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Does offer any temporary Chinese phone numbers?

Temporary Chinese Phone Numbers for SMS Verification Codes

This is a question we are often asked, and the answer is absolutely! For those people who live outside of the country, but want to sign up for services on a Chinese website, we have disposable mobile numbers using the +86 country code. This ensures you receive the SMS verification code the app/website sends out. 


Our burner numbers work with an array of Chinese websites, including but not limited to: is one your-stop source of Chinese disposable “real-sim-card phone numbers.” We do not invest in virtual numbers, but actual real numbers in China. These disposable numbers can work on almost ALL Chinese websites and apps. You’d be surprised by the number of sites and apps are disposable numbers can be used on. 


Again, we ONLY USE actual SIM CARD phone numbers, which means you can get an SMS verification code for any website or app you are trying to sign up on for a reasonable price. 


We are regularly adding services to our temporary SMS China phone numbers. Reach out to our customer service to learn more or if you have any questions or concerns about this service.