How to Play PUBG without Phone Number in 2024

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How to Play PUBG without Phone Number?

PUBG was launched back in 2017 but is one of the most popular games even today. In fact, the game had 415,000 peak concurrent players in September 2023. However, not all players have a phone number to register with or are willing to use it for the game. So, the common question is, “How to play PUBG without phone number?”

In this article, we’ll tell you how to use a disposable phone number to do this.

How Does Registration on PUBG Work?

Before learning how to play PUBG without phone number, let’s discuss the need for a number in the first place. The thing is, to play PUBG on your device, you’ll first be directed to register an account. The procedure for that is as follows:

  1. Download PUBG onto your device and sign up by setting up a username and password.
  2. Input your phone number and email for verification purposes.
  3. Customize your game avatar and adjust the game settings if needed.

PUBG needs you to share your phone number and email in case you lose access to your account. If you get locked out, the information will be used to verify and recover your account. You’ll basically get permission to change your password to prevent unauthorized access.

How to Play PUBG without Phone Number?

Using a user’s phone number for account recovery and verification is common when you make an account for any app. However, you shouldn’t give out your personal phone number anywhere. Doing that might expose your number to hackers and other people who can misuse the information. So, with hackers being common on PUBG, how to play PUBG without phone number? 

Well, we have just what you need. is a tool that allows you to sign up with PUBG using a disposable phone number. This phone number is uniquely generated and lasts only 10 minutes. That’s long enough for you to input it in the signup form and use it for verification.

How Does Work?

Here’s how to play PUBG without phone number using

  • After installing PUBG, when you are asked to enter your phone number, open
  • Request a burner phone number by selecting your country from the given list of options. Most users prefer US numbers as they are pretty convenient. Also, select the application for which you want to use the number. In this case, it’ll be PUBG.
  • Once generated, enter the disposable phone number into the PUBG sign-up form. You’ll receive the verification code on the disposable number that you can input into PUBG.
  • Your account will be successfully registered on PUBG, and the disposable number will expire.

Now you know how to play PUBG without phone number. The good news is you can use MobileSMS for other apps, e.g., Gmail. It’s also a great way to make an anonymous channel on YouTube.

Benefits of Using a Disposable Phone Number?

The following are the benefits of using a disposable phone number for PUBG instead of your personal one:

  • Anonymity: Having a disposable phone number helps keep you anonymous on apps. So, if you don’t want to be linked to an app in any way, a burner phone number works best.
  • Separating Personal Life and Games: Your phone number plays an important role in your daily life. You use it for work, family, friends, etc. Using a disposable phone number for gaming will help you keep both parts of your life separate.
  • Great for Experimenting: Sometimes, you just want to try an app and may choose not to use it later. So, sharing your own phone number doesn’t seem practical. Instead, use a burner one.
  • Sign Up as Much as You Want: It’s common to think twice when signing up on an app when you want to protect your information. With disposable phone numbers, you can sign up to as many apps as you want without overthinking.


PUBG is fun to play but can potentially expose you to a lot of hackers. You don’t want to disclose your phone number to such games and applications. However, that should not hold you back from the fun. 

Get to make a PUBG account and play to your heart’s desire. By using our tool, you can sign up to as many apps as you want without compromising your phone number.

Let’s get started!