How to Get Your Twitter Account UnBanned in 2023

twitter account unbanned

If you can not access your Twitter account, please stay calm and find out whether your account has been suspended or banned.  In many cases, it is just a temporary suspension that you need to give an explanation in order to release your account.  It will take approximately 7 days to get your account unsuspended.  You might expect the resolution time to be longer since many accounts have been violating Twitter policy.  In case your account gets banned from Twitter, this is not the end of the world because this article is for you and we are here to help.  In this article, we will instruct you:

Step-by-step how to get your Twitter unbanned and unsuspended.

1- How to have your Twitter account unsuspended

The suspension might not be your fault at all.  Twitter uses the automated spam detection system to suspend accounts, but it is not always right.  Even if your account gets suspended for the right reason, you can follow our simple steps to have it released

Step 1: Submit your request to get your Twitter account released

– Log in your account >>> Go to support form >>> Choose the “suspended account” option >>> then submit the suggested following message

Regarding: Suspended account

Subject: – suspended account – Would you please lift the suspension


My account was suspended with no explanation and I am not sure why it happened.  I have been following Twitter rules and complying the guidelines.  I have not committed any actions that might result in this suspension.

Would you please reactivate my account since it is really important to me?

Step 2: Wait for Twitter to respond your request

Step 3: You answer Twitter respond with suggested message (You can adjust to suit your situation

Hello Twitter,

I confirm that I fully understand your policies and will not engage in any prohibited behaviors.

If some links that I posted caused this suspension, I would like to send my apologies.  I will not Tweet many links like that again, but I will be more informative with my Tweet to my followers.

I have also followed and un-followed a number of accounts.  I wonder whether this caused the suspension. 

I read the guidelines carefully many times and it came to my best knowledge that there is no obvious reason why my account has been suspended.  My account is really valuable to me and I use it for good cause.  Please give me back my account as I have many great things to share with my followers.

I am looking forward to hearing from you


Step 4: After 7 days, you will then receive the result

In many cases with high possibilities, you account will be released and unsuspended.  If it is not the case, please continue on reading as we will show you an alternative.

2- How to have your Twitter account unbanned

How to get your Twitter account unbanned updated 2019

It is unfortunate that your Twitter account is banned, as you try to send an above appeal and it does not work.  We would recommend you create a new Twitter account with a disposable phone number.  It sounds seem easy but actually it does not since Twitter will try to prevent you from creating a new account.  Here are some steps for you to successfully create a new Twitter account

– Delete the Twitter app on your phone and download again

– Make a different Google Play account or a new Apple ID

– Get a disposable phone number to verify your Twitter account.  Please be sure to not provide any information that can be linked to your banned Twitter account, including Facebook, credit cards and photos

We will show you how to obtain a disposable phone number to verify your Twitter account

* Go to to create an account (only take 1 minute)

* Log in your account on  Then choose the country you want to use Twitter for with the service Twitter

* Click request the number.  MobileSMS will generate a one-time-use REAL SIM number for you

* Use that number to register Twitter account and verify the account

* Click Verify from Twitter and log in back to your account.  You will see the SMS verification code on the dashboard

* Use that code to apply back to Twitter and you will successfully have a new Twitter account.