Temporary Chinese Numbers for EcoVacs App Registration

Chinese Numbers for EcoVacs

Get a Temporary Chinese Number for EcoVacs App

Ecovacs robotic vacuums have risen in popularity over the last couple years. Their Deebot line and Ecovacs CEN540 (mid-range robotic vacuum) have gotten cheaper and more reliable.

In this article, we will show you in detail step-by-step how to install Ecovacs robotic vacuum Deebot lines and Ecovacs CEN540.  It seems to be complicated at first, but it is easy if you follow this instruction.


Step 1: Find the Right App for EcoVacs and Download

You can easily find the app from Apple Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android.  However, please notice that your IOS version needs to be 9.0 or later.  The same goes for Android, the version needs to be 4.0 or later.

Here comes the confusion.  There are two apps that are associated with Ecovacs which are ECOVACS app and ECOVACS HOME app.  Therefore, which one should I download?  Which one is the right one for my vacuum?  Please do not worry.  We are here to help.

The following information will help you distinguish the right app for your smart vacuum

Step 2: Sign Up For an EcoVacs Account

After you download the app successfully, you can open the app and make your Ecovacs account.  Please enter your email address.  We would recommend that you should create a new email and save its information on somewhere that you can remember.

You need a real Chinese number to finish the account creation.  You can go to www.mobilesms.io and create an account  on this website.  Then you log in.  On the dashboard, you choose the country “China”, for the service, you can type “Ecovacs” and click request.

When you already obtain the number, you can put the number on Ecovacs app to ask for the verification code to send to this number.

Go back to www.mobilesms.io , when you log in, you will see the verification code on the dashboard.  You can then easily apply that code on Ecovacs app to successfully register.  Mobilesms.io provides REAL SIM numbers so they work perfectly for Ecovacs

You need to take into notice that Ecovacs app login is case sensitive.  Therefore, please check carefully the email address and password

The last step is easy.  You read and accept the “User Agreement” and “Privacy Policy”

Step 3: Connect your Deebot  

The effective distance for the connection between the DEEBOT and the router is less than 2 meters/2 yards

You then use your smartphone to connect to a 2.4G Wi-Fi signal.  5G Wi-fi will not be supported by the DEEBOT.  If your router provides both Wi-Fi, we recommend that you separate the 2.4G and 5G with different set up and Wi-Fi passwords.  You can contact your router supplier for the support

If your smart phone automatically connects to the 5G Wi-Fi signal, it is best to “forget the 5G Wi-Fi”. After you have successfully connected to the ECOVACS App/ECOVACS Home App, you can reactivate the 5G Wi-Fi.

For Android smart phone users with versions 8.0 and above, it is suggested that you close your cellular network.

Make sure the ECOVACS App/ECOVACS Home App allows access to the WLAN & Cellular connection.

Click “Add a Robot” on the App and follow instructions to get connected

Now, you can sit back and relax and let ECOVACS do the work. Get the disposable Chinese number right away to get things started