chinese number for xiaomi hey hey plus app

Temporary Chinese Number For Xiaomi Hey+ Plus App

Xiaomi - Hey - Chinese Phone Number Required

Have you recently purchased the Chinese international Xiaomi Hey+ (Hey Plus) smart band? If so, you will be required to have a CHINESE phone number to unlock the software.  Please note that the Hey+ is apparently manufactured by RYEEX, but is distributed by Xiaomi in China.

Please note this is strictly for informational purposes only. Please review the terms of service for any product or app that you use, to make sure you aren’t violating their terms.

If you don’t have a chinese phone number, but you are stuck with a product out of China, others have claimed to be able to register their device using a Chinese temporary SMS phone number service.

The good news is that provides temporary China phone numbers that you can use to receive SMS online.

If you’ve bought the International version (as many other buyers have), the product will have everything in Chinese (packaging, documentation, Band firmware, companion phone app software, which is called Hey+ App).

When you run the companion phone app (called Hey+ App Hey Plus App), you are REQUIRED to enter a Chinese phone number to unlock the software.  Once you input a China mobile phone number, they text you a SMS Verification code at that number, and you use the code to access the Hey+App.

The problem many people are running into is that You MUST enter a Chinese phone number.  They have “hardcoded” the country prefix 86 (for China).  It is impossible to enter your own phone number outside of China.

So the device can be a paper weight, or they contact for assistance on trying to unlock the device that they have purchased. Many times the seller did not notify them that they are required to utilize a chinese phone number to use the device.

Many happy users have claimed to have successfully used a temporary Chinese mobile phone number for Xiaomi Hey+ so their device can be unlocked.

Xiaomi - Hey - Chinese Phone Number Required