12 Online Dating Photo Tips For Guys in 2023

After you use a MobileSMS.io disposable phone number to create a online dating account, here’s some tips on getting more hits on your Online dating profile.

There are probably about 69 mistakes that men make when it comes to online dating photos. After today, you won’t be making any of them. Here are the best 12 online dating photo tips for guys in 2022. You’ll be meeting attractive, high-quality women regularly. Let’s get started!

1- Keep the selfies to yourself

Ah, the Tinder selfie…

It’s not strange that guys resort to this style of photography.

After all, it’s superfast to take a selfie.

But trust me when I tell you to take them to where they belong, the trash.

By posting selfies you sub communicate two things to women:

Nobody takes photos of me, except for myself. I guess I’m not that interesting to be around.

  • I am constantly looking at myself and I take photos of myself because I’m just very into myself.
  • If that wasn’t enough, the angle is often horrible and the quality leaves much to be desired.

Here you can see a cute selfie of yours truly.

2 – Don’t be a Gym Bro

99% of men on online dating apps think that women love to watch them work out, being all sweaty, veins popping out.

In reality, the opposite is true.

Women cringe when they see you posting a picture in the gym, trying to show how manly you are.

It’s even worse if those pictures are shirtless selfies taken in front of the gym or the bathroom mirror.

Nothing screams narcissistic more than that.

Don’t get me wrong, you can make a solid body shot showing off your muscles.

But it needs to read naturally:

Like a group shot with you and your friends at the beach.

But not like this.

Not a selfie.

3 – Leave out your “Cool Car”

I’m not entirely sure why, but there are so many men posing next to the love of their life, also called their car.

If you think that makes you seem like a high-status man, think again.

Women are going to assume that you either just found that car somewhere and took a picture with it:

Or that you’re trying to compensate for something.

It’s loose.

Hence the only thing you achieve by posting pictures where you’re standing next to or close to a car…

Is coming across as extremely tryhard.

4 – Always show your eyes

I can’t stress this enough, as it’s probably the most important online dating photo tips.:

The saying “the eyes are a mirror to the soul“ is more true than you might think.

Especially in Online Dating photos.

Showing your eyes builds a lot of trust and sympathy.

  • People who wear sunglasses appear less friendly.
  • People whose eyes are covered by their hair appear less competent and less influential.

Eyes indicate what we are interested in.

If she can’t see your eyes, then she can’t tell what you are up to.

You might have other secrets and can’t be trusted.

Don’t want to come across like this little fella, do we?

5 – Stay away from unnecessary distractions

Here’s an often-overlooked online dating photo tips…

If you’re like Sheldon, leave your Comic-Con Superhero outfit at home.

Just wear clothes that present the best version of yourself.

Also, you have to be alone and the focal point.

Make sure that the background is blurred and that there aren’t any distractions.

For example, people in the background would take away a big part of the attention from you.

6 – It’s all about the crop

Never show more than your face and torso in your first picture.

So just in case, you hate leg day as much as me, you’re in luck.

You can use your full body shot later…

But make sure that in the first one only your face and part of your upper body are visible.

This will focus everything on you:

So you can nail a right swipe from her.

No matter what online dating app you’re using you’ll stand out from all the other weird selfie guys and gym bros.

7 – Don’t be a Lone Wolf in your Online Dating photos

Don’t use group pictures as your main picture, you must be alone.

Unless you make it as obvious as Bret.

Now I can already hear you thinking:

”But if I use a picture with a model friend, women will be more likely to swipe me right.“

Yeah, they will be, but after finding out that you’re not the model, they’ll ghost you faster than you can say next.

Women also don’t want to play “Where’s Waldo“ to figure out who you are in a group picture.

So keep this online dating photo tip in mind and just keep those for a later spot in your profile.

Unless you’re as big of a Waldo fan as him.

Give this man a medal, he took the whole thing to the next level.

8 – Get some fresh air and take photos outside

The background plays a big role in your pictures.

Don’t take your pictures inside, it just doesn’t sub communicate attractive qualities.

The pictures will often have an ugly yellow tint to them, and be dark and grainy.

Go outside and show her that you’re not a WoW nerd without friends who’s scared of sunlight like a vampire.

So for the love of Godless-known, please don’t be this guy.

9 – Don’t include alcohol

I know you want to add those party pictures so badly, but don’t include pictures where you’re drinking alcohol.

People holding something alcoholic are seen as less intelligent.

Plus it’s just so incredibly played out.

We get it, you’ve been to a bar and had a beer with your friends.


