How to Use Tinder without Facebook – Updated Nobember 2019

Use Tinder without Facebook - Updated for 2019

We receive many requests from our readers asking us how one can use Tinder without Facebook or Tinder without providing their own phone number. The reason we get asked this is because Tinder is the most popular dating app in the world! Many people have asked us, how do I browse Tinder anonymously? People want to browse Tinder without signing up with their phone number.

Before we begin, what is Tinder?

Tinder is where 20 billion people go to meet. It’s the most popular dating app in the world for meeting new people. After all, Tinder is the app that coined the phrase “swipe right” and ” swipe left” .

If you are single and ready to mingle, Tinder is likely the top app you would be using.

What data does Tinder collect from me?

Privacy can be a tricky topic, especially when you are dealing with a private topic such as online dating. Someone’s dating preferences is very personal and it should be up to the individual whether or not this information is revealed publicly. How much data does Tinder really have on us?

At the minimum, to sign up for Tinder, you have a couple options:

  1. Login with your Facebook account. This will essentially link your Tinder account to your Facebook account. (Not recommended)
  2. Login with your mobile phone number. Utilizing this option, your Facebook won’t be linked to Tinder, however, your private cellphone number will be linked to Tinder.

Linking your Tinder account to Facebook is a dicey proposition, as you are giving up control of your Facebook’s data to Tinder. You really aren’t sure what Tinder will do with the data, we can only make some assumptions.

However, there are ways for you to use Tinder without Facebook and we’re going to share them with you here. Before we get to that it’s important to clarify why it’s important to log into Tinder without Facebook.

Top Reasons Why You Should Avoid Linking Tinder with Facebook

It’s important to review the terms of service for any website or service that you use to ensure you aren’t doing something that will violate those terms.

We understand that linking your Facebook account to Tinder does have its benefits but it also comes with some serious costs. For one, it opens you up to the violation of your privacy in more ways than you can imagine. If you want to browse Tinder anonymously and without a Tinder account, please read on.

Here are some important factors to keep in mind if you still think it’s okay to link your Tinder and Facebook accounts.

Contacts Synchronization

As soon as you link Tinder to your Facebook account, Tinder will be able to access all of your contacts’ information. Next thing you know you’ll start getting matched up with people from your Facebook. So the app not only infringes on your privacy but on the privacy of your Facebook contacts as well.

On the surface, it sounds great! Why not see if I can hook up with friends of friends? However, just stop for one second and think of the implications of this in our age. Nowadays, people are so connected, word spreads around like wild fire. Be careful what you wish for.

This alone is one of the major factors I refuse to link my Tinder account with Facebook.

Facebook Photos Synchronization

Tinder without Facebook.  Protect your privacy while dating

One of the most important determining factors to your success on the Tinder app is your visual appearance. As a dating app, everyone wants to put their best foot forward and only upload their best pictures. Unlike Facebook where you can get tagged on images of yourself that you don’t necessarily like, Tinder is the one place where you can have complete control over your photos.

If you link your Tinder account to Facebook, the Tinder app will have access over your Facebook photos – even the most unflattering ones. That reason alone should been enough to show that it’s best to keep your Tinder account without Facebook association.

Privacy Breach

You wouldn’t like information on your dating history to be made public, would you? Well, that’s exactly what’s going to happen if someone hacks your Facebook account. Unfortunately, this potentially could occur and if your Facebook is linked to Tinder, who knows that the implications might be. Remember what happened with the Ashley Madison debacle?

How to Use Tinder without Facebook

As we stated earlier, when you sign up for Tinder, you can do so one of two methods:

  1. Login with your Facebook account. This will essentially link your Tinder account to your Facebook account. (Not recommended)
  2. Login with your mobile phone number. Utilizing this option, your Facebook won’t be linked to Tinder, however, your private cellphone number will be linked to Tinder.

After news broke of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, many users weren’t comfortable linking Facebook to Tinder. Many Tinder users were frustrated because unlinking Facebook meant their matches would all disappear or even Bumble finally allowed users to sign up with just their mobile phone numbers. What if you want to browse Tinder anonymously so you can use Tinder without signing up for an account? Unfortunately that’s not possible, but you can read for other tips.

Tinder without Facebook.  Protect your privacy while dating

Privacy Tips for Tinder with Facebook linked

Method One: Change Facebook Privacy Settings

Pros: This is the simplest and easiest method that you can use to maintain some privacy on your Tinder app. All you have to do is tighten the security on your Facebook app to limit Tinder from retrieving all your personal information on Facebook.

Cons: However, Facebook will still know your Tinder username, and Tinder will still know your Facebook account. That link is still there and still a main privacy concern. You are still very dependent on Facebook to maintain this privacy for you.

