortlessly. Similar to other messaging apps like Telegram, Line ensures smooth communication with various features.

Setting it apart, Line combines features from Facebook and Instagram. It allows you to create personal pages, add friends, join groups, share stories, and post videos using the Timeline section. Not just for individuals, but Line also lets brands and companies create official channels for updates and promotions. One standout feature of Line is its personalized stickers. Brands like Louis Vuitton use these for promotion, and Line itself offers characters for purchase, making it especially popular in Japan.

What makes LINE unique is the diverse services you get after creating an account. From a built-in wallet for transactions to a shopping platform with discounts, a food delivery feature, and a news feed covering global events and business news – Line goes beyond just messaging.

The app’s story begins in 2011, emerging as an emergency communication tool after the Tohoku earthquake. Since then, it has evolved into a platform covering entertainment, healthcare, investments, and more. 

With over 70% of Japanese using it daily and a global user base of 224 million, LINE is integral to daily life, similar to KakaoTalk in South Korea and WeChat in China. As we explore creating a LINE account and address security, it’s worth understanding why many prefer this app and how seamlessly it integrates into daily life.

The Quest for Anonymity: Why an Anonymous LINE Account?

While Line proudly incorporates robust security features, including end-to-end encryption, recent incidents involving unauthorized access and server breaches have understandably triggered concerns regarding data privacy. These unsettling reports have prompted a substantial number of users to reassess the safety of their personal information within the Line ecosystem.

In response to these valid concerns, an increasing number of users are choosing the path of anonymity when registering on Line. The primary goal is clear: to enhance the protection of personal information and proactively mitigate potential security risks that could compromise the integrity of their digital identity.

Consequently, the creation of an anonymous Line account is not just a mere choice but a critical necessity. It represents a proactive step towards ensuring a messaging experience that seamlessly integrates robust security measures with an engaging and worry-free environment. 

Essentially, it serves as the shield that users wield in the face of evolving digital threats, reaffirming their commitment to a Line Messenger experience that is both secure and private. This strategic move reflects users’ determination to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, knowing that their privacy is prioritized and safeguarded.

Using Virtual Phone Numbers to Create An Anonymous Account In Line Messenger only uses real sim-card mobile phone numbers to receive sms verification codes, not VoIP numbers.

To create a line account without a phone number, Utilizing virtual phone numbers is a strategic approach to maintaining anonymity in the digital realm. Virtual phone numbers act as a layer of protection, allowing individuals to engage with various platforms without revealing their actual personal phone numbers. 

The concept is similar to the Line app. By employing virtual phone numbers, individuals can register on Line Messenger, without compromising their real identity. This practice ensures a level of privacy and security, as it shields users from potential risks associated with exposing their personal contact information. 

These numbers are essentially temporary and can be obtained through specialized services. Among these services, stands out. Users can effectively mask their identity by utilizing a temporary, virtual number sourced from 

Step-by-Step Guide to Anonymity

Step 1: Register at

To initiate the process, users first need to register on the platform. This can be effortlessly accomplished by providing either an email address or by linking a Google+ account.

Step 2: Top Up Your Account Balance

After successful registration, users are required to top up their account balance. This step involves adding funds to the account, providing the necessary financial means to facilitate the acquisition of a virtual phone number.

Step 3:  Acquire a One-Time Virtual Number for LINE

With a funded account, users can then proceed to acquire a one-time virtual number specifically designated for LINE registration. This number can be tailored to the desired country, offering users a degree of flexibility in choosing their virtual identity.

Step 4: Use the Purchased Number to Register

Armed with the acquired virtual number, users can seamlessly proceed to the Line Messenger registration process. During this step, the virtual number serves as a substitute for the personal phone number, ensuring that the user’s identity remains veiled.

Step 5: Request a Confirmation Code via

The final touch to securing anonymity on Line involves the generation of a confirmation code. provides users with the capability to request a confirmation code, a crucial element in finalizing the Line Messenger registration process. This ensures that the user gains full access to their anonymous Line account.

In an era where digital privacy is paramount, is committed to empowering users with the knowledge and tools to navigate Line Messenger securely. By harnessing virtual phone numbers and exploring alternative registration methods, users can enjoy the robust features of Line while safeguarding their identities. As technology advances, remains dedicated to empowering users in their quest for online privacy within the dynamic landscape of messaging apps.

This meticulous step-by-step guide not only simplifies the process for users seeking anonymity on Line but also underscores the strategic value of leveraging virtual phone numbers from By seamlessly integrating these numbers into the registration process, users can confidently navigate the digital landscape of Line Messenger, shielded by the assurance of enhanced privacy and identity concealment.