Your Online Dating photos should be the highlights of your life.

Not the mundane, expected and cliche moments you want to show off.

10 – A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

Here’s another lesser-known online dating photo tip:

Never use the maximum number of pictures in your profile.

Now you’re probably thinking:

“But the more I show her how awesome I am and what an amazing life I have, the higher the chances will be for her to match me. ?“

This couldn’t be further from the truth…

The only thing you’re achieving by adding the maximum number of pictures to your profile is coming across as a try-hard.

It makes it seem like you would even add 100 pictures if it were possible.

Once you matched, why not send her some childhood photo album too?

Just so she can see how cute you looked in the past. ?

Use 5-6 pictures Instead. Over the years I’ve found that to be the sweet spot.

11 – Don’t include your ex

Or should I better say, don’t include pictures with women where it’s not obvious that you’re friends.

This will just lead to other women seeing her as their competitor and they’ll immediately assume that she’s either your girlfriend or ex.

Both are things that you don’t want women to believe.

But on the contrary, a mixed group of men and women is probably the best social picture you could include.

12 – Edit your Online Dating photos

Want to take your online dating profile photos to the next level?

  • Edit them.

As we all know by now, Online Dating is all about pictures.

They make the difference between:

✔️ Having tons of likes, matches, and dates with women that are exactly your type.

❌ Having tons of one-way conversations with women you aren’t even attracted to.

Believe it or not, mistakes in online dating count threefold.

A single weak picture in your profile can easily be the reason you won’t get a match that you would have otherwise gotten if u hadn’t included it.

The most important pictures are the first three.

If those aren’t already giving the best impression they can, you’re very likely to be skipped.

Women won’t even look at the rest.

Why this Matters

Imagine this situation for a second:

You have a shooting with a photographer today…

But for some reason, you couldn’t sleep well, because you were too excited.

You’re looking at the mirror and suddenly notice a ton of things you didn’t even think about before.

● There are bags under your eyes, caused by too little sleep.

● Your teeth aren’t as white as you would like them to be.

● Your skin decided to grow some little friends on the surface overnight, also called pimples.

● You can’t get that focused, attractive, and masculine expression right, even though you practiced it many times before.

● Your smile doesn’t look natural, regardless of what you’re trying.

● Your beard looks patchy and you would like to have a fuller one.

“Damn…” you’re thinking, I’ll look so much worse on my online dating photos now.

On top of that, the shooting takes place in a studio or maybe even outside, but with less than optimal lighting conditions.

This results in your face glowing way too much and the things that you’re worried about being even MORE visible.

If that wasn’t already bad enough, your face looks too wide or fat when you’re trying to smile.

Camera pointed at you, you start obsessing about how you look, or more importantly „what it looks like“.

You feel like you’re on stage and an entire audience is waiting for you to perform.

Closely observing all your imperfections and flaws with a giant magnifying glass.

Doubts start to arise, “this isn’t good and I gotta do something about it“.

See how you’re feeling?

How can a picture under those circumstances possibly turn out amazing?

I’m going to answer that question for you.

It can’t.

That’s why you’re going to need to edit your online dating photos.

Editing Makes a World of Difference

I want to show you exactly what I mean…

On how good editing can make a huge difference for your online dating photos.

Here are a few photos I edited for some clients. The before and after is pretty dramatic.

The second image pops a LOT more.

There are a lot of editing tricks I’m doing to achieve this…

But if you’re on your own you can start by getting Lightroom on your phone…

And throwing some warmth and setting the lighting.

Again, he pops a lot more.

This image has more contrast and more color.

And it follows all of my online dating photo tips here.

Making Your Online Dating Profile Stronger

Last up, here’s an example of a Tinder profile from one of my students.

You can see the dramatic example between HIS profile, and the one I fixed for him.

Notice his profile photo was him with sunglasses?

It had lots of weak links in terms of 9 photos instead of distilling it down to the 6 strongest.

And it lacked proper photo editing.

Here’s the before:

And finally the after:

A very dramatic jump…

All just from following these simple Online Dating photo Tips.

No matter who you are, you can achieve all of this and get way more matches.

And way more dates.

Cheers, Sandric

Sandric is a guest poster from sandricdating.com. Take your Dating life to the next level. Sandric has developed the most complete and life-changing mentoring program that will transform you from being invisible on Dating apps, to a Dating Superhero –regardless of your age, looks, or location… If you want to learn more just check out Sandric’s website and apply for a free coaching call with Sandric.