Verify Twitch Account Without Your Phone Number!

VeriFY TwiTCH Without Your Phone Number!

Every gamer knows that the best place to watch professional gaming or to have fun is on the streaming platform Twitch. On Twitch, viewers can find an endless amount of interesting content to suit their needs. Whether it’s watching the pros duke it out in the latest tournament or just enjoying some good old-fashioned gaming entertainment, Twitch has something for everyone.

Twitch is the place where millions of people come together every day to chat, interact, and create their own entertainment. You’ve got a passion to share. A talent to teach. A story to share. From games to music to sports and beyond, there is a fan base waiting for you on Twitch.

What happens if you don’t have a mobile phone number, and can’t verify your Twitch account? If you want to verify Twitch account with a burner number then read on!

Step 1: Sign up to to get Temporary Phone Numbers

Any device with access to the Internet is capable of registering for Twitch. An Android app or iOS app has been published to be used with Twitch service without a web browser. The signup procedure is effortless, requiring the user only to input a username, password, and a valid email address to receive all account confirmations.

However, in order to get the “Verified” Account badge on Twitch, you need to provide Twitch with your mobile phone number for verification.

Read on below to learn how to use a temporary phone number to get verified on Twitch.

Sign Up to MobileSMS for Phone Numbers for Twitch

You can sign-up, Login at to get a temporary phone number that you can use to verify and secure your Twitch account.

First, go to and complete the easy sign-up process.

Step 2: Add Credits to Account / Top up Account

You can buy credits and use them to acquire the temporary numbers that you will be needing to verify your Twitch account. Pricing information is also shown on our checkout page.

We accept Visa and Mastercard through Stripe, CryptoCurrency (BTC ETH LTC), Google Pay, Apple Pay, AliPay, and WeChat.

Step 3: Request a Burner Number for Twitch

Bypass SMS Verification for Twitch

Then, choose the country where you would like to get a number from and choose the Twitch service.

Click “Request SMS Number” and your number should appear in your dashboard at the bottom part of the page.

Step 4: Use the temporary phone number during Twitch’s Sign-Up Process

Use this temporary phone number to sign up for your Blizzard Account. In our example the phone number is a USA phone number 717-383-7522.

Use Twitch without Your Own Phone Number

Once you have added your phone number to Twitch, Twitch will then send the code to your temporary number which will appear in the “Message” Column.

Let’s continue creating your Twitch account.

Step 5: Receive Twitch SMS Verification Code

Get the verification code from your Dashboard and use it to verify your Twitch account and then hit “Sign Up”.

Receive SMS Verification Code for Twitch

Congratulations! You’re done creating your Twitch account! Now, go watch or start your own streaming page!

Receive SMS Verification Code for Twitch

Need a phone number to bypass Twitch SMS Verification? Sign up now!