Top 4 Dating Apps (That Work Without Facebook)

dating apps without facebook

No matter whether you’re looking for your next casual fling, a rebound, or your future long-term relationship, the chances are that you’ll find it on dating apps.

While they are fun and generally easy to use, the sign-up process can be a bit of a hassle and not to mention require you to divulge your personal information.

What we see more and more is that they require you to sign up with a Facebook account, which you may or may not have, and may or may not want to share.

Today, we’re going to go over the top 4 dating app that don’t require you to use a facebook account to use their online dating platform.

Reasons to Want Dating Apps that Work Without Facebook

There are (and should be) a multitude of reasons for why someone doesn’t want to link their Facebook account with a dating app. With online dating on the rise, there are many people with seeking additional privacy while online dating.

It’s so easy to cyber-stalk someone if you know the city they live in, their name, and profile picture. It truly is scary to think how easy it is to locate and track someone down, especially in the social media age.

Due to the numberous cybersecurity concerns and data leaks that we hear about weekly, you never know if your data is safe. Why risk it? From the start, use a disposable phone number to stay private and ensure it’s harder to track you down.

Without dwelling too much on that, we’re going to show you how to skip the Facebook part of registering.

There’s an alternative: signing up with a phone number so that you receive the code via an SMS.

However, this arises further complications: you may not want to give out your real number, most of the apps have some sort of a privacy policy where there is a possibility they might share it, etc.

That’s why we have a better solution: use a temporary & disposable phone number!

At, we offer thousands of real sim card numbers from many countries that you can use to receive a verification code. The code that you will receive with our numbers is encrypted, 100% private, and compatible with all the dating apps.

Top 4 Dating Apps (That Work Without Facebook)

Sexy couple uses dating apps without Facebook
Sexy couple uses dating apps without Facebook

Wondering which dating apps work without Facebook?

Here’s a couple of the most popular dating apps that we support:

#1 Tinder Dating App

Upon signing up for Tinder, you’ll be asked to sign up with Facebook or your phone number. Until recently, this wasn’t possible, and Tinder required a facebook account, but now, the best way to use Tinder without Facebook is via our disposable phone numbers!

You’ll be ready to start swiping in no time.

#2 Bumble Dating App

Similar to Tinder, but this one lets women be in charge! Previously, Bumble required you to use Facebook to login, however, now they started allowing you to register with a phone number instead.

You can now bypass signing up for Bumble by using a disposable phone number.

You can then sign up to Bumble and start online dating soon!

Remember, with Bumble, the women has to initiate the conversation first!

#3 Badoo Dating App

Badoo says they are the most popular platform for making dates AND friends – so you might want to check it out (without Facebook).

Badoo now also allows you to sign up without a Facebook account, however, you will need to use a mobile phone number to sign up. No worries, you can use disposable phone number for Badoo!

With Badoo, you are able to discover nearby potential matches or in any particular area!

#4 Meet4U Dating App

This app is growing more and more popular, there are plenty of people there, and most importantly – it offers a private, secure phone number sign up instead of Facebook!

Meet4U is mostly for hookups and not for long term marriages. You are able to use Meet4U with for additional online privacy.

Apart from them, we support Grindr, Baihe, Wingman, OkCupid, and many, many more.

By the way, if your preferred dating app isn’t on the dashboard, simply select “Other” as the purpose!

Final Words

Couple enjoys their date by using dating apps without Facebook
Couple enjoys their date by using dating apps without Facebook

Now that you know more about dating apps without Facebook do not hesitate to indulge in online dating without social media. The only thing that you need is a phone number for registration – and we will provide you with one!