How To Create Fake Facebook Accounts in 2023

create fake facebook accounts

After spending a few years on Facebook, there comes a time when you just want a fake Facebook account, or a fake Facebook profile. Many people have told me they want fake Facebook accounts for games. Perhaps you just want to enjoy Facebook without having to deal with the same group of family and friends that post the same crap about their #dog #cat #kids and how shitty great their life is.  Or maybe you recently found out about the #DeleteFacebook campaign and the disclosures of sensitive data in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Either way, there are many valid reasons that are pushing people to delete their Facebook accounts completely. Some want to start fresh and some want to start with all new friends. There’s no denying that Facebook has become a polarizing force and it’s become hard to avoid. On the one hand, you want to use it and enjoy the benefits of social media but you also want to hold on to your online privacy.

The following is a guide on how to join Facebook “anonymously”. There’s only so much privacy you can control if you decide to join Facebook. It’s difficult to find the balance between online privacy and social media usage. Some people are completely fine with sharing every bit of their personal life, while others are more private in nature.

One of the more popular ways to be more private while on Facebook, is to utilize disposable phone numbers. Please make sure you review the terms of service for any website or service that you utilize, to ensure you aren’t violating their terms of agreement. Facebook doesn’t want you to have multiple accounts, so make sure you don’t violate their terms of service.

There are many privacy-minded individuals whom don’t care to use Facebook regularly, and whom just want to keep a anonymous Facebook account so they can monitor their reputation online.

This is not even bringing up all the celebrities with burner accounts.

Information Required to Sign Up to Facebook

So let’s start by looking at how Facebook is tracking you and obtaining your private information. When you sign up for Facebook, it’s asking you for a few key private facts:

  • Your First Name
  • Your Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Birthday
  • Gender

It’s amazing how much data they can gather of someone just with those key pieces of information–it really is that scary.

Facebook’s stated recommitment to user privacy is overshadowed by scandals that show the company is collecting as much data as it can from a wide range of sources.

February 7, 2019 Bloomberg Businessweek:

create anonymous facebook accounts in 2019

How to Create Fake Facebook Accounts (The best solution in 2023)

Use a Fake Email Address and a  Temporary Phone Number ( 2023 The Best and Recommended Method)

The easiest and really the best way to avoid invasive data mining of your personal data from Facebook and its partners is simply to stop using their services.

Some of you may argue their services are indispensable, but the easiest way not to get tracked is simply to not use it.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way. Based on popularity, the second easiest way is to create a “fake” Facebook profile — yep! it’s that simple. If you don’t want Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Grindr, or any of these massive data mining companies to have your private information, don’t let them! When I say “fake” it means to have a Facebook account solely dedicated for online dating. Many of these services will only allow you to have one account, so make sure you are reading their terms of service and ensuring you aren’t violating them. Many users close up their personal Facebook accounts, and create a brand new Facebook account using a disposable phone number. They would be allowed to make new friends and be free to act how they choose. I’m not saying that is right or wrong, however, there are users who have gone that route.

To ensure you keep control of your privacy, when you are signing up for these websites, use a disposable phone number instead of your real mobile phone number whenever possible.

Instead, use a disposable phone number so you can maintain control of your online privacy. If you don’t need to give out your real mobile phone number, then don’t! No one wants to be on a telemarketer’s calling list or spammed by text messages on their mobile phone numbers.

Now, you can technically sign-up for Facebook using ONLY a email address, however, your Facebook account will be heavily limited. It essentially won’t really be usable. For example, creating a page, managing a Facebook page, will all require you to verify your Facebook account by adding a mobile phone number. 

So, what are you to do if you don’t possess a mobile phone or if you don’t want to give out your real mobile phone number for safety concerns?

Many people already know how to create multiple fake email addresses, but what about a service that will provide temporary phone numbers for use?

The answer is — well, yes, does just that.

Creating Fake Facebook Accounts in 2020 provides temporary phone numbers so you can sign-up to any website or app without using your own phone number.

A disposable throwaway phone number is key. Not giving out your real phone number will help you maintain your online privacy. Who knows what these companies will do with your cellphone number. Even if they don’t sell their data, what if they are hacked? They’ll just use it to track you down and the next thing you know, you won’t have the privacy that you wanted.

What we like about our service is the fact that we offer phone numbers that are disposable! When it comes to keeping your phone number private, you can count on’s temporary phone numbers. These phone numbers are real SIM-Card phone numbers from the USA, United Kingdom (UK), China, India, Russia, Germany, Sweden and many more.

The temporary phone number that you get from is a real SIM-Card mobile phone number, not a virtual phone number.

With all the media circus surrounding Russian Hackers, Chinese Hackers, Whatever Hackers, many websites are on full alert for ANY suspicious activity. Unfortunately this means anyone looking to protect their personal privacy is at risk of being put in the same pool as those “Hackers”

To stay anonymous online takes diligence, patience, and the ability to quickly adapt. We try to make it a little bit easier to control your privacy while online.