How To Use Telegram Without A Phone Number

use telegram without a phone number

With all the talk online about certain messaging apps tracking the data we send to one another and selling them off, there is certainly a degree of skepticism going around. Whether these claims are true or not, it has been proven that nobody is really safe on the internet. We sign up for applications and websites using our names, email addresses, phone numbers, and other kinds of related information that can be sold without us knowing.

This is why Telegram is gaining so much popularity and has even angered certain governments due to it being deemed as an unsafe network used for recruitment by terrorist organizations. It is true, to a certain extent, that it can be a threat to safety because of its strong encryption. A strongly encrypted system, coupled with the ability to remain anonymous and disappear without a trace can be used negatively. 

Telegram is one of the best messaging apps out there. Sending messages, videos, media files, and other kinds of content is easily done through the app. Some people aren’t keen on giving out their information to companies, which may be disappointing to know as Telegram requires a phone number to use. There is a bypass, though, so read on to find out how to get past it:

Bypassing Telegram’s Phone Number Requirement

Telegram claims to only use the phone number to ensure that users applying are indeed real people and not bots or false accounts. The number you sign up with will receive an activation code, which is why you cannot use a fake number either. 

Otherwise, once you receive the call or text that gives you your account activation code, realistically speaking, you don’t need your number anymore. This means that any phone number you use for account creation will work as long as you have access to it to get the code. You can use a burner phone with it by purchasing another sim card and just using it to activate your Telegram account. 

Other Identification Risks Present

The government, or whoever it is you are hiding from, is really not as dense as you think they are. They have definitely had their eyes on this messaging platform and know the loopholes. Remember that your device has a MAC address that is stored and can be accessed, which practically defeats your anonymity. While you can change your MAC address as well as use other programs like a VPN or a VNC, we do hope there is nothing dirty brewing up with your intentions to use Telegram like this. 

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

Enabling this cutting-edge safety measure will prevent unwanted entities from logging into your account and access all your conversations or delete your account. If you do enable this, you will need that burner phone number with you at all times in case you are logged out of your account. 


Telegram is extremely popular and well thought out, with the interests of the users always at hand. This is why governments are probably so angered by it, including the creator being chased by certain state agencies for being able to bypass their internet protocols. Whether the app is used for dangerous things or not, it is still one of the best messaging applications available for almost all devices. 

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