Can You Use Tinder Without Facebook or Phone Number?

Tinder without Facebook

How You Can Successfully Use Tinder Without Facebook

This method is still working as of January 2021!

There are more than 10 million daily active users on Tinder, making it a widely popular dating app. Its popularity stems from the fact users can reach out and connect with other users who have revealed an interest in them.

Upon signing up with Tinder, the app will share your name, photos and bio with potential area matches while providing you with prospective matches of those in your area. Tinder allows you to express a “like” or “dislike” of a match by either swiping right (for likes) or swiping left (for dislikes).

Only so many swipes are permissible a day.

Tinder Without Facebook

Why Tinder Asks To Connect With A Facebook Account

If you’ve ever checked out Tinder before and wanted to sign up, you may see that it’s asking for your Facebook account and phone number. Why is that? And, is it possible to sign up with Tinder without Facebook?

There are numerous reasons why Tinder is requesting a Facebook link:

Data Compilation – Linking your Facebook profile to your Tinder account means information provided in the profile is collected and shared with the dating app such as location, pictures, mutual FB friends, shared interests, etc. It allows Tinder to better connect you with potential matches.

Data Sharing – Though Tinder claims it won’t provide Facebook with your Tinder activity or private information, it will sell it to site-approved third parties and vendors. Any information regarding sexual preferences, preferred mate age, or previous chat app conversations may be sold to third parties and advertisers.

Catfishing/Scammer Control – Tinder is attempting to rein in the problems associated with catfishing and scammers. Commendable, but not entirely effective, as these dubious individuals are smart enough to avoid getting caught.

It means users, like yourself, need to take control of your privacy.

use tinder anonymously

Is It Possible To Use Tinder Without Facebook?

The reality about Tinder is that it asks for you to sign up one of two ways:

•Link to your FB account, which gives Tinder access to your information. If you opt to delete your FB account at any time, you lose access to your Tinder account as well. (No more matches, no more connections.)
•Provide your cell phone number, allowing you to use Tinder without FB.

Prospective Tinder users may not feel comfortable with the idea of all this information sharing back and forth. And why would they? They don’t want their FB friends and family knowing they’re on the dating app. Even if you’ve gone through Tinder’s privacy settings, you can’t be for certain it’s enough.

How can you use the dating app without FB when Tinder requires it?

Provide A Temporary Phone Number

A surefire way to avoid a Facebook tie-in to Tinder is to use your phone number. However, if you’re uncomfortable with using your real phone number, provide the app with a temporary phone number instead. You stay both anonymous and private while using the dating app.

Create Tinder-Only Facebook Account

Be sure to read over FB’s and Tinder’s terms of service to ensure you are not in violation of their policies. According to FB’s TOS, the site doesn’t permit people to create more than one account. However, it is possible to create a Tinder-only FB account.

With a Tinder-only FB account, you can rest assured that none of your family or friends will know that you’re using the dating app. The only way to create this account is to come up with a “nickname” or “alias.” Be sure, when going this route, to use a disposable phone number rather than your personal number (which will link your actual FB account to Tinder).

How do you create a Tinder-only FB account?

•Visit and set up an account (done within two minutes).
•Log into that account, choose your country and service. (For instance, if you select UK and Facebook is the service, you want the UK Facebook that you’ll register Tinder with.)
•Hit “Request,” and the site will produce an actual SIM number. There is no charge for this number.
•Provide this number to FB when registering for an account. The site will send a verification SMS code.
•Log back into your account to retrieve the SMS verification code.
•Type in the code to verify the FB account.

A disposable phone number will ensure you can use Tinder without Facebook (well, without your true FB account, helping to maintain your privacy).

facebook privacy settings

Boost Your FB Privacy Settings

If you’re concerned about FB and Tinder violations, you do have another option at your disposal. Log into your FB account and visit the privacy settings. This will help reduce the tide of Facebook friend requests you may receive after you sign up on Tinder with your actual FB account.

By making your FB account private, it limits how much information the Tinder users can learn about you. Of course, any smart person can learn who you are with a little research if they know your actual name and location and have a picture of you.

If you choose to use your official FB account for your Tinder account but want to increase its privacy, do the following four steps:

•Go to your FB account.
•Hit “Settings” and then “Apps.”
•Find the Tinder app and change its privacy settings.
•Make your visibility private (Only Me). It’s automatically made public.

It would be nice if Tinder allowed its users to shut off the location tracking feature, but this is not possible now. With the location tracker turned on, Tinder (as well as other app users) knows where you are at all times.

Use Tinder without your own phone number
Protect Your Privacy While Using Tinder!

What To Keep In Mind About Your Tinder Use

So, can you use Tinder without Facebook? Unfortunately, no, and the only way to get the most from Tinder is to link a FB account to it. However, you can alleviate any adverse outcomes and ensure your privacy by remembering these two things:

•Tweak the privacy settings in both Facebook and Tinder (there is no guarantee it stays protected for long, so check on the settings regularly).
•Use a disposable phone number and “fake” FB account. This will allow you to successfully use Tinder and meet potential matches in your area without your FB world knowing your business.

Special Note: If privacy is of the utmost importance to you, the only way to maintain it is to avoid using both Facebook and Tinder. However, FB is an integral part of people’s lives, so this isn’t realistic in most cases. By taking the above steps, you can safely use FB and Tinder.