How to Create a Paxful Account without Using Your Personal Phone Number

Use Paxful Without Phone Number

Table of Contents

Introduction to Paxful

Paxful, a thriving peer-to-peer platform, enables users to buy and trade popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. With its user base growing rapidly, the platform’s verification process, which includes phone number verification, is becoming a focal point of discussion among newcomers.

Why Some Users Prefer Not to Use Personal Phone Numbers

Using a personal phone number for online platforms can expose users to various risks, from marketing spam to potential hacks. Especially on platforms dealing with financial transactions like Paxful, ensuring privacy and security is paramount. Some users might not have access to a mobile number, while others might be cautious about sharing their primary number on multiple platforms.

Using a Temporary Number for Paxful Verification

Steps to Use Temporary Phone Number for Paxful

  1. Sign-Up for a account
  2. Top-Up your account so you can start ordering some Temporary Phone Numbers for Paxful
  3. Choose Paxful from the list of services
  4. Receive the real SIM-Card number and use it during the Paxful sign-up verification process.
  5. Wait for the Paxful SMS Verification code in the Dashboard
  6. Enter the received SMS Verification code on Paxful to complete your registration.


Embracing privacy while navigating the world of cryptocurrencies is wise. By following the above steps, users can enjoy Paxful’s offerings without compromising their personal phone numbers, ensuring both their privacy and security.