reasons to use burner phone

Why You Should Consider Getting a Burner Phone Today

Burner phones sound like something straight out of a ’90s film, but they are also pretty useful in real life. These temporary prepaid mobile numbers have several advantages that you may not have considered, such as protecting your privacy, online safety, and business contacts.

In the past, people used to buy a physical burner phone that they would use to gain access to an alternative mobile number. Thanks to the age of smartphones and apps, you can generate several different numbers on the same phone. Contrary to popular belief, these temporary phones and numbers aren’t limited for shady jobs and illegal practices, such as keeping your tracks clean as a criminal.

There are many honest and legitimate reasons to use a burner phone, some of which many people have not considered before. Here are several reasons why getting an alternative number would be advantageous.

  1. It keeps your number safe and hidden from shady or persistent people

How many times have you experienced feeling harassed by salespeople contacting your personal number? Some ladies may have even experienced a persistent date who just won’t stop calling, even after the ship has sailed. 

Using a burner phone number in either of these cases will save you a lot of trouble and protect your contact details. If you wish to cut off any of these contacts, you can get rid of your burner phone and number quite quickly with no strings attached and without jeopardizing the rest of your contacts list.

  1. It clears your main mobile number of spam 

Your smartphone probably has a lot more spam texts than you’d like. Getting SMS notifications are annoying because there’s a greater chance that it’s from a persistent marketer rather than someone you actually know.  

Phone burners provide an easy solution to this problem by redirecting these spam texts from your main number. Every time you give a number out for a brand, product, or service, you can use your alternative number instead. It can also provide you with a temporary phone number for one-time-PINs (OTP) for verification purposes, allowing you to safeguard your actual data from potential data thieves!

This way, you can keep your main phone clutter-free, which filters the spam SMS messages you receive on the daily. If your burner phone or number is clogging up with too many spam texts, it’s as easy as getting rid of the SIM card and switching numbers.

  1. It’s a cheaper way to have a business number

While all businesses ought to have a dedicated phone number, not all business owners have a place where they can keep their landline. Instead of purchasing a separate landline or mobile phone, generating a burner number can save you tons while securing a professional number that helps separate business and personal. 

  1. It helps avoid ridiculous roaming charges

Another instance where having a burner phone is ideal would be during trips abroad. Some SIM carriers charge high roaming rates for its subscribers who travel abroad, so getting a cheap burner phone with a SIM card compatible with the country you’re visiting is your best bet. It will allow you to make calls to transportation and business phone calls without racking up a huge bill for your roaming data.

The Bottom Line on Burner Phones

Burner phones have many safer and more practical uses that still make them relevant today. Though it may seem like an outdated form of technology, the burner phone presents a simple solution to the most basic privacy issues in this information-saturated world. With phone numbers becoming vital data to be hidden and protected, the burner phone offers a unique solution with practicality and simplicity. 

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