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Why use for Shared 2FA?

Using’s Temporary Phone Numbers for Shared 2FA in Slack provides a simple and reliable solution for teams and companies who need a shared phone number to receive 2FA codes for various services.

By using our long-term phone numbers,  you can ensure that all team members have access to the same number at any time.

Our service is optimized for Slack SMS integration and will display incoming SMS messages in real-time, allowing your team to quickly and efficiently access 2FA codes without the need for a single point of contact.

With easy set up and reliable service,’s Temporary Phone Numbers for Shared 2FA is the perfect solution for any team looking to streamline their 2FA process.

How is Slack SMS Integration?

Integrating’s long-term phone numbers with Slack is quick and easy.

In the Dashboard, you’ll find a new integrations page that allows you to copy and paste your Slack webhook.

Once integrated, you can receive all your SMS verification codes for shared 2FA in Slack. With’s Slack SMS integration, your team can easily view and respond to messages in real-time, making it simple to stay on top of your team’s shared 2FA needs.

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Is Shared 2FA secure with

At, we take security and privacy extremely seriously. As a privacy-focused company, we never resell your information. We use the latest technologies to maintain the highest levels of security for our users, including encryption and secure servers. Our Shared 2FA service is a secure way to share one phone number for receiving SMS verification codes, making it easier for teams and companies to manage their authentication processes without compromising security.

We Provide Phone Numbers for Many Countries

(+86) Phone Verification

Spain (ES)

(+34) Non-VoIP Number

Netherlands (NL)

(+49) SMS Verification

France (FR)

(+33) Disposable Phone

Portugal (PT)

(+351) Burner Number

Mexico (MX)

(+52) Real SIM Number

Sweden (SE)

(+46) Non-VoIP Phone

What is

3 Steps To Get a Phone Number for Shared 2FA


Request Long Term Number

We recommend a “All Services” Premium number so you will receive any and all SMS that comes into the number. The number will always be on and ready to receive SMS.


Use "All Services" Long Term Number

Use the “All Services” Premium by signing up to online accounts using your new permanent phone number. You can sign up to multiple websites all with that one number.


Receive SMS Verification Code

Once After copying and pasting your Slack Webhook for Slack SMS integration, you’ll get all incoming SMS messages in your Slack channel.


Most frequent questions and answers

We provide various long-term rental options that cater to your specific needs:

  • 7-day rental for a single service (non-renewable)
  • 30-day rental for a single service
  • 30-day rental for “All Services”
  • 30-day rental for “All Services” Premium

With the 7-day rental, you can receive SMS verification codes from a specific service, but you cannot extend the rental period.

With the 30-day rental for a single service, you can receive unlimited SMS verification codes from a specific service.

With the 30-day rental for “All Services”, you can receive unlimited SMS verification codes for multiple services, but you need to activate the number in the dashboard before receiving codes.

We also offer a 30-day rental for “All Services” Premium, which is always active and ready to receive SMS codes without any activation needed.”

The main difference between “All Services” and “All Services” Premium is that “All Services” requires activation in order to start receiving SMS verification codes, while

“All Services” Premium is always active and ready to receive messages without any activation required.

You can purchase a “All Services” Premium number in the Long Term Phone Number section of the Dashboard.

This option is currently only available for USA Phone Numbers.

To get started, select “United States” for Country, “All Services” Premium for “Service”, and your preferred Duration.”

You can renew it on a monthly basis for as long as you need it for. As long as you continue to renew it, we will continue to host the sim card phone number for you.

Yes, with our service, you can display all the SMS received from any service into Slack. Simply copy and paste your Slack webhook into the Dashboard and you’re all set. All SMS received will automatically be forwarded to your designated Slack channel.

At this time, there is no hard limit on the number of SMS you can receive with our long-term phone numbers. You can use them to receive as many messages as you need. However, we may implement restrictions in the future if we see any abuse or find it necessary to maintain the reliability of our service.”

In the near future, we will be introducing a new feature that will enable our users to receive SMS codes in Slack, even from one-time use phone numbers.

You can purchase as many long term numbers as you need. We constantly restock new numbers daily, but during times of high demand, we may occasionally run out of stock temporarily.


Please allow up to 48 hours for your long term number to be activated, although in many cases it can happen within an hour. Keep in mind that these are real sim-card phone numbers, so it may take some time to complete the activation process.

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We hope that this has helped you understand the benefits of using a long-term phone number from for your shared 2FA needs. Our service allows you to receive SMS verification codes in real-time and display them directly in Slack for easy access by your team. With the integration of our long-term numbers you can streamline your team’s shared sms to slack processes. Whether you need to receive SMS verification codes or simply want a dedicated sms phone number for your team, has you covered. Thank you for considering us for your shared 2FA needs, and we look forward to serving you in the future.

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