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What is a 10-minute Phone Number?

A 10-minute phone number, also known as a disposable phone number or temporary phone number, is a phone number that is active for a short period of time, typically 10 minutes.

These numbers are used to receive SMS verification codes on websites or apps where users don’t want to share their personal number.

The disposable number is used for a specific time period, in this case 10 minutes, allowing you to complete the verification process without risking your personal information.

How do I use the 10-Minute Phone Number?

Using a 10-minute phone number is easy and straightforward. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Request a 10-minute phone number from MobileSMS.io
  2. Input the temporary number into the website or app you are signing up for
  3. Wait for an SMS verification code to be sent to the disposable number
  4. Retrieve the code from the MobileSMS.io website or app and enter it into the verification field on the website or app you are signing up for.
  5. Complete the registration process and enjoy the added privacy and security of using a 10-minute phone number.

Please note that the disposable number will only be active for 10 minutes, so be sure to complete the verification process within that time frame. If you need a longer-lasting phone number, check out our long term rentals.

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How Does MobileSMS.io Maintain Your Privacy

At MobileSMS.io, protecting your privacy is our top priority. Our 10-minute phone numbers are disposable, meaning they are only active for a short period of time, typically 10 minutes. This allows you to use our numbers for verification on websites or apps without having to share your personal number.

We provide real sim-card numbers from countries such as the US, UK, China, India, Australia, and many more, ensuring that your identity is protected. Additionally, we offer various payment options, including cryptocurrency, to further enhance the security of your personal information. Trust us to help secure your privacy and make your life more convenient

What is MobileSMS.io?

3 Steps To Receive SMS Verification Using 10-Minute Phone Number


Request 10-Minute Phone Number

Get a real sim-card mobile number from a number of countries


Use 10-Minute Phone Number

Input the disposable number into the website or app that you are signing up on.


Receive SMS Verification Code

Our disposable phone number will receive the SMS Verification Code and display it for you to see.


Most frequent questions and answers

Since we utilize real mobile phone numbers, not virtual phone numbers, it will work on any website.

If your website/app is not listed, you can try using “Other”.

“Other” is only available in certain countries.

If you need a particular site or app added to our services, submit a ticket here.  Let us know the app name, the url to the app, and what country phone number you require.

No, once the 10 minutes of usage time is up, the number becomes inactive and cannot be used again. However, you can sign up for a new 10-minute phone number as needed.

MobileSMS.io also provides long term phone rentals as an alternative option.

You can get as many 10-minute phone numbers as you need, however, you can only use one number at a time.

At MobileSMS.io, we take great care to ensure that our temporary phone numbers are always functional and able to receive SMS verification codes. However, in the unlikely event that a number provided by us does not work, we will not charge you for any credits used in attempting to receive a code.

If you experience any issues, please try requesting a new number and trying again.

Your account will only be charged when you have successfully received a verification code, ensuring that you are only paying for successful verifications.

What our Users are Saying..

Experience secure online anonymity with MobileSMS.io's 10-minute phone numbers.

MobileSMS.io offers a convenient and secure solution for protecting your online privacy with our 10-minute phone numbers. Our real sim-card mobile phone numbers can be used for a variety of purposes, including verification for online dating, social media, and other websites.

Our 10-minute phone numbers allow you to easily hide your identity and safeguard against breaches of privacy. Plus, our service makes verification on popular platforms like Facebook fast and simple.

At MobileSMS.io, we understand the importance of protecting your personal information. That’s why we offer instant SMS online verification codes and a user-friendly platform for phone number verification.

Take control of your online privacy with MobileSMS.io. Contact us today to learn more and start using our 10-minute phone numbers.

Protect Your Privacy with MobileSMS.io's 10-Minute Phone Numbers.

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