Burner app vs MobileSMS.io Review

Burner App vs MobileSMS.io Review – Battle of the Burner Phone Numbers


Burner App vs MobileSMS.io – Who is the best Burner Phone Number Provider?

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We’ve tried out Burner App and compare it against MobileSMS.io to see which burner phone number app you should use!

On the surface level, it would seem Burner App and MobileSMS.io provide similar services. Both provide burner phone numbers, but the differences seem to end there. We will do a deep dive and tell you the main differences as well as the PROS and CONS of Burner App.

PROS of Burner App

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Believe it or not, there absolutely are some PROS to Burner App. With Burner App, you have access to a VOIP phone number and receive unlimited SMS messages as well as phone calls (within the USA).  All for a fair price of $4.99 a month to $9.99 a month.

Burner App vs MobileSMS.io - Pricing for Burner App

One of the better features of Burner App, is that you get to choose your actual burner number from a list of available phone numbers. This is useful if you care about the vanity of your burner number or one that is easy to remember for you.

Burner App vs MobileSMS.io - Pick a Number

Burner App also allows you to make phone calls with your burner phone number so you can mask your phone number when calling someone. You can also forward calls from your Burner Number to your real mobile phone number.

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Burner App also has a neat feature to “Burn this number” when you are done using this number.

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Burner app definitely has it’s share of pros and features that can benefit users. There is a great use case for someone that needs a long term VOIP phone number to CALL or TEXT other people without disclosing your real phone number. This is a fantastic use case and for that use-case it works very well. However, for signing up to websites and receiving SMS verification codes, unfortunately because Burner app only provides VOIP phone numbers, many websites do not accept that phone number.

CONS of Burner App

The major CON of Burner App, is that the phone number itself is a virtual VOIP phone number. This means that the phone number is not a real mobile phone number that has an actual SIM-Card. Many websites and many apps block you from signing up if you are using a VOIP number. The reason they do this is because VOIP numbers are cheap, plentiful, and easily accessible to anyone.

Sorry VOIP numbers not accepted at many places

So you will not be successful in creating accounts to many websites/APPs if you try to sign up using your “Burner App” phone number. Burner App won’t work on Facebook, it won’t work on Twitter, it won’t work on Battle.net, it won’t even work on Burner App! All of these sites REQUIRE a real mobile phone number!

Burner App only offers VOIP phone numbers in the USA. If you are looking for additional countries, you will be out of luck.


Why MobileSMS.io is the solution for Burner phone numbers


The main difference between Burner App vs MobileSMS.io is that MobileSMS.io uses only real mobile phone numbers with SIM-Cards.

MobileSMS.io does NOT use any VOIP Phone Numbers.

The burner phone numbers that you get with MobileSMS.io are real sim-card numbers, thus it works with any website or app.

MobileSMS.io has burner phone numbers that allow you to sign up to websites, and it does this job very well. MobileSMS.io does not allow you to make phone calls with your burner number, but you won’t need to if your main purpose is to receive a SMS Verification Code so you can sign up to any website or app.

MobileSMS.io also offers burner phone numbers for many countries, such as UK, Canada, China, India, Spain, and many more!

Summary / Conclusion

Burner App and MobileSMS.io both offers burner phone number USA phone numbers in the United States. However, with MobileSMS.io you get a burner phone number that you can receive SMS Verification codes with, and one that you can actually use to sign up to websites/apps on.

MobileSMS.io also offers a 7-day money back guarantee. If the phone number doesn’t receive SMS verification codes, you can request a new number or a full refund.

If you are having trouble with Burner App because they only offer VOIP phone numbers, give MobileSMS.io a shot.