How to Register and Use Baihe Outside of China

use baihe outside china

Tinder, currently the number one dating app in the world, has been used popularly in many different countries.  However, it is not the case in China.  People in China have their own dating apps as they have their own search engines or ecommerce websites. So, what is it? Can I register without having Chinese phone number and being in China?  The answer is that millions Chinese people use dating app called Baihe. The good news is that you can utterly register Baihe without being in China and we are about to show you how to do so.

How to Use Baihe Outside of China

Step 1: Start the Sign-Up Process on

On your search engine, go to  Please do not panic as you see Chinese characters and you do not understand.  The website does not have English version, so you can use the translation feature of Chrome to translate the whole page.

How to register and use Baihe without being in China

You will automatically be on the first tab which is for new registration.  The second tab is for existing users who already have the account.  So, for you, please remain on the first tab as it is presented

The first line 账 号: You need to put a Chinese number on

The second line 密 码: You create your own password

There is one important thing that you need to notice.  Baihe tracks the IP address and will not proceed if your IP address shows that you are outside China.  You can use any software to change your VPN’s IPs into Chinese one or try using your mobile phone’s internet (Don’t be on WiFi, use your LTE internet). Also make sure you are in incognito mode when signing up for these new accounts.

Step 2: Get a Temporary Chinese Number will provide you a real sim Chinese number without you being in China.  Go to to create an account and it will only take you a couple minutes to do so

Get a real Chinese number from outside China for Baihe

After you create the account on Mobilesms, you can log in and choose the country as China and the service as Baihe (or Baihe new sim) like the following picture

Get a real Chinese number from outside China for Baihe

After you click request, will generate a real sim Chinese numbers for you.  You will not be charged at this point. will not charge anyone for requesting the numbers.

Step 3: Use the Temporary Chinese Number to Continue Registration on Baihe

Now you go back to and put the number on the first line 账 号, create the password on the second line and hit the orange button.

Please be noticed about the VPN IP address issue.  The page will not redirect you anywhere or give you any respond if they track that your IP address is from outside China.

Step 4: Request Baihe to Send the Code To Temporary Number

After you click the orange button on step 3, you will be redirected to a page like the following

How to register and use Baihe without being in China

You need to put on the Capcha on the second line.  Then click on the third line to ask Baihe send the SMS verification code to your Chinese number that you get from

How to register and use Baihe without being in China

Then a pop-up will appear, and you lick the orange button to confirm

How to register and use Baihe without being in China

Step 5: Read the SMS verification code on

Go back to and log in your account.  You would wait a couple seconds and see the code right at the dashboard on your account

Step 6: Final step

You can easily copy the number code and paste on the third line on Baihe form to finish the account registration.  Easy and simple

Enjoy your dating with Baihe without being in China