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Get a Temporary Phone Number from Sweden

Are you outside of Sweden but require a temporary Sweden mobile phone number to receive SMS verification codes?

We have just added disposable Sweden SIM-card mobile phone numbers. You can now receive SMS codes with our disposable phone numbers from Sweden!

Sweden Phone Numbers to Receive SMS Online

Our disposable phone numbers from Sweden has the country code of +46.

We have added a lot of temporary Sweden phone numbers for you to use!

Our Sweden Sim-Card Numbers will work with any website or app since we do not use virtual numbers, we utilize real mobile phone numbers!

For Sweden, anything not listed you would be able to use “Other” service.

MobileSMS.io’s Sweden Phone Numbers are real Sim-Card Phone Numbers.

They are not virtual Sweden phone numbers. Our numbers work with any website.

If you need a service/website that is not listed, please submit a ticket.