Some Alternative Ways to Create an Anonymous Line Account

In your quest for privacy on Line Messenger, there are also some different ways to keep things private. Let’s explore three simple methods that let you enjoy Line while keeping your identity under wraps.

1. Using a Facebook Account: Easy Integration

Make your Line sign-up easy by connecting it to your Facebook account. This not only makes joining Line a breeze but also syncs your Line contacts with your Facebook friends. It’s a smooth process that makes your Line experience better while still keeping things private. Just choose to sign up with your Facebook details when making your Line account.

2. Computer-Based Registration: No Phone Number Needed

If you don’t want to link your Line account to a phone number, using your computer can be the answer. By installing Line on your computer using tools like BlueStacks, you skip the need for a phone number. It’s a handy option for those who want Line on their computer and maintain their privacy. Download BlueStacks, install Line, and you’re good to go.

3. Email-Based Registration: More Security, More Control

For an extra layer of security, sign up for Line using your email. This not only helps recover your account if needed but also adds another level of security. It gives you more control over your Line account while keeping things anonymous. To go this route, just choose to register with your email when making your Line account, and follow the steps to verify your email.

In summary, these alternative methods let you enjoy Line while staying private. Whether it’s connecting with Facebook, using your computer without a phone number, or adding an extra layer of security with your email, each way lets you tailor your Line experience to fit your privacy needs.

Additional Tips for a Secure Line Experience

Password Protection: Crafting a Strong Password

When it comes to fortifying your Line Messenger account, your password is the first line of defense. Crafting a robust shield starts with the creation of a strong password. To achieve this, blend a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. 

This amalgamation not only makes your password complex but also erects a formidable defense mechanism, making it resistant to unauthorized access attempts. Remember, a strong password forms the foundational element in safeguarding your Line account against potential breaches.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Adding an Extra Layer

Take your security posture to the next level by incorporating Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) within Line Messenger. This supplementary layer introduces a secondary form of verification, typically in the form of a temporary code sent to your registered device. The beauty of 2FA lies in its ability to significantly raise the bar for unauthorized access. 

Even if your password were to be compromised, the additional verification step becomes a formidable hurdle for potential intruders. Enabling 2FA ensures that your Line Messenger account remains well-guarded against security threats.

Regular Account Checks: Proactive Vigilance

Ensuring the ongoing security of your Line Messenger experience requires proactive vigilance. Regularly reviewing your account settings and permissions is instrumental in identifying and addressing any unusual activities or unauthorized changes promptly. 

This proactive approach acts as a preventive measure, mitigating potential security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. By staying vigilant and making routine account checks, you add an extra layer of protection to your Line account, enhancing its overall security posture.


In the dynamic realm of digital communication, safeguarding your Line Messenger experience is of utmost importance. Whether driven by the need for anonymity through virtual phone numbers or exploring alternative registration methods, users now possess the tools to navigate Line with unwavering confidence. By strategically utilizing services like and embracing essential security measures such as robust passwords, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and regular account checks, individuals can not only enjoy the extensive features of Line but also ensure a private, seamless, and worry-free messaging environment. 

This comprehensive guide empowers users to take control of their digital privacy within the ever-evolving landscape of Line Messenger, reinforcing the idea that security and a rich user experience can coexist harmoniously.


Can I create a LINE account without a personal phone number?

Yes, it is indeed possible to create a LINE account without using your personal phone number. One effective and privacy-conscious method is to leverage virtual phone numbers. These virtual numbers act as a protective shield, allowing you to register on LINE without revealing your actual phone number. Additionally, you can also sign up by using your Facebook account, email address, and computer-based registration.

How do I hide my number on Line?

To conceal your number on LINE, you can employ virtual phone numbers provided by services such as During the registration process, substitute the virtual number for your actual phone number. This strategic approach ensures that your real number remains hidden from other LINE users, offering an additional layer of privacy and control over your personal information.

Does Line show your phone number?

By default, LINE does require a phone number during the registration process. However, LINE does not display your phone number to other users on the platform. Nevertheless, for those who prioritize an extra level of privacy, utilizing methods like virtual phone numbers or exploring alternative registration options, such as through Facebook or email, can help keep your phone number confidential.

How do you make a Line account without a number?

Creating a LINE account without associating it directly with a phone number involves exploring alternative registration methods. One approach is to leverage Facebook integration, email-based registration, and computer-based registration. These alternatives offer users flexibility and control over their privacy settings on the LINE messaging platform.