How To Sign-Up For Facebook Anonymously

Use Facebook anonymously

Facebook is now the most popular social network in the world. It is a platform which helps connect people with different interests, ethnic groups, and from different countries. It doesn’t matter whether the people connected on Facebook have ever met physically. No matter which country you are living in,the use of Facebook is so prevalent that it is unavoidable. However, what happens if you leave Facebook unchecked? How much data has Facebook gathered on you so far? What happens if you want to keep using Facebook, but keep your private information? It is possible. This article will provide you tips on signing up Facebook anonymously without using any of your private information.

Signing-up for Facebook Anonymously

If you are new to the social media world, what better would it be than to start your online chatting and connecting with different people on the net by registering yourself on Facebook. A simple sign-up process will land you to the world of happiness and might become a reason to bring loads of opportunities for your future.

Just remember, Facebook doesn’t allow you to create multiple Facebook accounts for one individual. You’re only allowed to have one Facebook account, so bear that in mind.

In order to register for Facebook, they require you to provide alarmingly personal credentials, like name, place of birth, date of birth, and other details. Not only are they asking you for all your personal information, they want to verify that it is indeed you! How do they do this? Facebook will require that you input your mobile phone number when you register for an account.

Use Facebook Anonymously

Many people aren’t comfortable giving Facebook all their private information.

The primary reason being that Facebook is primarily in the business of selling your private data.

Facebook can tell you that they care about your privacy, but do they really? How many Facebook scandals has there been already? They make money off your data and they are not stopping anytime soon. 

There are many people who make use of the social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Tinder but do not want to reveal their true identity. Heck, check out our other article on Why Celebrities Use Burner Accounts.

I do have to point out, that Facebook does not want you to have multiple Facebook accounts. They want to ensure that you are tied down to only ONE Facebook account. So what happens if you want to stay as private as possible while on Facebook?

To do this, some people have used a pseudonym when registering on Facebook. They put a fake birthday, fake place of birth, etc. When signing up for Facebook requires that you go through Facebook’s SMS Verification process. Facebook will require that you input your personal mobile phone number and Facebook will send you a SMS Verification Code to verify that you are indeed the owner of that particular phone number. However, by giving Facebook your mobile phone number, you are essentially giving them a way to link back to you!

So, in order to successfully register on Facebook anonymously, you will need to utilize a mobile number that isn’t tied to you in anyway. This is why some people prefer to use a disposable phone number when signing up for Facebook. They do this so they don’t need to input their own phone number. There are privacy-focused individuals that don’t trust Facebook with that information, and rightly so.

Misuse of personal information online and Signing-up for Facebook anonymously

Privacy is one of the important factors which not everyone wants to disclose the third party. As we are much aware of the consequences happening day to day, we are much concerned about our privacy. Misuse of personal information is on the brisk and securing it becomes one of the main priorities for us. At the same time, there are a number of ways people try to sign-in into their Facebook account without letting anyone know their real identity, which we called as signing as anonymous user.

But, registering to these sites require you to register with a mobile phone number.

On the contrary, your number is being used by various online companies to benefit themselves to sell a large database to the marketing personnel, hired by any company to send a ‘bulk’ SMS from their company as part of their marketing strategy, without your information and your permission which is an illegal way of using personal information for commercial benefits. Making use of disposable phone numbers or temporary phone numbers is an ultimate option to keep your personal information safe with you.

Browse Facebook Anonymously

What is a disposable phone number?

A disposable phone number is a temporary phone number which can be used to receive sms online anonymously. You are essentially renting a mobile phone number’s SMS capabilities for 10 minutes. Within the 10 minutes, you are able to receive SMS Verification codes online. If you are registering for an account online or in a app, they might ask you for a mobile phone number. If you are not comfortable giving yours out, or if you just want to create a anonymous Facebook account, then you can just use a disposable phone number. They are commonly referred to as burner phone numbers, or temporary phone numbers.

Disposable phone numbers can be used as the phone number that you give out to strangers, or for you to use on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tinder. They are great and easy tools to use for staying anonymous online and to ensure that you don’t give these large data-mining corporations your phone number.

How does a burner phone number work?

A burner phone number is a phone number that you use for a temporary amount of time. Typically you get to use the burner phone number for 10 minutes at a time. The typical burner number is able to receive SMS messages online for you, and you are renting that number for 10 minutes. Instead of having to sign up using your own personal phone number, you can utilize a temporary number instead, to protect your own privacy.

Registering to get a disposable or a temporary phone number:

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Privacy Ensured

We like to help you keep your privacy while online.