best Craigslist Personal alternatives

Best Craigslist Personal Alternatives Right Now (2024)

Dating requires a whole lot of effort – The process of getting out of the house for one, then having to find a person you actually click with, then having to choose the right place and time to meet. All the while hoping everything goes well and hoping you get a shot at getting lucky afterwards. Sounds like quite the effort.

To make your dating life easier, we have the best craigslist personal alternatives you can use now.

Modern technology has certainly made dating a lot easier than it used to be. With the feature on site like Craigslist Personals, you only have to sit back, relax and send a few text messages and you have a date or even hookup!

However, Craigslist Personal is no longer available.  Many people have been complaining how their love lives are going to be without Craigslist Personals.  They also wonder if Craigslist Personal Ads will ever be featured again.  The true answer is NO.  Craigslist personal ads will never ever be back to life again.

Here are the best Craigslist Personal alternatives right now and why you need to try them out

1.Pernal  (The most similar to Craigslist Personal)

Pernals works similar to Craigslist Personals. 

The process of making a new account is simplified and the users can get it done instantly.  Pernals does not require for Facebook log in which is absolutely a huge plus.  Users only need to put in their nickname, email address, and password. 

After the account is made, users can create a Personal Ad, then send it for approval.  When the Ad is approved, other users can see it.  Users can browse all Ads within any cities and choose to chat with anyone who they have interest with.


It’s got a gigantic user base, and it’s almost as popular as Tinder, yet unique enough to stand out among all others.

But is this enough to make it worth your while? Well, that’s up to you to decide.

Why You Should Try It – The one great feature that makes Badoo stand out is that you can upload a picture of a person whose appearance you have desire for and the app will find matches who look similar.

However, the feature which make people love Badoo even more is that the app can also match you with people based on your interests and location, and the number of matches is unlimited.

3. Grindr

Once again, Grindr is quite a popular choice, and it’s definitely worth mentioning – it’s been called the ‘LGBT Tinder’ and that’s definitely true in some regards, but it’s more unique than that.

With over 6 million users all over the world, it’s definitely worth a try.  You will have a wide variety of choices that you might find your special one or someone just simply for hookup.

Why You Should Try It – Dating is hard, as we mentioned, but it’s even more difficult than usual for people who aren’t straight.

This app makes it much easier for you to find your match since you don’t have to guess if the other person shares your sexual preference or not.

Besides that, Grindr is really simple to use, and you won’t either scratch your head or find yourself struggling to learn how to find the right match.

4. OkCupid Dating

Craiglist personal

For most people who have been using the internet for quite a long time, you’ve certainly heard of OkCupid before – and it’s still alive, probably for now it is much better than you can imagine.

The website is definitely not what it used to be, and the app is something that’s tailor-made for those who are sick of the ‘swipe left, swipe right’ routine of Tinder.

Why You Should Try It – On OkCupid Dating, the motto is ‘You’re more than just a photo,’ and the app lives up to that promise.

Not only  does this app focus on your looks and who’s available in your local area right now, but it also takes into account much more than that. You can enter your preferences for location, age, religion, and interests to give you matches that suited to you as a person.

However, You need to pay to use most of its advanced features. The price is not too steep though – $29.95 per month.

The features it does offer are worth paying for and they allow you to find even better matches than you otherwise could.

5. Plenty of Fish

For many people who run into a dilemma that you do not want to pay for all the extra features but still love using dating apps which are similar to Tinder, then here is a perfect solution for you.

Plenty of Fish is an app almost identical to Tinder, but you can use it almost completely free of charge.

A portrait of a smiling beautiful woman texting with her phone

Why You Should Try It – With this app, you can check all the profiles you want and send as many messages without needing to pay a dime. It’s got more than plenty of users as well, and you don’t have to worry about running out of ‘fish’.

It also matches you with people in your area, and you can use it all the time with unlimited matches available.

6. Coffee Meets Bagel

If you’re a woman who regularly uses a dating feature like Craigslist personal, Coffee Meets Bagel is the ideal dating app to try – it puts the power in your hands and helps you avoid all the harassment from creepy people.

Why You Should Try It – This is how the app works – men on the app are presented with 21 matches, and they have 24 hours to ‘pass’ or ‘like’ those matches.

Women on the app receive 6 matches per day from the pool of men who already liked them, and the women have the option to match with them or not.

As a result, you never have to be matched with someone who you don’t like.  You have the right to choose who you want to contact with.

There are also other security nets, including the option to only match with friends of friends on your Facebook profile or the fact that profiles cannot be accessed manually – only through matches.

7. Bumble

Different from Craigslist personal, Bumble is based on the idea of giving women the power to choose who they want to talk with, rather than men.

It’s a different approach and one that yields a lot of benefits for both sexes, so you shouldn’t feel like it’s not for you if you’re a guy.

Why You Should Try It – The main feature of Bumble is that, when two people like each other and a match is made, only the woman can start the conversation, if she wants to.

Do you know what that means, ladies? No more terrible pick-up lines, that’s right! Well, unless you use them, but that’s already a breath of fresh air in the world of dating apps

Besides that, Bumble also has a familiar interface similar to Tinder that you’ll instantly know how to use, so there’s no learning curve like with some other apps. The app is not just for dating either – it also has features for making friends, networking, and more.

8. How About We

Are you struggling to figure out what to do on the first date or you have the exact, perfect idea of where you want to go but aren’t sure if it might turn the other person completely off?

Well then, How About We is the ideal dating app for you.

Why You Should Try It – The idea behind the app is simple – you offer up tasks that you would like to do with some, basically dates you would like to go on. The app gives you a choice of different activities in your area.

Based on that, the app will match you with other people who want to go to the same activity and connects you with them, allowing you to easily find a date that shares your particular interests.

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