  • First of all, you need to log into your Facebook and click on the “lock” image.
  • Next, go to “See More Settings.”
  • Then scroll down until you find “Tinder” and click on it.
  • From there go to “app visibility” and choose the option that says “only me.”

By doing this, theoretically, none of your Facebook contacts will be able to view your Tinder activity. However, you will need to trust Facebook and it is risk you will need to weigh yourself.

Method Two: Create a Anonymous Facebook Account (Most Popular)

One of the more popular ways to avoid the red tape associated with linking Facebook and Tinder is to create a Facebook account that you would only use for online dating. Instead of being able to browse Tinder without an account, you would essentially just create a Facebook account only for Tinder. This will be a good alternative method to using Tinder anonymously.

Please remember, Facebook only allows you to create one Facebook account per individual, so you should not be doing this to create multiple Facebook accounts. That would be in violation of Facebook terms of service. Read the terms of service for any website that you use and make sure you aren’t doing anything to violate their terms of service. This is strictly for informational purposes only.

I highly recommend you just link Tinder to a mobile phone number, so you don’t need to link it to a Facebook account.

We hear from a few privacy minded individuals and they always tell us that they prefer not to give out their own private phone numbers when signing up for social media websites. They prefer to not provide their real phone number for safety concerns. There are a lot of scammers and thiefs and catfishing going on, that they want to keep their phone numbers private.

To ensure maximum privacy, some privacy minded folks create anonymous email accounts and when creating their facebook account, instead of using their own phone number, they use a disposable phone number. Our site provides premium private temporary phone numbers which lasts only ten minutes. You can then use this disposable number to register on any website.

We suggest you read our guide on creating Anonymous Facebook accounts.

One of the first details that you must provide Facebook with, in order to create a new account is either an email address or a phone number. You can theoretically sign up to Facebook without a phone number, but the Facebook account will be heavily limited. We only recommend you sign up to Facebook with a mobile phone number. Remember, review the terms of service for any website or service that you use to make sure you aren’t violating their terms of service.

There are many privacy minded folks that never give out their own phone number when signing up for any website. Once you give out your own phone number, you no longer have control of your online privacy.

How to Create an Anonymous Tinder Account in 2019

Once you have the “anonymous” Facebook account created, you can now proceed to sign up to Tinder anonymously. We put “anonymous” in quotes because we know that while it’s not truly anonymous, at the very least, none of my friends will know I’m on Tinder. I’ve heard of users that say they personally don’t have a Facebook account, but wanted to create one just for Tinder. They didn’t want to link their personal phone number into Facebook, otherwise they risk notifying their own friends that they joined Facebook. We’ve heard of many complaints from users simply tired of having to give out their mobile phone number each time they sign up for an account.

To proceed with signing up to Tinder “anonymously”, there have been clients that say they were able to sign-up to Tinder without using their own phone number. They utilized a disposable phone number instead of their own phone number when signing up for Tinder. This allowed the user to utilize Tinder without Facebook and without using Tinder with their own phone number. Whether or not that violates the terms of service for Tinder, that is for the user to review.

You can go to and create an account. Then log in your account and choose the country that you would like to use Tinder for. For the service, you choose “Tinder”. When you click request, Mobilesms will generate a REAL SIM disposable number for you. You then use this number to register account on Tinder. Tinder will send a verification code to the number that you get from mobilesms. You can simply log in your account and you can see the SMS verification code on your dashboard. Then you apply the code to verify your Tinder account. You can now enjoy your online dating without any worries

Connect Your “Anonymous” Tinder Account with Your “Anonymous” Facebook Account

Use Tinder without Facebook - Updated for 2019! Don't risk your privacy and safety.  We will show you how in details

Once you’ve setup both an “anonymous” Facebook account and an “anonymous” Tinder account, you can then link the two knowing that it even if there were a security leak, your true mobile phone number was never stolen. This is the typical process from what our clients have told us.

Change Tinder Settings to Ensure Maximum Privacy

Whether you sign up to Tinder privately or normally, we always still recommend tweaking your Tinder privacy settings.

In addition to ensuring maximum privacy on your Facebook account, you can also apply certain measures to do the same with your Tinder app. The following simple tips are very important to ensuring that your online dating history remains private.

  • Log into Tinder via your iOS or Android device.
  • Goto the “settings” tab, click on the “show me on Tinder Social” option and then “deselect”

This will significantly reduce the amount of information that Tinder releases and/or shares with your Facebook account.

Can You Use Tinder without Facebook?

Yes, sort of.  However, at the end of the day, it’s not about “can I use Tinder without Facebook”, but rather about keeping your online dating activity private.

As you can see, the best way to do this is by making sure that you try to keep your own personal phone number private as much as possible. Only give out your own phone number if you had to, otherwise maintain and control your privacy as much as you can.

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